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I’ve been on a no-buy for about 2 months (you can read all about that here) and I’ve grown this never ending list of things I’ve been dying to get. Youtube and Instagram have kept me busy with reading reviews and swatches to see which products to get and I’ve narrowed it down to my top 4!

First up is the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks: You’ve probably seen this on my blog plenty of times before, me raving about the color LUV, but unfortunately it’s the only one I’ve picked up. I’ve been wanting to get Lolita for the longest, but it’s out of stock every time I go into Sephora. Not to mention that there were 16 new shades released that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I love my mac lipsticks, but I hate having to be conscious to reapply it. I think the KVD lipsticks are great for everyday wear because they last all day which make them perfect for a hectic day at work!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: I have a weird fascination with eyeshadow palettes. I have absolutely no clue how to use them (I force myself to learn because I really really want to be good at it), and I currently have 2 that I rarely use. I have the naked 3 a beautiful palette with pinks and rose gold shimmer colors, and then my latest purchase was the tartlette and it’s an all matte cool toned palette filled with pretty purples. The hardest part about having these palettes is that they aren’t the most universal. I don’t always want to wear pink or purple. I love a good nude palette and the chocolate bar is so versatile. Plus there are a ton of tutorials with looks on what to use and that really helps someone who is a beginner like me!

Highlighters: I say highlighters because I seriously want all of them. I’ve heard great things about the hourglass highlighters, but I can’t work up the nerve to spend $60 on the palette so I’m considering buying the smaller version to start. I also want to try the new champagne pop by the infamous Jaclyn hill as well as Opal from the Becca line. I wasn’t a fan of their topaz highlighter (pressed) but I do like the liquid version and would like to try the poured (cream version). If you have any comment below! I know fall is around the corner, but I like to glow all year long!.

Foundation: I’m torn between the new Makeup Forever HD Foundation and the Cover FX drops. If you don’t know by now I prefer light coverage so the drops seem like an amazing option for me; however the reviews on the HD foundation and how well it reflects in pictures is a tempting alternative. Who knows, I might just be feeling fancy and buy both!

What are some things that are currently on your beauty wishlist!

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top knot, headband, clip-ins, bad hair day

Top Knot

A bun is any girl’s best friend when she wakes up in the morning with a mop head. If I’m in a rush I will throw my hair up in a top knot, but if I have time to really style it sometimes I will use a sock bun to help tame my hair. Believe it or not it’s more work to use those because I have to cover the sock and put bobby pins in place. Plus slick down my hair to make it all look nice and neat. Top knots are way messier and casual.


I am a huge fan of protective styling! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when you braid your hair to protect it from breakage. You can wear actually braids (I’m currently thinking of getting these) or wear braids under a wig/weave (I made this one all my myself!). I prefer to wear wigs because they last longer and the maintenance is easier but sometimes it’s hard to blend them with your natural hair. I usually will rock them with a thick headband to help cover up any little imperfections

Clip In’s

I did not use to be a fan of clip ins at all. I thought they were the most time-consuming hairstyle ever and I could never find the right texture to match my hair. I recently discovered a new brand and ever since then I have worn these clip ins everydayyyyyyyy. Literally everyday. No tangling, no shedding and they feel weightless. I know some of you may be thinking ” there is nothing quick about styling 8 clip ins into your hair”, but if you find quality hair extensions with the appropriate amount of density you won’t need to apply 8. I have a pack of 7, and on average I only use 3-4 a day. The only downside is when I want to curl them I have to curl my hair too, but other than that they are perfect. Such a quick and easy way for me to dress up during the week!

Side Twist

Don’t have time to do your bangs? Don’t know how to braid? Then meet the side twist. I don’t know how to cornrow and my bangs are currently two short from having this hairstyle so I twist my bangs back when I don’t have time to style them. In the clip ins, photo above you’ll see I have two on each side. I was going out dancing that night and I wanted to keep my hair out my face; worked like a charm!

What are some of your quick and easy ways to style your hair?

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picture five

I really should have titled this post “how I’ve worn makeup for the past 4 years” because this new phenomenon of the no-makeup makeup look is a routine I’ve been using since day one.  I hardly ever have time to do a full face, and by a full face I mean: foundation, filled in eyebrows, contouring…the whole bit. Over time, I’ve found a way to minimize my routine into something simple and natural!

