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It’s dayyyyyy four! I made it! Week one is almost over. I have an optional Saturday full body workout; which I’m going to do because next weekend I will be gone. Going to Tahoe with Amanda!

Today was legs & cardio..a.k.a Hell day. There is something so embarrassing about not being able to actually walk after an exercise. It’s like you suddenly revert back to being 1 years old and you just learned how to take your first steps. Thank God I do my workouts at the park because I don’t think I could power through it at a gym. These workouts require a lot and half the time I spend it calling on Jesus to help me make it through. Working out in the open sun definitely makes for a more comfortable environment.

This workout is normally my least favorite because I don’t like doing cardio. I know that’s the best way to burn calories but it’s hard enough doing 40 squats andddd doing it short of breath. I will say this time was a little different than the last…..

Squats and Lunges weren’t as hard. I must be building strength in my thighs because normally squats & lunges are very difficult for me to get through. This time I went a little slower and made sure I had the right form.

Mind over matter. There were plenty of times where my body wanted to give out but I literally told myself to keep going. Your mind is what gives out before your body does. Trust me.

My Breathing.I touched on this in my last post but breathing is so crucial. The mountain climbers were so hard to do (especially since I was still sore from arms & abs) but when I was taking deep breathes my muscles would relax. Made the workout sooo much easier.

This time I took the full seven minutes. Those knee ups were the death of me. I kept yelling ” why is this bench so high!??” I swear it felt like I was climbing up Mt. Everest. My balance was a little wobbly and I’m sure I didn’t do all of them perfectly but I definitely tried!

Next week is week 2 of pre-training! It’s the same as the first week, so I’m excited to see if I notice any changes!

kierra again


It’s day three guys! As I mentioned in my previous post I’m restarting week one over again. I was initially going to do the regular week 1 but then I got the upgraded guide and it came with pre-training (thank God!). Come to find out a lot of the corners I was cutting in the regular guide (i.e Pushups on my knees instead of full pushup) were actually a part of the pre-training guide (which makes feel a lot better; because now I have something to help me work up to the actual guide). Hopefully after these 4 weeks of pre-training I will be able to re-do week one properly!

Today I did pre-training week one arms and abs. Normally I drag my boyfriend into my workouts but this time my best friend was in town so she decided to come with me. I also changed locations. I was doing it in my bedroom but I felt like those close quarters made it a little too difficult for me to complete my exercises. Especially with two people in the room. I found a local park and decided to work out there.

My best friend is actually the exact same build as me but a little smaller. We have the same shoe size, same height, same boob size (crazy right!) but she is about 2-3 sizes thinner than I am. We have similar weaknesses and the same strengths. She was able to help teach me proper form, and was overall a great motivator. Definitely will be working out with her again!

Anywho back to the actual exercises. The pre-training is different from the actual guide because it doesn’t require weights. These workouts are less resistance with less reps. It’s designed to help you build a solid foundation and strength so that when you get to week 1 (of the regular guide) you can actually do the full on exercises.  So far I’ve noticed quite a few differences between the workouts:

  1. With the regular guide, I took the full 7 minutes to do the routine, and I could only perform them once. However with the pre-training I was blazing through them with usually 2-3 minutes to spare (which I used to do repeats) and I was also able to do each circuit twice as instructed.
  2. I wasn’t nearly as thirsty as before. I drank water, but I wasn’t gasping for air like I was last time. I think the LISS routines I had this week really helped build my endurance.
  3. These exercises are the best time to learn proper form. You can blaze through 15 pushups but if your butt is arched in the air (as mine was) then it does nothing for you. Instead of trying to beat the clock, focus on making sure you are doing them correctly and take your time if you need too.
  4. Breathing matters. I was really struggling to hold the plank position (for 30 seconds) and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I wasn’t breathing! It seems such a simple thing to do, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget to do it when your grunting through the exercises.

All in all, I feel stronger. I’m not sore (at least not yet anyway) and my body feels more solid. I’ll be more excited once I start seeing some changes!

Feel free to comment below! I would love to hear what little things you do to get through your routine!










Ok so I think I made a mistake. Today was technically supposed to be my LISS day (low intensity) but instead I did another resistance training circuit( legs and cardio). I figured since yesterday was all about my arms and abs that it would be no big deal if I did a different circuit focused on something else. Wrong! My body was exhausted and I think overall mentally I just wasn’t prepared. I was extremely lightheaded, and had to stop a few times just to catch my breath. The legs portion was manageable; it was the cardio that killed me. My heart was definitely racing a lot more than it was the other day.

I was only able to complete the circuit once even though you’re supposed to do it twice. Part of me told myself that it was because I didn’t have ” enough time”, but in all actuality my body was just exhausted. And my head wasn’t in the game at all. I plan on restarting week one over again so that I can push myself to get through the circuits like I’m supposed too.

Overall my body feels great! Every-time I get in the shower I check to see if I have abs. ( let’s be honest…we all do it). My body feels tighter and leaner; whereas before I felt bloated and heavy all the time. I definitely am soar, my arms are tight and I’m sure tomorrow my legs will be aching too but I’m excited for the weekend to get a good walk in and to do some stretching on Sunday.

I will say that the cardio I did today made me very tired. Maybe it was dehydration or whatever but I didn’t feel nearly as energized as I did the day before. I slept on my ferry ride this morning and I’m sure if it wasn’t for the cup of coffee I had, I probably wouldn’t even have the energy to type this right now.

Welp folk’s week one of BBG  is done! Although I’m going to redo it I still feel somewhat accomplished. At least I tried.

A for effort right!???





