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I have officially been working out for over a year now; consistently in the gym chugging away at my weight loss and overall trying to live s  healthier lifestyle. Despite the fact that I’m losing inches and weight it’s still hard for me to make investments in fitness. I have gradually made purchases to help enhance my workout routine, the last of which was long overdue..wireless headphones.

Ladies, we all know the struggle of having to stuff your phone between your boobs while doing deadlifts or certain exercises that require the use of both your hands. My iPhone 6s is too large to fit into a pocket and is inconvenient to hold while I’m workout out. In the past I have opted to not listen to music simply because the cord wouldnt reach or get entangled.

I’ve been browsing for months trying to find a quality pair of wireless headphones specifically designed for fitness. I looked at jay bird, beats, and sennheiser, but nothing stood out. I’ve always been a fan of Bose so when I heard they finally tossed their hat into the fitness wireless game I quickly jumped on board.


It comes in a nice box case that’s pretty standard for any high-end wireless headphones. I actually had the people at Best Buy open the entire case in front of me because they didn’t have them on display and I wasn’t going to drop a whopping $180 on headphones I had never listed too. The headphones come with a charger: which they only give you a USB not an actual plug, a case with a clip, and three interchangeable earbuds: a great addition for people who have small earbuds and need something besides ” one size fits all”.

Bose headphones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphones, fitness, Bose,


These headphones come with three different earbuds with a hook to hang on to your inner lope. For security reasons I prefer To have an over the ear option but when I tried these on in store I wiggled they didn’t budge. It also has a small clip along the back of the wire so you can clip it onto your shirt while working out. I don’t use it but if you’re a runner, bike rider etc then it might be helpful. Along the wire is a remote button where you can pause, skip, and answer a phone call as well as adjust the volume. I do use this often but I will say it’s a little stiff. It’s not as easy to use as my apple headphones.

First Impressions

For starters let me say that I am no sound guru. I bought these headphones for the simple fact that they were wireless and from a company I genuinely like. I didn’t want black so I like the fact that I could chose different colors. Overall the sound quality is amazing but again this is just coming from an everyday customer. I know some people can say they can tell the difference between plug-in headphones and wireless, that the sound quality is comprised but I can’t tell anything.

The charge lasts for as long as the product claims too, although it took me a while to figure out how to actually turn it off. You can set it to automatically turn off via your phone after a certain time. Great for someone like me who’s usually exhausted after a workout and doesn’t remember to turn them off. The rubber earbuds are comfortable, but after testing them out I switched out the standard size for the small.  You also can download the Bose connect app, where you connect it to your devices and it tells you the battery percentage. When you turn the headphones on it tells you the battery percentage and what device it’s connected too.

Are they worth it?

Now down to the big questions: are they worth the investment? If you are someone heavily involved in fitness and are looking to make your workout more convenient then I would say yes. You could go with a more affordable brand but I think buying quality it is worth the payoff especially if you’re a consistent gym goer. If you want to use the headphones for everyday use I would suggest buying a different Bluetooth headphone. The battery life is not sufficient enough for all day so as of now I’m solely using them for the gym!

Have you had your eye on any new headphones lately?

-Kierra Lee



One of the hardest things about trying to lose weight is the lack of instant gratification. I mean sure you feel great for going to the gym, breaking a good sweat and eating healthy but the actual pounds take a while to drop off. I’ve officially and I say officially as in “consistently” been working out since May 2015. That’s when I first started BBG. I thought it would be a short term thing, I work out for 3 months, lose my target weight and stop working out. My bounce back is fast but this time, around it took me a lot longer than expected to lose the weight. I always here people say fitness is a lifestyle change but I just wasn’t ready to commit until I explored all other options first. I’ll take you down a trip of memory lane for a minute so you can understand why I came to the decision I did today!

I started out doing BBG from May 2015-August. You can read all about my progress here, I documented it thoroughly. It was an amazing workout plan with a great sense of community, but I missed the gym and pumping iron so after 4 months I got tired of the resistance training that I was doing with BBG.

New things

In September, I got a new job and could afford a gym membership so I made the switch. I wanted to push myself to be out of my comfort zone so I decided to start taking classes; Zumba, body pump, spin, and yoga.  It really helped boost my confidence, make friends and learn different styles of working out. Zumba was great for cardio, Yoga for rehabilitation, Body Pump for exactly as the name sounds-pumping iron. I loved classes, and still do but they weren’t helping me tone the way that I wanted too. The classes didn’t work with my work schedule (lifestyle adjustment right?) and so sometimes I was able to go and other days I couldn’t. You add the holidays season on top of rainy weather and my gym routine quickly withered away. I was gaining the weight back and loosing all my muscle definition that I had with BBG.


