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Hi, everybody! So crazy I’m even writing a post like this because I remember not too long ago I was a ” beginner” myself. I’d like to think I’ve graduated to intermediate, considering all the beauty products I’ve  bought, reviews I’ve read, and youtube tutorials watched, but I know I definitely still have more to learn! Always room for progress right?
Anyways today I wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks that I learned when I was first starting out with makeup. Hopefully, these will help you all save time and your money! Lord knows I wasted plenty of it before I finally figured out what actually worked for my skin type and overall beauty habits. Enjoy!

Start with what you know you like

The first thing that ever sparked my interest in makeup was when I walked into Mac and purchased my first lipstick. I went in for lashes for a vegas trip and came out with foundation (which I about that here), lashes, Rebel lipstick and Nighmoth liner. I wore that berry lip outttttt and when I finally made it back into town I rushed to go back to the same artist and pick out some more. Lipstick is what started it all for me and my makeup collection is built off of that. I started purchasing items based on which lipsticks it will match with. Now of course over time I’ve expanded into other things but I knew that if my lipstick was on point that the rest of my makeup would fall into place. When you’re a beginner I suggest doing the same thing. If you love eyeshadow then start with purchasing a couple of palette’s. Then branch out and get a nice liner and mascara to go with it. Once you find a particular brand you like, start exploring what other things they offer. You will gradually grow into building a full on look!

Start with Drugstore

You don’t know how many times I purchased something expensive, got home and realized I had no clue what to do with it. If you want to practice something new and take a risk start with a low-end product first, learn how to use it, learn what you like and don’t like about it and thennn venture into high end. For example, I recently started playing around with my brows. Now I know you’re probably thinking “girl you late” but I was blessed with naturally nice shaped eyebrows so I never felt the need to do anything else to them, but of course as the curious beauty blogger I am I had to see what the hype was about. Instead of running to Sephora and dropping 20+ on an Anastasia Beverly Hills item I went to Ulta and bought the NYX micro-brow pencil (a dupe to ABH brow wiz) and some drugstore stencils to help me master my shape. Now that I’ve been using them for a few weeks I’ve discovered some things that I don’t necessarily like and I’m ready to move on and purchase something higher end with hopes that ABH lives up to its name. The point is to start small and then work your way up. That way you don’t go wasting your money!

Don’t buy everything that has good reviews

This was a hard lesson learned for me. I watch youtube like people watch their soap operas, so when I see my favorite gurus raving about a product I’m rushing to Sephora to go check it out. But there is a big no-no in this, because what works on other people and what is reflected on camera is not necessarily how it’s going to appear in the store. A perfect example is when I bought the benefit porefessional primer. I bought the $10 sample (like I said before..start small) just to see if I liked it. It workeddd–ish. It left this white cast if I used too much of it and although it blended out when I applied foundation I still didn’t like the texture of it. After I applied my foundation midway through the day it got flakey. My makeup was literally scaling off! Talk about a panic attack. I went to Sephora that night and asked for a new primer because the one I had wasn’t working. The first thing the clerk said was ” what’s your skin type??”. Million dollar question people! Benefit porefessional is for people with oily skin, it is a mattifying primer. So for my desert dry-naturally scaly skin, it was doing nothing but making my face worse! I just assumed that because it got good reviews that it was the amazing. Needless to say, I got a new primer,-Smashbox hydrating primer (which I sampled first) and I’ve been loving it.

Invest in brushes

The “oh I will just apply it with my fingers” does not work for everything. Trust me. Some products come naturally thick or full coverage and you’re going to want to have different tools to apply them so you can tailor it the way you need. Makeup is 50% product and 50% application. I did extensive research on my brushes before I decided to purchase Real Techniques brushes. They have just about every face brush you could possibly need. When I started makeup I wasn’t into eyeshadow so I wouldn’t recommend their eye brushes, but overall their products are greatly priced and fantastic quality. I would also recommend investing in the beauty blender. I’ve heard varying reviews on the dupes but for $18 bucks I don’t think it’s a ridiculous amount of money to spent when trying an item. It is great for when you want to build your coverage or take a full coverage item and make it sheer. It’s a brilliant product and I’ve been able to try so many different products that I normally wouldn’t have bought because of the versatility of this sponge!
What are some of your favorite beauty tips! Share below!
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One of my biggest makeup tips for girls with glasses is to make sure you do something with your eyes. Eyeshadow, mascara, falsies…anything to help bring your eyes to life behind your glasses. This year I’ve been slowly putting together a kit of things specifically for my eye makeup!


