Eos Lip Balm, Lip BalmI’ve been in search of a great lip balm. My lipsticks are usually matte( which can be very drying) so I try to always make sure I use a lip balm before so my lips don’t dry out. I used to be a carmex fanatic. I grew up using their products and always thought they were the best. But after using EOS I am truly at a loss for words. It is incredible! It lasts alllllllllll day; and my lips dont peel at all( like they did with carmex). It also works as a great base for my lipsticks and helps it to stay on. I apply it every morning and at night and its been fantastic. Definitely a new must have for my makeup bag!

FYI: Costco has them in bulk where you can buy all the flavors for like $15. So if your already a fan of EOS that’s a great place to buy them. Have one for your car, bag etc.


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I’ve been searching for my go to store; my one stop shop for fashion. I don’t have a lot of time to shop so I need a store that iIcan get just about anything and everything from. It used to be forever 21; yup I was a forever 21 girl!. Ever since ive graduated and gotten a real job ive noticed i need to make a few wardrobe adjustments. So my first stop was J.Crew and Banana republic.

Here is a picture of the shirts that i bought( they arent the exact prints and colors but the style of the shirts are the same; also are the prices all the shirts at BR were roughtly $64)

J.Crew, Banana Republic, Outlet Shopping


  • Fashion Forward( Younger feel)
  • Good Quality, Great Feel: overtime i will evaluate the true quality.

Here is my MAJOR Con! J.Crew is clearly geared towards petite/ thinner women. I’m a medium in shirts and i have large breasts. I’m 5’8 and 175lbs; I”m not overweight but I do have to be mindful of tops and how they fit on me. I can’t just walk in to any store and everything is going to fit. Everything in J.Crew had very tight(minimal stretch); stiff fabrics. I did find shirts in a large but nothing fit me right. I found a shirt I loved and bought it but it definitely will not be the store that is my go too. That store is going to be a hit or miss for me.

Banana Republic

  • Mature clothing; the cuts on the dresses and styling often times does not look very youthful
  • The quality and the feel of the shirts were amazing.
  • Everything fit appropriately; it was not hard to find things in my size.
  • As far as business attire this store is spot on. I work for Hudson so my daily work outfit is jeans and a t-shirt. Some of the shirts were too dressy for my job; but I did find some very playful pieces.

Gap: I  bought one button up shirt from Gap. It was fairly thin and im a little unsure about the quality of it; but like I said I was at the outlet so that may be why. I will have to wear the shirt and see how it goes.

I’ve recently grown out of fast fashion and am really trying to find some timeless pieces for my wardrobe. If I had to recommend a store for the average consumer I would definitely recommend Banana Republic over J.Crew. It’s also a little bit more on the prepster side; whereas BR is more classic. J.Crew is definitely a store of personal preference where as BR is a store that’s more open to different consumers.

Please leave any questions or comments you have below! I would love to answer them! Thanks for reading!

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I used to think that I had to read the magazines and watch the fashion shows in order to be inspired. But the truth is you can love fashion and still not get inspired by that. I live in LA, where everything is about what celebrity is wearing what, and who shops where. It’s a city that is stifled by celebrities, trends and gossip. Some people thrive in that environment, and although I work in the fashion industry (in downtown La) the culture does absolutely nothing for me. Too a certain extent I have to stay in sync with the trends because my job requires it; but it’s not what motivates me every day and I’ve never been the type to wear something just because “all the celebrities are”. You can stay fashionable and still never pick up a fashion mag or watch a runway show. Fashion is a form of expression; and when you read those mags and what those shows all you are doing Is seeing what the designer is expressing; don’t feel pressured to wear their inspiration. Do what works for you! If it inspires you..great and if it doesn’t then move on.

Hope this inspires you!

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NYX Soft Cream Lipstick

I have this tendency that when I buy things, I buy them in bulk. So of course when I went to go buy some lipsticks…I Didn’t just buy one, I bought the entire set! Which came in 22 colors. Now you’re probably wondering why did I buy all of them, why wouldn’t I just buy the ones I like? Well one reason is that I love lipsticks; some of them come straight out the package perfect and ready for your skin and others need some tweaking. I bought all of them so that if some of the lipsticks need to be darker or lighter, that I have a variety of options to make it perfect. Some lipsticks are made just so that they can serve as a base for other colors and some are made darker to serve as a cover for colors that may be too light.

I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I play around with them a little bit, but for now I will just go over the basics.

Pigmentation: The colors are very pigmented. They are matte so those lipsticks always have the maximum color however I do have to apply the lipstick on like 3 times before I can get it to its fullest color. I’ve heard though that lip primer, and sometimes concealer can help maximize color so I’m gonna try that too.

Texture: The lipsticks are called soft matte lip cream and they are DEFINETLY creamy! It literally feels like chapstick! So I love that the texture is true to label. For those of you who like mattes but hate the dryness of them you definitely won’t have that problem with these. Mattes naturally are dry but they aren’t extra dry.

Long Lasting: It lasts for quite a bit. It doesn’t run or smudge all over your lips but if you eat or drink it will come off. Like I said the color is light already so if you want it to stay to fullest cover then I would suggest re-applying after you eat or drink.

-Personally I sit at a desk all day at work, so I’m not really out and about much where my makeup has to be pristine. I would probably apply it after lunch but that’s it. Updates will be coming soon as I play around with them a little bit!

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I recently just graduated with a Bachelor’s in Apparel Merchandising and a Minor in Marketing; which was the highlight of my winter. But then afterward’s the reality hit of having to find a J.O.B. which turned out to be wayyyy harder than I thought. I graduated on Dec 20th and it took me exactly one month to find a job. Now for most that isn’t a long time but staying at home with nothing to do drove me crazy!. I went from working (on campus), sorority life, and school; to having absolutely nothing. After 2 weeks of searching I realized I was going to have to start getting creative in order to find something. So here are a few tips that I learned along the way.

  1. Make a list of your must haves( I had 5), and set a date at which you are willing to give up at least one or two of those must haves. ( the things that you are willing to compromise when you’ve hit 3 months of unemployment, etc)
  2. Think of all the hobbies, jobs etc that you have ever done that you could picture yourself building a career in. I had 3!
  3. Think outside the box on how to actually apply to these jobs. I landed my job (as a Sales Assistant at Hudson) by simply emailing someone that worked there and asking them if they were hiring. I attached my resume and two days later they called me back. I know some people like to think that the days of knocking on doors and asking if people are hiring are dead and gone but they aren’t. And they don’t just apply to mall jobs. In my industry I applied to corporate, and showrooms. Anything and everything that had an email had my resume!.

I’ll wrap this up here so as to not make things to long; but I will say the key to being truly successful is to think outside the box! Everyone is applying to those same jobs listed on LinkedIn or Monster. Use your time off(unemployed or as a student) to really reflect on what you want and how to get it!

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