Fast Forwardddd

Now fast forward to present day and I can say with certainty that I’m not where I want to be. I have made immense progress, I mean after 8 months of working out how could you not? But with the new year being here I’ve had some time to reflect on both the pros and cons of my workout routine and also include the other big factor; eating healthy.

I said all of this to say that I wanted to share with you my new goals in hopes that we can both be encouraging to one another the way we were when I was doing BBG. Those posts have brought me a lot of traffic and engagement and I figured why not bring it back and document my second go at it!

My new routine will be as follows:

Monday: Abs + Back. I start my week with this because it’s the part of my body I struggle with the most. I want to alwasy start my week of strong in case other things come up that prevent me from going to the gym

Tuesday: Legs +. I always pair leg day with something but sometimes I switch between arms and chest.

Thursday-Same as Monday

Friday: Same as Tuesday

Saturday: Misccellanous. Sometimes I’ll take body pump, other days Zumba, and as the weather gets better I will probably start hiking.

I wanted to find ways to incorporate BBG into my routine again, but the fact of the matter is I get a lot of gratification from actually lifting weights and working on the machines. For some reason it’s so hard for me to get in the groove during resistance training.

As always I will be updating you all with my progress! Thanks for all your support!



I’ve been consistently working out for a year now. One whole year since I decided to dedicate time and energy into living a more healthy and active life. I’ve tried just about every single trick in the book to make the process quick and easy, but there is nothing “instant” about losing weight. You have to have discipline, consistency and most of all be real with yourself about your expectations. The hardest part for me was finding something that worked and I liked enough to continue doing. Today I’m sharing with you all what some of those things are!

Purchase a workout plan

This was the first thing I did when I started working out. Last year this time I was coming off 3 months of unemployment, and could hardly afford a gym membership. I needed a one-time fee item that required minimal equipment and didn’t interfere with my new work schedule. BBG (the Bikini Body Guide) was the best option for me. It’s a 3 day a week, 30-minute workout for intermediate/beginner. You can work at your own pace but if you stick with it the results are amazing (you can see mine here). Not to mention the community on Instagram is incredibly supportive. I did it for six weeks and it helped trim off a lot of weight!

Join A Class

Once I got more settled into my new job, I wanted to start working out at the gym again. I had lost a lot of inches (don’t know the weight since BBG encourages you not to weigh yourself) and had built enough confidence in myself where I felt comfortable working out in front of people. There is something about working out in a room full of other people, who are equally sweaty and tired as you but still manage to push through it. With BBG, I was working out by myself or with a friend and now I had an instructor and other experienced gym goers (who by the way give amazing tips). It gave me something to look forward to at the end of my day. I took Zumba for cardio and Body Pump for weight training. Both high-intensity classes and loud, so if you’re into a more “yoga-ish” environment then those classes aren’t it! I absolutely love both classes and if you need the extra encouragement this is a great choice.

Create your own plan

Both the above choices are amazing but they are at someone else’s pace. BBG was a preset workout plan, and although I got more versatility with my classes I still had to follow the instructors lead. After 6 months of doing BBG and classes, I was ready for a change so I made my own routine; something tailored to my problem areas. I carry the majority of my weight on my back and stomach so I cranked up the ab and back exercises. I also don’t like resistance training, working on a weight machine is more my style. I can also better track my progress by knowing how much I was able to lift/push on one week vs the next. Free weights and machines are also faster. I’m in and out the gym in under 45 minutes, 30 if I skip cardio. I keep my workouts quick and to the point giving me plenty of time to enjoy the rest of my day. With classes, your stuck with a set class schedule and that started to become difficult for me. If I got off work earlier I didn’t want to have to wait until 7:15 for my Zumba class to start when I could have already been home and had dinner.


My mom hates working out, especially in the gym. She thinks walking and clean eating is all she needs, and for some that may be true. But if you’re really trying to drop pounds you are going to need a healthy balance of both working out and clean eating. I’ll be honest and say this is one of the hardest parts of losing weight; controlling my appetite for everything greasy and sweet has been a huge challenge. The first thing I did was get rid of the bad snacks. Yup I’m a snacker. I could live off chips, candy, and soda for dayssss. I knew that if I wanted to really drop pounds or even just maintain what I already have that I had to cut those things out. I started portion dieting; 3 snacks a day with 2 small meals. You essentially eat every 2 hours, never really allowing your body to truly become “hungry” which is when all the cravings start to happen. I’ll be doing a full breakdown of my portion eating routine later, but for now know that coming up with a healthy diet is detrimental to your weight loss plan!