I’m not really into eyeshadows, and even now I’m still learning how to use it. My first eyeshadow palette was the Urban Decay Naked 3 that I bought when it came out. I heard rave reviews about it and figured for a beginner this would be a great product to use. It was pricey, but I thought well worth it. When I first bought it I used it all the time, but now the rosy pink tones can sometimes get a little boring. I quickly started looking for a more everyday neutral palette and I stumbled on the Tartelette palette. It’s all matte (totally my style) and it has these gorgeous purple mauve shades that look so natural on my skin tone. I use my Naked 3 palette for days when I want to be glamorous and my Tartelette palette for an everyday look. The chocolate bar palette is currently on my wishlist but right now I have everything that I need!


I’ve been looking for a new mascara, but I’m currently using Too Faced better than sex, and Stila jet black eyeliner. I like both products, but I would like my eyeliner to have some more versatility, and my mascara can get a little clumpy and messy. Currently on my wishlist to try is the Tarte Gel Liner and the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara.


I have been on the hunt for perfect eyelashes for almost a year now. I’ve read just about every review on youtube ranging from the ardell brand to mink lashes etc, but I have yet to find one that is natural and can be worn every day. I purchased the Ardell demi wispies (which got high reviews) but I think they are too long to wear every day, especially to work. I found myself trimming them to make them look more natural. One day I was in my local beauty supply store and I noticed they had “baby” demi wispies. Basically demi wispies but half the size. I grabbed two pairs and decided to try them. Fell totally in love! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. If you’re someone who wears glasses or works in a corporate environment and you are self-conscious about overdoing it with your makeup then I would totally suggest these. They are just a touch longer than my natural lashes and they really accentuate my eyes behind my glasses.

Lash Accessories: 

As someone who is new to falsies I really struggled with applying them. Sometimes it can take me at least 10 minutes just to get one lash one.  Everyone suggests I used tweezers to help, but I personally don’t think those are very beginner friendly. I decided to purchase an actual lash gripper from Sephora which is shaped like a lash and it grips it perfectly. You can read here how to use it, but it really helped when I was first starting out. I also recommend getting good glue. I started using the lash grip glue from Ardell, but I recently switched to duo lash glue. This glue will keep your falsies on allll day. I had half a mind to sleep in my lashes since they were glued on so well. I bought the black lash glue so that when it dries it looks like eyeliner since the clear glue doesn’t really dry “clear”. Most lashes can be removed by a simple swipe of makeup remover, but the duo lash glue is really strong and requires a bit extra. You never want to tug at the lashes( because that’s how you strip your own) so I use a warm washcloth and gently rub back and forth just to loosen the glue. Then I go in with a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover and run it along the lash line. I either take a makeup remover wipe, or the warm washcloth and do one final swipe and it comes right off! I find that this method keeps my real lashes healthy and also preserves the falsies too so that I can reuse them. If you have clumps of glue on your false eyelashes I suggest wiping them with makeup remover to get the gunk off so that they are ready to reuse the next time. I also don’t apply mascara to my false eyelashes (I apply mascara to my real lashes before I  apply the falsies) and I noticed that this also helps my lashes last longer!

What are some of your favorite eye makeup products?

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Ever since I’ve switched from glasses to contacts I have grown to appreciate mascara so much more. I always wore mascara but I never paid attention to whether it was volumizing, lengthening or any of the things it said on the packaging, and I certainly never thought I would use two at a time!

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I’ve had Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara for several months and its what I use every day. It’s extremely black and adds a lot of thickness to my mascara, but it’s a tad bit messy. I typically have to use a q-tip to clean the bottom and top of my lid from the little fallouts. My eyes are naturally curled so my mascara gets on the top of my lid. It’s an annoying little nuance but at least, I don’t have to curl my lashes right?

mascara, roller lash, benefit, too faced better than sex,

I landed on the Benefits Roller Lash mascara as a sample from Sephora. I’ve been saving my points for something good (currently up to 800) but since I’ve been wanting to try this for the longest time without committing to the big one I jumped at the opportunity for the sampler. And the fact that it was only 90 points was a good incentive too. I wouldn’t recommend using this by itself mainly because It isn’t nearly as black as other mascaras that I’ve tried and overall doesn’t do much for my lashes. However, I love it for its detangling and ability to separate my lashes. It makes a great base for me to go in and apply my better than sex mascara and on days that I want a more natural look its the only thing that I wear. I do think that there are plenty of drugstore brands that offer the same thing but if you are a fan of the benefit mascaras then this would be a good one to add to your collection!

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I’m so excited to come back to you guys with an updated post on my vanity! When we last chatted I was telling you how my vanity has been a work in progress. I started with my train case (aka…no vanity at all), and then later I built a DIY vanity mirror. For the past few months, that’s what I’ve been using but I’ve been wanting a bit of an upgrade. My vanity mirror is great, the lighting is perfect, but I had to stand to do my makeup, and I had no actual desk for my makeup storage. But now the day has arrived where I finally have my dream Pinterest-ish vanity desk.

