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Legs & Cardio

It is officially one month of BBG!!! For those of you just tuning in I did two weeks of Pre-training, and now I’m in week 2 of the regular exercises. If you’ve read my post about week one you will know that I highly recommend the pre-training. Resistance training is a very different style of exercising and it isn’t necessarily for everybody. The pre-training really helped me mentally prepare and get adjusted to what my workouts would be like. I’m also a big fan of the LISS (low intensity training). It helps build endurance and overall loosens your muscles for the next workout. I like doing mine on the weekend because it’s relaxing and I can usually bring the dogs with me.

I changed my schedule to mo-wed-friday. Initially, I was on a different workout schedule where I was doing the full body exercises on Saturday but I don’t like working out on the weekends. Work is work Mo-friday and my weekends will be reserved for fun. I hated having to incorporate a workout into my busy schedule on the weekends, most of which I spend blogging for you guys!.

Anyways let’s get into legs and cardio shall we!

As I’ve mentioned several times before I hate this day. The burpees are torture. I will say it used to be tough for me to do two (yes two) and now I can push myself to 6 before I tire out. It’s a small improvement but an improvement nonetheless.

Kayla also loves to jump. Jump squats, jump lunges, jump rope…..girlllll can’t get enough of her jumpin. It’s a great way to work your calves, but it’s also the quickest way to tire you out. If it wasn’t for water I wouldn’t make it. Ps: what do you guys think of my infused water picture up above? It’s my favorite way to drink water now!

As always I tell you guys some things that are changing and one of the biggest ones is my core is much stronger. When I was doing the full body exercises last Saturday I powered through my ab bikes, which are normally hard for me to do. I’m also getting stronger with those knee ups! If I can control my breathing I’m good to go! I also made some minor changes to BBG a little bit. Kayla instructs that you time yourself for 7 minutes and if you finish before then, then you repeat the exercises until time runs out. Instead of doing that I’ve been using that extra time for isolation exercises. Since I carry all my weight in my back, I make a conscious effort to work out my Lats and lower back muscles to help get rid of those rolls!. BBG inadvertently works out your back but nothing targets it specifically so I made my own circuit of back exercises and I do the full circuit with whatever time I have left over. I’m all for following the program but I also think no one knows your body the way you do. If you want to see faster results for some of your heavier areas then I would suggest incorporating your own exercises into the program. I also do this when I don’t have the materials or space I need to do the exercises. Sometimes I don’t always have the weights with me so I will swap that exercise for something back related.

Another note is I don’t eat before my workouts. It’s called a fasted workout as my boyfriend recently told me. I didn’t know I was doing (I just hate eating breakfast) but it turns out there are a lot of benefits to not eating before your workout. You build more lean mass and overall burn fat faster. Of course for every study that proves this a good idea there is another proving it wrong but personally it works for me. If you’re used to eating in the mornings then I wouldn’t suggest switching over, but if you’re like me and breakfast isn’t a necessity then I would highly recommend trying it.

For those of you who want to know what I’m eating:  Post workout I usually eat two slices of whole wheat bread and 3 pieces of turkey bacon. For a snack I eat grapes, blueberries or cherries. Lunch is usually a free for all and same for dinner. I have been making an effort to eat more of the healthy stuff I already like. For example I like brown rice which is healthier than white rice, and I genuinely enjoy salad so I will load up a salad with a lot of vegetables that I normally wouldn’t eat on their own.  Sometimes I don’t eat dinner because I get home so late  (terrible I know) but I will usually whip up something quick in the microwave if we have left over food. I also drink 20 ounces of water a day, 40 on days I’m working out (20 during my workout, and 20 throughout the day). It’s not nearly as much as it should be but it’s an improvement for someone who used to live off Pepsi and orange juice (I still do but only on the weekends…A for effort right?)

Other than that the program is working great! I can really start to see some small physical changes and overall I feel better about myself.

Arms & Abs

I did things a little different today. I edited the workout to fit my needs and I didn’t time myself. Don’t get me wrong I kept the momentum going but I didn’t do the workouts exactly as she had suggested. I like the BB guide but it targets a lot of areas that to be quite frank I could care less about. I really don’t care about my shoulders nor working out my chest and I’m all for having toned arms but I don’t want to be buff. I want to start spending more time targeting my bad areas which is my stomach and back. So today I focused on abs/core/oblique’s and my back. I actually did more than what was in her workout and I used the weights more. My weakest point was the Commandoes and Jack Knives. I had to make adjustments to those but everything else was fine. Instead of taking a one minute break I used that time to do Russian twists with an 8lb weight to work out my oblique’s. My goal is to wear a crop top to Vegas so I’m on a mission to tighten my abs and get rid of that muffin top. I’m also realizing that I enjoy the full body exercises more than the other days. I like being able to switch workouts and giving my other muscles a rest.

