Ten years ago I was a junior in high school prepping for the biggest game of the year; powderpuff football game against the seniors. We lost..as all juniors do, and it wasn’t a fair game, as all juniors say, but nonetheless I was extremely excited. I was a part of the starting team and I was really excited to have such an important role but there was one minor hiccup; my glasses. I’m blind without glasses and football requires too much contact to wear them so I had to find another option.

In comes my first experience with contacts….

I struggled so hard my mom had to put them in for me. I had to lay on the bed and have her drop them in my eye. Needless to say, I was scared and I’ve never wanted to try contacts again, until recently. All, this time, I have been telling myself that I hated contacts when in fact I haven’t tried contacts in ten years. So this go around I thought what the heck, give it another go andddd I absolutely love them!!! I’ve been wanting some versatility with my look for quite some time and contacts give me all the options that glasses never could. Some of my favorite things are

Playing with makeup: Eyeshadow was never my forte mainly because I didn’t see the benefit in applying eyeshadow only for my glasses to completely cover it up. Contacts have opened the door for me to play in makeup in ways I’ve never been able too.

Sunglasses on the go: When you wear prescription glasses your sunglasses typically have to be prescription too. I’ve always envied people who can walk into a target and buy a pair of sunglasses on the go without having to give a second thought to the fact that they arent prescription.

Bangs, Bangs and more Bangs: I love a good bang. I rarely wear my hair parted down the middle so I’m usually in a side bang or a front bang. My side bangs had to be a certain length and curled the right way so that they didn’t cover my lenses. The China bangs are my favorite during winter because they offer some type of warmth to my forehead in the blistering cold. I even like the option to wear hats. Normally fedoras or baseball caps couldn’t sit too low because they clashed with my glasses.

All in all my experience with contacts has been great. I do wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than my normal scheduled time so that I can make sure I put them in. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in first grade so my eyes are extremely sensative and are definitely not used to being touched every day. I use a magnification mirror (5x) so that I can see right into my pupil when I apply them, but I’ve also taught myself how to apply them using a regular mirror (for days that im traveling). My suggestion is to find a routine that works best for you and then stick with it. Your eyes will eventually become adjusted to your routine and it will be natural for them to open easily and for the contacts to sit right. It almost works like muscle memory.

If your thinking about getting contacts and have some questions let me know!

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One of my favorite things about black Friday is the bath and body works sale. Every year I look forward to going in and getting great deals on the soaps, smell goods and my favorite of all candles. Normally their candles are $33 for the large candles so when they have a sale you rack up as much as possibly can. Only this time, I went in, fully prepared to spend whatever amount, and had the most disappointing experience ever! I have never smelled such undesirable scents. Candle after candle smelled terrible! I scoured the whole store looking for something that was worth the deal and none of them smelled good. It’s so disappointing when you go in looking to buy, ready to buy, and there is nothing worth actually buying!

candles, smell, scent, anthropologie, holidays

I continued my search and stumbled upon Anthropologie, which I’ve always admired for its amazing home decor. I’m just going to take a second and let the fashion major side of me come out for a little bit  and say that I was so impressed with how well the store was merchandised I wanted to buy something just for its effortless and shoppable decor. I went straight to the candle section because after a long day of shopping I still hadn’t found any candles. Every single candle smelled like heaven in a can. My boyfriend and I smelled so many we couldn’t even choose which ones we wanted to buy. Do we buy the pomegranate scent? the bigger version or the smaller version? The one with the purple print or the orange print? I mean the options were endlesssssss! I decided on buying four, and my favorite one I bought in the bigger version (burning it now as we speak)

candles, smell, scent, anthropologie, holidays

To top it all off when I got to the register they gave you a holiday popper and inside were gumdrops!. Such an adorable festive addition. As a first time shopper at Anthropologie, it really made my experience memorable and I will definitely shop there again!

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I hate the cliche “new year new me”, but I have to admit that there is something about a new year that is so refreshing. January is the month to get organized and think forward on what you want your year to look like. For me, I personally like monthly goals as opposed to yearly ones, because I find that things get lost in the way but this year I have some defined things that I want to do.


My first plane ride was when I was 2 months old, so it’s safe to say that traveling is in my bones. I absolutely love it! I’ve been fortunate enough to have a family that loves to travel and thus I have been able to tag along to places all over the world, but this year I plan on making my own adventures. I have Tahoe booked for February and Europe for October. So excited to see what else this year will bring!


I ended the year 2015 on a fairly high note. I was finally in the gym and challenging myself in ways I had never physically done before. It really helped with my overall confidence and feelings about my look (the way I dressed etc) I also started to hone in on my minimalist wardrobe concept, my day to day beauty routine, hairstyles that I liked and could afford to do regularly. All in all spending a lot of time on my appearance. This year I want to continue that but on a bigger level. I want to actually reach my target weight, I want to feel confident enough to take outfit and beauty photos for the blog and overall feel comfortable enough to put myself out there.