You may recognize this standard Ikea Malm desk that every girl has in her room. It’s ideal for small spaces, and for us as bloggers can make a great backdrop. I personally chose this one for that specific reason; a backdrop to my flatlay. I liked the mirror finish on top and although I have to be careful when putting anything on it, it still makes a pretty background. I considered buying the Alex drawers as well but since my collection is not full blown I figured I was fine with the drawer that comes with the desk.

As you can see my makeup collection is fairly small but I still needed some compartments to help separate everything. The one on the left is from Ikea and I believe it was 8 dollars. I only bought one because I figured that would cover all my makeup, and for the most part it did but later on I realized I needed another one for my brushes. My current holder for my makeup brushes sat on top of my desk and dust used to get all over them. I always had to put a towel over them to keep them from getting dirty. I picked up the one on the right from home goods for $7 and it had just enough room for my brushes!

makeup vanity, vanity, ikea malm, makeup collection

My vanity mirror is a perfect size and the lights illuminate my face just enough on early mornings, but I needed something close up to help apply my more detailed makeup (lashes, eyeshadow, mascara etc). I have been dreaming of owning the simply human mirror so when I finally finished building the desk and putting it together I rushed to bed bath & beyond to purchase it. It was absolutely beautiful. Stainless steel, the light setting was perfect and was big but not in an overbearing way; howeverrrrr its 200 dollars. For $200 I should be able to look in a mirror and feel like Beyonce. This just wasn’t cutting it. The product itself was great, but overall it just wasn’t worth the money. If you have $200 lying around ready to drop on a pricey item then I would totally buy it. But if you want to spend your money on something that’s more practical, this isn’t it. The mirror automatically comes as a 5x magnification with no adjustable capabilities. If this mirror didn’t have magnification or even just a 3x magnification instead of 5, then I think it would be ideal for everybody. I actually would have kept it. But the 5x was just too much and I had to get way to close to the mirror to be able to even see correctly. Anywho I returned it and bought a different dual magnification mirror for $15. I saved myself the money and got something that I can easily travel with as well!. Plus the blue is a nice pop of color to all this white I have on my vanity.

Here’s a total of everything that I have and how much I spent. Hope this helps you build your own vanity!

Desk: $150 (Ikea)

Main mirror: $25 (HomeGoods)

Mini Mirror: $15 (Bed Bath & Beyond)

Lights: $40 (DIY Lowes)

Light switch: $22 (Lowes)

Compartments: $7-8 (Ikea & HomeGoods)

Acrylic cases: $25 (Container Store)

Acrylic lipstick holder $20 (Container Store)

Total: $315

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Some people obsess over skin care products, hair products, but my personal fave is lipstick products. I was born with great skin (thanks, mama) so lucky for me that’s never been a problem area, but as nice as it is its bone dry! My skin is dry, hair is dry, and my lips are no exception. To top it all off my favorite type of lipstick is matte, so I have to work extra hard to keep my lips looking moisturized and healthy, which we all know is difficult during the colder months.

Step One

I’m always on the hunt for a new lip moisturizer/exfoliant so I decided to try the Lush sugar lip exfoliant. I know some people believe it’s just plain sugar, and for all of that I could have done this at home but I’ve never tried lush brand before, the exfoliant was affordable so I wanted to give it a go. It works—ish. It definitely exfoliates but its very uncomfortable. Its’ like rubbing your skin with thinly milled rocks or something. I know that its sugar, and it should have some grit (otherwise, how could you get the dead skin off) but it’s so rough you have to use it gently. I’ve made myself bleed a few times by applying on dry lips so to help with the texture I take a quick swipe of Eos lip balm and then use the lush sugar scrub.

Step Two

After I have exfoliated my lips I use the Bite lip mask to moisturize. This lip mask is ahmazinggggggg. I once tried the bite lip exfoliant and was not a fan (shockingly for the polar opposite reason of why I don’t like the lush scrub). I found that the bite lip scrub wasn’t rough enough and wasn’t as exfoliating as I needed it to be. Now I use it in concordance with my lush scrub and its the perfect combo for days when my lips need an extra oomph.

Step Three

The bite lip mask has extremely thick consistency (almost like vaseline but thicker) so a little goes a long way. It doesn’t have much of a scent (I got the original flavor, but it comes in strawberry and coconut). It’s a mask so it’s not really meant to be worn underneath other lipsticks because the texture is too thick. I personally use it at night before I go to bed so it has a full 8 hours to moisturize but on days, I forget I use it first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth. I also use the mask for my no makeup days, so my lips get as much moisture as possible.
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