I also didn’t warm up this morning. Normally I take a walk around the track before I start my workout and this time I decided to just jump right into it. Not sure how that affected my workout but I’m going to try it again with legs and cardio and then let you know!

Overall I walked away feeling great. I didn’t do everything exactly as instructed but I still pushed myself and my body so I’m not going to overanalyze it. I’m seeing results and for it only being week 2 (of the regular workout) I’m pretty happy with my progress!.

Follow my progress →→→ Day One| Day Two| Day Three| Day Four|Week Two Pt 1|Week Two Pt 2|Week Three

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Arms and Abs

I finally started the regular week of training!! I know in my previous post I said that I was going to continue doing the pre-training but this week I really wanted to push myself so I decided to just go for it! Take a leap of faith I said, can do it I said.

Well, I did do it but it was definitely a push. I still can’t do full on pushups, but I’m realizing that my chest was something I’ve never worked out before. In all these years, I’ve never done any chest exercises. Back yes but nothing to actually focus on that particular area; which explains why it’s my weakest point. Something I’m just going to have to keep working on.

I took progress pictures the other day and although I’m not ready to post them yet I can tell a difference. My back rolls are starting to roll away and my stomach isn’t talking to me anymore. So in my book those are major improvements! My butt has also lifted! I never thought I had a booty, but now I’m started to fill out my jeans in ways I never did before. I stood in the mirror and shocked myself!

Now that I’m done with the pre-training I can definitely say it was necessary. The workouts are roughly the same intensity as week 1 and week 2 of the regular workout, but the pre-training really helps build your foundation. You’re not as weak and mentally you’re better prepared. Even if you have a basic level of fitness I would still recommend not diving into the regular weeks until you’ve done pre-training. Especially for my yoga and marathon runners. Yes, you may excel in the cardio exercises but resistance training is very different than doing a downward dog. Yoga, spinning classes, jogging those help tone and shed weight but Kayla’s BBG guide is all about the lifting. It would be best to do pre-training to see if you even like this style of exercising.

When I initially started BBG I couldn’t get through one circuit of regular week 1 and now I can not only get through them but do it twice and sometimes under 7 minutes. Even though I’m not seeing the biggest physical changes I can tell my body is stronger and I feel encouraged to keep going!

Legs and Cardio

I have one word for you today: Burpees! I curse the person who even made up this exercise! Who thinks of something like that!!?? Anyways those are hell for me. Thank God this week I only had to do 10 but need to try harder because I did them haphazardly. It’s the only exercise in the circuit that exercises your legs, core and requires endurance. It was so hard to do!. This week we also introduced weights! I actually enjoy using weights. For me, I feel like I’m doing a real workout instead of just using my body weight for resistance. The weights really came in handy when I was doing the lunges. It makes you get deep in your lunges and it actually helped me stay balanced. I had to use weights for the knee ups and those were hardddddddd. I was carrying 16 pounds with me and trying to step up which was really difficult.

These squats are really starting to pay off. My jeans fit better and my butt has lifted. I feel great about how that’s turning out, but I still have a lot of weights to drop around my waist and back. I’m actually starting to get discouraged because I haven’t noticed any major changes in my body yet. At least not the ones I want. I’m considering taking my diet more seriously. I don’t want to be a crazy calorie counter, but I definitely want to manage my intake more. I’ve made a commitment to only drink water during the week and do start incorporating smoothies instead of coffee into my daily routine. I would like to reserve Sundays for meal prep so that I can minimize all the things I need to do in the mornings. Since technically I’m only in week one of BBG I know I’m not supposed to see crazy results. I spent the last two weeks building my foundation and preparing for these workouts. Physically I feel strong but emotionally I’m frustrated. I wanted to see more results right now and I just don’t.

I promise that I will stick it out though. I got Vegas on my mind and I want to look right!
Ps: I decided to go blonde also! If you can’t change your body change your hair right? Follow us on Instagram to see pictures!

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Week 2 Legs and Cardio

Hey Guys! I’m done with week 2! I wrapped up this week with pre-training legs and cardio (I haven’t done the full body exercises) and I feel great. As I’ve mentioned before this workout is a lot harder than arms and abs. This workout requires endurance, and because your heart is racing you sweat like crazy.

Today’s workout was really mind over matter. My legs were buckling during the lunges, and I every time I did a knee up I felt like I was going to tip over. My body definitely wanted to give out but I powered through it.