I know every blogger talks about ways the want to improve the blog itself, but I feel like for me this blog is always a reflection of where I’m at in life. If I’m super busy, then things are late with the blog, or maybe even dare I say sloppy? If I have a lot of time on my hands then my posts are more detailed, If I don’t feel confident then I don’t want to post any pictures of myself, here or on social media……..and the list goes on and on. My goal is that as I spend more time focusing on the goals above that I will be inspired to share and hence grow and invest more in my blog. I really think that this could be something special and I plan on nurturing it so that it can grow to its fullest potential!


Last year was a big chaotic for me, I had just moved back to the Bay Area, I had no job for the first three months, and when I finally found one it was a freelance gig. Nothing felt very secure and I was constantly working to get myself in a more stable position. Now that I’m in a better place I want to be more intentional and disciplined with my goals, especially the ones I have listed above. I spent all last year thinking about what I would do when I finally got settled and now that I have I want to work hard to accomplish things.

What are some of your goals for 2016?

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I haven’t made a favorites post in a while so I wanted to switch it up and talk about some items I seem to always keep in stock. When I started making this list I wanted it all to be beauty related but if I’m truly being honest most of what I buy and can’t live without is food! So don’t be surprised if you see a few randoms snacks in this list too! Let’s get started shall we!?

mac fix plus

First up is my Mac Fix Plus. You all have heard me talk about this time and time again, but it truly is a gem (liked how I rhymed eh?). I borrowed Amanda’s the other day and it sprayed out so nicely I forgot what that felt like. I always go through mine so fast that the product hardly comes out. I practically have to take the lid off and dump it on my face. Anywho this is an item that travels with me wherever I go. I need to commit and just buy the full size; especially now that they have scented fix plus options, but right now I just have been using the little bottle. For some reason, it’s easier for me to buy it for $10 than buy the big version for $20.

Eos Lip Balm

Eos Lip Balm: Since my favorite lipstick is matte lipstick (usually from Mac although I’m loving the KVD lip stains), Its a requirement to moisturize my lips. I recently went to my local Costco and bought the multipack and now I rotate between flavors. I know I know..im doing too much, but I like my options ok!? So far I have tried mint, strawberry, and peppermint. I now have one in my travel bag, one on my makeup vanity and one in my car (currently praying it doesn’t melt).

Makeup Revore one

Neutrogena Makeup Removers: I have yet to find anything that works as good as these. I’m currently using the makeup removers from forever 21 and they are garbageeeee. The towels aren’t very wet and it doesn’t do anything for removing my eye makeup. I’ve tried using baby wipes; I even wrote a whole post about alternatives to makeup removers so that I could save money on purchasing them, but nothing beats Neutrogena. They are soft, they don’t have an annoying scent and are affordable.

What beauty products do you always re-purchase!

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Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been so late with an update for my fitness routine! Things have been a little crazy over here. I recently wrapped up week 7 (as detailed in this post) but I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to do BBG anymore. I really miss the gym and it’s always been my preferred method of working out. Don’t get me wrong, BBG definitely challenged me (and still does) and it made me think of new ways to workout and utilize my resources. But with the recent changes going on in my life I won’t have the time to workout in the morning anymore. I start a new job on Monday, full-time, paid benefits job doing exactly what I want to do for the company I want to work for (if you read my tales of a freelancer post then you know how much of a big deal this is). I’ve been able to have the luxury to go into work at 10am, allowing me plenty of time in the mornings to workout and still make my hour commute into work every day. I know that my hours will be changing and so I will have to hit the gym after work now. Since winter is around the corner and the sun goes down earlier I won’t be able to workout at the park like I am now. I could still do BBG in the gym, and on some days I still might, but right now I’m really excited about pumpin some iron and hitting the elliptical machine!.

These 7 weeks of BBG have taught me so much about stamina, and repetition. I’ve had to push myself and challenge my body in ways that I never did in the gym. Resistance training is totally different than weight training because you’re essentially lifting your own weight every time! I hadn’t worked out in over a year, so building my core and endurance was the hardest thing I had to do. I also really enjoyed the pace of BBG and the 3 days a week workout is very practical. I would rather do that then force myself through a 30-day routine, or a 90-day workout plan. 3 days a week span over 12 weeks is very practical for anyone’s schedule, and BBG can be done in groups, at home, however you like.

I’m grateful that I work right across the street from several gyms so even in the winter time when the weather gets bad; I won’t have to walk far.

Below are some progress pictures as well as the weekly posts from when I first started BBG. I did two weeks of pre-training and 5 weeks of the regular workout (hence a total of 7 weeks). 

11849446_720636728040966_1983955672_n final photo

Pretraining Day 1|Pre-training Day 2|Pre-training Day 3|Pre-training Day 4|Pre-training Wk 2

Pretraining Wk 2 Pt 2|Regular Wk 1|Regular Wk 2|Regular Wk 4|Regular Wk 5|

I’m very happy with the results that I got from BBG, and I can’t wait to see where the gym takes me next!

Stay Tuned….

kierra again