Hey Guys! The other day I touched on my new fitness routine (see full post here) but I decided to do little updates throughout the week. Initially I was writing this post as a walkthrough of the routine but I decided I wanted to switch it up and share the emotional aspect of it and overall how it feels to me personally. I think that with any workout you’ll hear the same things, ” it burns, push through it, mind over matter…etc”. So I wanted to talk about something different. I want these posts to feel more like a conversation instead of ” today I did arms for 15 minutes and it hurt” type of thing.

Let’s just start with the physical part shall we? Physically my body is weak, but mentally I’m 100% focused. I thought I would be drowsy, maybe even nauseous but I’m not. I did a brisk walk in the morning before my routine and I think that totally helped my mindset. It’s hard working out at home because you literally wake up, roll out the bed and start working out. Your heart rate is low, the house is usually quiet and your bed is right there, taunting you to get back in it. That setting alone makes for a slow and possibly ineffective workout. I want to be able to power through my workout, not sleep on the floor in between pushups.

After my walk I wanted to guzzle water. It was only a 5 minute walk but I live on a hill and when I got back my body was tired. Maybe mentally I was psyching myself out because I knew I had a 30 minute workout coming up. I had a small glass of water (no ice) and proceeded to my workout. I got all my equipment lined up, and started the music.

In my head I’m thinking “I got this” but when I dropped to the floor to do the first set of pushups I was dying! That burn was like no other. I used to think chicks don’t do pushups, that’s a guy thing. But when my boyfriend (I dragged him into this as well), was grunting through the routine I knew this was going to be hard! The reps aren’t even the tough part. 15 pushups? no biggie. 15 aint no thang. What’s killer is doing it all under 7 minutes. I mean your heart is racingggggg. I wanted to take a break but I knew the clock was ticking so at best I could stop for 4 seconds, 7 tops. I think the high intensity even made me forget the pain. I was so busy watching the clock that when I had moved on to the next exercise the burning sensations quickly shifted from whatever I was just complaining about to the new exercise I was doing.

When I had finished the workout my knees were weak. I was wobbling in the shower. I know I think I’m being dramatic but this is real life ya’ll!  By the time I got out the shower my stomach was rumbling. Initially my plan was to workout, shower, get dressed and grab some toast on my way out the door; but my body said nu uh boo. You need to feed me right now. I couldn’t even think straight I was so hungry. I threw on some sweats and made myself a quick bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats). I felt much better after that so I started getting dressed. I really should take my own advice and pack my bag and iron my clothes the night before because I was scrambling in the morning. Scrambling because I can’t miss the bus, while wobbling around the house because I’m sore. I looked like an idiot.

Thankfully I made it out the door without dropping anything or forgetting something. I felt super energized and ready to start the day. I did have a small cup of coffee so maybe that helped but overall I do feel more energized than normal.

Anywho that’s all for now! If you like these ramblings let a sistah know and I’ll be sure to do these more often.

kierra again


You guys…I have a confession.

Ive gained some serious weight.

I mean the kind of weight with rolls in your back- clothes don’t fit anymore- hate every picture you take..kind of weight.

Every year at least once a year this happens to me. I drop the ball and let myself go. I get a little food happy as I like to call it and I “forget” that the junk I’m eating is empty calories turning into fat. Normally I get away with it. My 5’8 height and natural lean body can hide a lot of little imperfections, but when it does start to show….it really shows! Instantly the madness hits; I start scouring the town for gyms, researching all these get fit quick routines (usually on Pinterest and Instagram..which are terrible for you btw but more on that in a minute).

It always starts with some vacation I need to go too. I don’t like to workout ” just because” I need motivation! So far I’ve done the get right for my college graduation routine, the spring break ready routine, the Mexico vacation routine…you catch my drift? This time my motivation is Las Vegas with Amanda in 6 weeks. I have just 6 weeks for me to get it right and get it tight!

As we all know by now I never do anything without research and carefully planning but this particular fitness guide I’m doing just happened to fall in my lap.

Pause for a second…

Let me go back to why the Instagram and Pinterest workout routines are not good for you. Many of those routines (not all but majority) are the same workout built over a span of 30 days. For example the squat challenge is 10 squats on Monday and then you work your way up to say maybe 100 by the end of the month. The problem with this is that you are exercising the same muscles everyday instead of letting them rest. You are straining yourself and not in a good way. You’ll notice most people who workout at the gym have a leg day, an arms and back day etc. They divide different parts of their body up throughout the week to give the other parts a day of rest; hence the reason why those squat, ab, leg challenges are not always the healthiest. You can still do them just in moderation.

Ok now back to the story…

Amanda and I were at a comedy show this past weekend, and she wanted to take a few pictures. I was dressed cute (can’t let these people catch you slippen) but inside I just felt gross. I started crying… the comdedy show! Who does that?!!!

Anyways this lady sitting next to us hears me balling about how fat I am and she leans over and starts to tell me about the Kayla Itsines routine. She said normally it’s $70 bucks but a friend gave it to her and she could email it to me….FO FREE!


I read the pdf…all 120 pages (that’s dedication if you ask me) and the workout is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know about you but I need regimented workouts. When you leave me to my own devices I make stuff up and then I start to cut corners. I had tried the Jillian Michaels routine years ago and it worked so I was excited to try something again with a new trainer.

I will be doing all of exercises at my house, and although some of these require equipment I plan on swapping them out with stuff around the house. The workout guide is for 12 weeks; 3 days a week for 28 minutes. I will be doing weekly updates on twitter so be sure to check us out there. Depending on my progress I will be posting pictures hopefully bi-weekly. If not definitely every 3 weeks.

I was hesitant in even sharing this with you all because I knew if I put it on the blog that it was really real! Putting it on here holds me accountable!

Love you all! Let the 12 week countdown begin!

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