What are some of your tips for losing weight?

Kierra Lee


Hi guys! Sorry I’ve been so late with an update for my fitness routine! Things have been a little crazy over here. I recently wrapped up week 7 (as detailed in this post) but I have come to the conclusion that I don’t want to do BBG anymore. I really miss the gym and it’s always been my preferred method of working out. Don’t get me wrong, BBG definitely challenged me (and still does) and it made me think of new ways to workout and utilize my resources. But with the recent changes going on in my life I won’t have the time to workout in the morning anymore. I start a new job on Monday, full-time, paid benefits job doing exactly what I want to do for the company I want to work for (if you read my tales of a freelancer post then you know how much of a big deal this is). I’ve been able to have the luxury to go into work at 10am, allowing me plenty of time in the mornings to workout and still make my hour commute into work every day. I know that my hours will be changing and so I will have to hit the gym after work now. Since winter is around the corner and the sun goes down earlier I won’t be able to workout at the park like I am now. I could still do BBG in the gym, and on some days I still might, but right now I’m really excited about pumpin some iron and hitting the elliptical machine!.

These 7 weeks of BBG have taught me so much about stamina, and repetition. I’ve had to push myself and challenge my body in ways that I never did in the gym. Resistance training is totally different than weight training because you’re essentially lifting your own weight every time! I hadn’t worked out in over a year, so building my core and endurance was the hardest thing I had to do. I also really enjoyed the pace of BBG and the 3 days a week workout is very practical. I would rather do that then force myself through a 30-day routine, or a 90-day workout plan. 3 days a week span over 12 weeks is very practical for anyone’s schedule, and BBG can be done in groups, at home, however you like.

I’m grateful that I work right across the street from several gyms so even in the winter time when the weather gets bad; I won’t have to walk far.

Below are some progress pictures as well as the weekly posts from when I first started BBG. I did two weeks of pre-training and 5 weeks of the regular workout (hence a total of 7 weeks). 

11849446_720636728040966_1983955672_n final photo

Pretraining Day 1|Pre-training Day 2|Pre-training Day 3|Pre-training Day 4|Pre-training Wk 2

Pretraining Wk 2 Pt 2|Regular Wk 1|Regular Wk 2|Regular Wk 4|Regular Wk 5|

I’m very happy with the results that I got from BBG, and I can’t wait to see where the gym takes me next!

Stay Tuned….

kierra again



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Arms & Abs

Completed: 2 weeks of Pre-Training, 5 weeks of BBG 1.0

Today was the first time ever where I can honestly say I missed the gym. The resistance training is good, but it’s starting to get a little played out. Week 5 is when things start to really kick into gear and I don’t want to sound like I’m whining, but these exercises are kind of ridiculous.

Okayy..maybe I’m whining just a little bit

Let’s be real…these exercises do get the job done but I would much rather lift weights than hoist myself up into an awkward position to get the exercises done. The positions are starting to get more complicated and harder for me to comprehend. Not quite sure what it was about this week but I’m definitely missing the gym!

5 days laterrr….

Hi!  You’ll probably noticed things have slowed down these past couple of weeks. I’ve been in a lull when it comes to working out. I’m currently in a transitional phase with my career (read all about that here) and I tend to struggle with disorder in my life. Emotionally I’ve had a lot going on and its affected my attitude towards working out. My workout partner also left to go back to college so now I’ve been accountable for myself (which is sooo hard). I do much better when I have a workout partner

As far as the workouts themselves, I have switched things around a little bit. Instead of going on to week 6 of the regular training I decided to stay on repeat for week 5 until I can do it completely. I took a sneak peak and looked at the weeks ahead of me and they get increasingly more difficult. Stuff that I’m not going to be able to weasel my way past. Normally I’m able to adjust the exercises to something more manageable but these workouts are starting to become too intense to be able to do that. So I decided to challenge myself. I’m going to do the arms/abs circuit and mix it with the legs/cardio routine; essentially creating a full body workout. I always do better on the full body workouts so I though creating my own would be a great way to push myself. When I can fully complete the routine (twice per Kayla’s instruction) is when I will move on to week 6 per the normal training.

As I mentioned above I’ve been missing the gym and have tired out with BBG, so I’m glad I’m switching it up a little bit and really making the workout my own.

In what ways have you made BBG your own? Any tips and tricks you have leave them below!

kierra again