This morning I drank 20 ounces of water during our workout, which is crazy good for me. I’m normally a slow drinker so to stay that hydrated within an hour is crazy. I worked harder on my breathing, and really tried to focus on my form. Since its week 2 I knew what was coming, so I was able to brace myself for it. I was actually considering ending my pre-training here and jump right into week 1 but I still don’t feel like I’m ready yet. I just got to a point where I can power through these exercises and do them under the 7 minutes. So I don’t want to push myself so hard that I can’t reach the goal. The pre-training is here for a reason and I want to stick to the plan.

New Developments

I was not nearly as out of breath as the first week! I’ve been doing a really good job at staying hydrated. My skin has started to clear up as well. I woke up this morning and was glowing! I can’t wait until I’ve been at this for a month and can really start to see some physically changes. I also need to start taking this more seriously. I’ve been doing my two a week, and my LISS but I really want to dedicate Monday-Friday to fitness. I’m not doing anything but work and although my schedule is more flexible on the weekends I don’t like having to force myself back into workout mode or squeeze in the workout with all my other activities. I want to dedicate 5 days of hitting it hard and take the other two off. Within the next 2 weeks I will be adjusting my workouts to Mon (arms and abs), Tues (LISS-power walking), Wed (legs and cardio), Thurs (LISS), Friday (full body). Don’t underestimate the power of LISS either. The power walking really helps. It stretches my body out and it helps me build my endurance. The more you get the heart rate up the more your body is used to working and operating that way. You literally have to train your body to tolerate this level of fitness so that it doesn’t give out on you.

Next week we introduce weights! Which I’m excited about! We are upping the game. By the end of June I will have finished my pre-Training and I will have two weeks to get my body right before my Vegas trip!.

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BBG week 2. Lets go!

Ladies and Gents I have officially made it to week 2! In my previous post I mentioned that I had started the pre-training since the regular weeks were just a little too difficult for me to do.

Week 2 Arms and Abs

Today actually wasn’t that bad. I’m considering adding weights to the routine because I feel like my arms aren’t getting the workout that they should. I’m struggling with the pushups, but I found a new way to do them so that I could get the same amount of resistance. Instead of doing the pushups on the floor I did them on the wall. It’s hard to explain with words but you should look up a video to get the technique right. I’m noticing that I don’t really like the resistance training, At least not for my arms. I prefer to do weight living instead of repetition but I’m still making myself adjust. I really don’t want to give up on this!!

As always I tell you guys some changes that I’m noticing. Nothing physically yet but I do notice myself getting stronger. I’m blazing through the workouts, whereas with my legs and cardio I get tired easily.

Secondly I’m no longer sore. The days of me limping to work or struggling to put on my shirt are over! (at least for now).  Part of me wants to kick into the next gear and up the amp a little bit but I know that I have to take the progress as instructed. I’m sure once I hit week one again I will be wishing to be back at the pre-training.

Thirdly (which is my favorite part) is I finally have more energy! I don’t know if it was just the first week that had me feeling drowsy (maybe because my body was getting adjusted) but I am officially off of coffee. I may start drinking tea as a substitute just for a little pick me up midday; but other than that I’m sticking to water (currently drinking lemon and blueberries infused water). I’m really making an extra point to stay better hydrated, especially since cardio day is around the corner!

More of my craziness coming lataaaaa!

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It’s dayyyyyy four! I made it! Week one is almost over. I have an optional Saturday full body workout; which I’m going to do because next weekend I will be gone. Going to Tahoe with Amanda!

Today was legs & cardio..a.k.a Hell day. There is something so embarrassing about not being able to actually walk after an exercise. It’s like you suddenly revert back to being 1 years old and you just learned how to take your first steps. Thank God I do my workouts at the park because I don’t think I could power through it at a gym. These workouts require a lot and half the time I spend it calling on Jesus to help me make it through. Working out in the open sun definitely makes for a more comfortable environment.

This workout is normally my least favorite because I don’t like doing cardio. I know that’s the best way to burn calories but it’s hard enough doing 40 squats andddd doing it short of breath. I will say this time was a little different than the last…..

Squats and Lunges weren’t as hard. I must be building strength in my thighs because normally squats & lunges are very difficult for me to get through. This time I went a little slower and made sure I had the right form.

Mind over matter. There were plenty of times where my body wanted to give out but I literally told myself to keep going. Your mind is what gives out before your body does. Trust me.

My Breathing.I touched on this in my last post but breathing is so crucial. The mountain climbers were so hard to do (especially since I was still sore from arms & abs) but when I was taking deep breathes my muscles would relax. Made the workout sooo much easier.

This time I took the full seven minutes. Those knee ups were the death of me. I kept yelling ” why is this bench so high!??” I swear it felt like I was climbing up Mt. Everest. My balance was a little wobbly and I’m sure I didn’t do all of them perfectly but I definitely tried!

Next week is week 2 of pre-training! It’s the same as the first week, so I’m excited to see if I notice any changes!

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