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I’m the type of girl who spends hours in Sephora swatching different foundations, only to leave empty handed. Everything I find is either too full coverage, not the right shade- which might I say there are a lot of companies that are not very brown girl friendly, or the foundation simply doesn’t have any wow factor. Either way, I always end up disappointed, or mad at myself for even trying. My current foundation collection is so wimpy I shouldn’t even call it a collection. I have the Nars Tinted Moisturizer and the Luminous All Day Weightless foundation. I’ve had other foundations but none worth keeping. I prefer light coverage and I can never seem to find the right shade and weight to my liking until I discovered the custom cover drops which have seriously been a dream come true.


The Cover FX Custom Cover Drops is a bottle of pure pigment that can be mixed with other oils, lotion, primers etc. Anything that you would normally put on your face to prep and prime can be mixed with the cover drops. They have 4 infusion drops specifically made to blend with the cover drops but they are pricey ($44) and since you can mix it with anything it’s probably better to stick to your normal primer or just plain ole lotion. If you want light coverage the recommended drops are 1-2, Medium to full is 2-3 drops. Essentially the more coverage you want the more drops you should use. The shade range is phenomenal, it’s offered in 25 shades so you have plenty of options. I actually had to sample two different shades since I couldn’t tell which one would match me properly.

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I’ve mixed mine with several different things. The first was the hydration primer by Smashbox. I liked this combination but it made my skin feel overly wet. It was as if I added too much moisture to my face. I have also used it with lotion and got the same result. I decided to try using it with mattifying primers and that was when I got the best results. I have dry skin so I thought using a liquid foundation with a hydrating primer would be exactly what my skin needed but instead, the combination made me look too oily. I tried mixing it with a sample of the Dior everlasting primer which I mention in my haul a few weeks ago, and it was my favorite foundation look! Unfortunately, the primer is almost $50 and I didn’t want to get addicted to a product that was above my normal budget.

I’ve also used it with Makeup Forever Step One Mattifying Primer, and the Custom infusion drops that are meant to go with the cover drops. I liked the MUFE primer although it wasn’t as good as the Dior one, it is a more affordable option. The infusion drops were a total bust for me, I didn’t like the smell of them and they were too oily. But I’m also not into applying oils to my face so if you are then it may be a good choice for you.


Creating your own coverage: I love to have the freedom to tailor my foundation to my needs. For days when I’m going to work I wear it lightweight, and on days when I’m going out for dinner or dressing up I can make it fuller coverage.

Shade Range: The options are really endless. I can easily find both my winter and summer shade in this line. If you are a makeup artist this would be good to add to your kit.


Not Travel-Friendly: Since you have to essentially “make your foundation” it can get a bit messy. I mix mine in a small little cup, but this isn’t the most accessible for a girl on the go. You can mix it on your hand but I think that’s messy and you end up wasting the product.

Pure Pigment: The fact that is pure pigment means it doesn’t have a lot of the additives that normally make foundation have some lasting power. The foundation stays very well but only if you have the right mixture. Once you’ve figured out your perfect combination then you’ll love it but it does take some tweaking and trying new things.


Overall I love it. The versatility I have with this is amazing and exactly what I’ve been looking for. If you are someone who struggles with some of the same things I have then this would be a perfect option for you. If you don’t like the product at first glance then I recommend trying it with a different base. I promise you it makes all the difference!

What’s your favorite foundation right now?

Kierra Lee



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Every year there is one limited edition item that I let slip through the cracks. I’m always a day late or a dollar short. Last year that item was the infamous Bobbi Brown highlighter in bronze glow. Every YouTuber and blogger were raving about this product and I searched high and low for it but couldn’t find it. So imagine my surprise when a few days ago I’m watching a Sephora VIB haul on youtube (one of my guilty pleasures) and the YouTuber name drops this highlighter. I had to sit up in bed and turn up the volume to make sure I heard it right! Bobbi Brown re-released this highlighter and didn’t even tell anybody! (or maybe it was only relevant to me since I missed out on it last year). I rushed to Sephora the next day and picked it up. When I initially swatched it it reminded me of champagne pop (which I don’t have but am considering getting) so I stopped to compare the two. Champagne pop is much lighter and definitely leaves a more prominent glow than the Bobbi Brown highlighter. On my skin tone bronze glow is really light; might I even dare to say natural looking (who would have ever thought a highlighter could be natural!) but it looks really good.


bobbi brown, bronze glow, highlighter, makeup, glow,

Bronze glow is exactly as its described; a beautiful bronze color that looks great on deeper skin tones. It is not overly glittery which I love and often find a problem when it comes to Becca highlighters. They are so lightly milled that the glitter can get overwhelming and powdery. Bronze glow is more compact and easier to apply and blend. My favorite thing is that it’s extremely buildable. It’s denser than my other highlighters so it takes a few swipes before I can get the glow that I’m looking for. The packaging is different than it was last year, but I was so darn happy to get it that I didn’t even care what the outside looked like. This is my first Bobbi Brown product and I would definitely go back to try another (I’ve been eyeing their foundation sticks to use as contour option).

Currently, I apply it with my finger first and then blend out with my Sonia Kashuk fan brush. It’s the quickest way to get the most product. When I want a more daytime natural look I will either apply to my cheekbones with my RT contour brush (it’s a dense brush and will pick up the product easier than a fan brush), when applying to my cupids bow I use my fan brush so that I don’t use too much.

All in all its a beautiful highlighter that is well worth the hype and it”s a great addition to my collection!

kierra again