Recently I’ve been trying out some new beauty products that I wanted to share with you all! Normally I save posts like these for when I have tried and tested a product so that I can give a thorough review but sometimes I buy things that don’t end up making it to the full review round. Often times the most you hear of a product is when I haul it, so I thought this would be a good way to share with you what I think after the first use.

Real Techniques Miracle Sponge

There will definitely be a full review on this later but my initial impression of it is that it’s amazing! I’m a huge fan of RT brushes, so I had high expectations with their sponge; regardless of people’s thoughts in comparison to the beauty blender. It does soak up a lot of product but I love that for when I’ve applied a little too much of something.

Glamglow Thirstymud Mask

San Francisco has been quite chilly lately, which is not helpful for my desert dry skin so I decided to get this for a little pick me up. I’ve heard amazing things about Glamglow so I was eager to sample the hydrating mask. I love the fact that it has no discoloration and is relatively thin compared to my previous experiences with masks. I have found that I need to apply some lotion afterwards, but that’s probably because I only leave it on for 20 mins. I’ve heard that people who leave it on all night have better results.

Glamglow Youthmud Mask

I went into to purchase the white mask, but they didn’t have the sample version so I bought the black one instead. I’m not sure If I left it on for too long (20 mins) or if the mask is just too harsh for my skin, but when I rinsed it off I had red spots on my forehead and parts of my cheeks. They looked like mini welts on my face. I’m assuming it was an allergic reaction that I had and two days later I broke out. I still want to use it, but I probably will apply it as a spot treatment instead of all over my face.

Marc Jacobs Decadence

My last Marc Jacobs fragrance was a little disappointing. I spent a whopping $80 on daisy dream only to find out that it has absolutely no staying power. Maybe it’s the mixture with my body chemistry, or maybe the scent is too light and airy, but either way it made me weary to buy another fragrance. This time I decided to try a stronger warmer scent. It definitely is distinctive but it’s slowly growing on me. The fact that it comes in the shape of a handbag is an added bonus!

That’s it for this round of first impressions! Feel free to comment below on anything that you’ve tried!

Kierra Lee




We initially had another post scheduled for today but something amazing happened over the weekend and we wanted to share!

Saturday Kierra and I went to Mac, to buy some more makeup( as if we need anything else), but It was my birthday weekend so I was in the mood to splurge. We walked in and headed straight to the lipstick section, where we overheard a conversation between two friends. One girl, (we’ll call her “Amy” for sake of story) was recommending some lipsticks to her friend “Brenda”. They were eyeing the colors smoked purple and cyber, but neither of them knew which one to try. Brenda tells Amy she doesn’t like either of the colors. She thinks her lips are too big to pull it off and she’s feeling a little self-conscious. Amy tells her to sample it and see which ones she likes. I look up and see Brenda’s face; she isn’t feeling it.

At all…

I was bursting to say something. I had just poured my heart out in my lined lip post  about my own lip insecurities and how intimidated I was about bold colors. I gotta help this girl out, one mac sister to another. I jump right into their convo and begin to compliment her. I share my own story of how I’ve struggled with being self-conscious about my lips. Since she was stuck between smoked purple(matte) and Cyber(satin) I suggested she go with cyber since matte shades tend to be more drying. The color is very similar, but the texture of cyber is a lot creamier due to the satin finish. Brenda took my suggestion and tried on both. She didn’t like either of them.


So now here we are in M.A.C. and she is feeling even more discouraged about her lips. She’s telling me the color is too dark… she can’t pull of bold colors…her lips are too big. I’m staring at her thinking….

You are preaching to the choir girl…

I patiently listened and when she had finished I made it my personal mission to have her leave with a lipstick she was in love with. It was great that Kierra and I were both there because we both gave tips about what each of us liked and what worked for our different skin complextions.

Let me pause for a second

Did I mention that the girls actually working at the M.A.C counter did not ask if we needed help AT ALL?!? I literally transformed into a mac stylist for a good 20mins.


We swatched a ton of colors and she finally decided on Heroine. She liked it but I could tell she wasn’t excited. It was still missing a little umphh.

“ Think fast amanda, your’e almost there”

That’s when I whipped out the liner. I used the heroine liner and walked her through step by step of how to properly line your lips so that she could get a clean look. Viola! She loved it! She was still a little hesitant leaving the store, but Kierra and I kept reassuring her that she looked fabulous!

This experience at M.A.C is literally the reason why I love blogging so much. Brenda felt the exact same way I used to feel about my lips and being in a position where I could help ease her hesitation and encourage her to take a risk made me feel so good. Kierra and I left the store cheesing, jumping, screaming, and on cloud 9. Thank you Brenda for a one-of-a-kind experience and for making our day!

Kierra + Amanda