Clean slate

First up is HYDRATE! Whether you choose to be cake face or natural, hydration is the main ingredient in every makeup routine. Since I have dry skin I have to combat the issue of my makeup becoming flaky and scaling off (trust me it sounds as gross as it looks). When I need a little extra moisture I use Smashbox Hydrating Primer but recently I’ve been using good ole water. Yup…water! I started working out recently so I’ve been drinking a lot more water than usual (I try to crank out 40 ounces a day). I have noticed a huge difference in my skin; it’s more even toned, and I hardly get my “time of the month” acne anymore.

Use concealer without foundation

Now that my skin has cleared I rarely reach for my Nars Luminous Foundation anymore. I typically start my routine with two types of concealer. I use my Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer to brighten and my Maybelline fit me (shade is darker than Nars) to conceal. The colors together blend really well and then I use my Laura Mercier Translucent powder to set it. If you need to use a foundation I suggest using a tinted moisturizer or bb cream and then use a beauty blender to blend for a sheer look.

Use powder instead of cream

I’m the girl that never leaves the house without a contour. Over the years, I’ve developed this insecurity about my nose, and my face looks really round if I don’t add any definition to it. Since I have dry skin I normally stick to creams and liquids but when I’m going for a no-makeup makeup look I like to use bronzers and powders. Sometimes I will use a cream contouring shade (loving my ABH one) and then set it with a powdered bronzer. I’m sure you’re probably thinking “there is nothing natural about contouring” but you would be amazed at the difference that shade and formulation will make. If I use a powdered contour color that is a shade darker or maybe even the same shade as my concealer as a contour I can still get some natural definition in my face. The trick is to not carve out too many lines on your face and to use a light hand when applying. Once you put blush on it will all look very natural. Which brings me to my next point…

Load on the blush

I say “load” because it’s currently 95 degrees in the bay and my face feels like its melting! On a regular day, I would say don’t go crazy with the blush. You want to look flushed..not burnt!. Rule number one is don’t apply directly on your cheeks. Apply upwards just above your contour. It will not only help blend your contour, but it will also look more natural. I typically choose my blush based on the weather. If it’s a hot day out I like to go with a deep mauve color with a reddish tint (my mac raizen blush is perfect) because it blends with my skin tone effortlessly and I can apply a lot of it since I know the heat will probably cause me to sweat most of it off. If it’s winter I usually will go with a brighter color or a pretty coral because the pigmentation will last on my skin longer. I know this may seem backyards; considering we wear deeper tones in winter and brighter colors in summer but unfortunately for me the weather calls the shots. Since the goal is to go for a very minimal and natural effect I like to wear whatever color will set into my skin nicely.

Final Touches

I always end my routine with a quick brush of my eyebrows, some mascara and a lipstick to match my outfit. The eyebrows thing is a new trend for me. I have naturally thin and shaped eyebrows so I never bothered to do anything with them. Then I went to a makeup party and we all had to challenge each other to try something new so I decided to play with my brows. I attempted to fill them in (but I looked like I had caterpillars on my face), so I decided to just shape them up with a spoolie. The effect was amazing! I arched them so that you can see them over my large glasses, and I haven’t looked back ever since. Mascara is always a must simply because….its mascara. Next up is my favorite…LIPSTICK! I never leave the house without it. My lipstick choice depends on my mood or outfit for the day but since this is a no-makeup makeup tutorial I would suggest a nude or gloss. I personally love “styled in sepia” with a brown liner or mac lip glass in spite. Both are neutral sheer tones on me. If I want something to accentuate my lips I will reach for my mac in velvet teddy (it’s more cooled toned and pink than styled in sepia).

Be sure to leave your no-makeup makeup routine below. I would love to read them!

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picture four

Mac has done it again! As we all know by now matte lipsticks are my favorite formulation, so when Mac released a new all matte collection I was ecstatic. Last year I rushed to pick up a few but thankfully this time everything was permanent so I decided to take my time and get colors that I knew I didn’t already have in my collection.

I was debating on how I wanted to write this post because I want it to be thorough, but I also don’t want to sell a hype that isn’t there. There isn’t anything ultra-spectacular about these colors, but they are really pretty for summer. I’ll be honest…my Mac lipstick collection(all 20 of them) have been neglected a little bit. I’ve been obsessing over these new liquid lipsticks that have been coming out left and right. I love the Kat Von D formula and I can’t wait to try the new colourpop ultra matte lipsticks!

Anywayssss I  haven’t been using my Mac lipsticks as often as I used to but some of these colors are perfect for a night out on the town or when you are just running errands and want a pop of color on!

Swatches + Comparisons


in order of left to right

Whirl: This color is like a nude pink, but it’s hard to describe. It’s definitely warm-toned, but the color on my lips is not the most pigmented. It’s one of those lipsticks that I always keep on me because it’s easy and goes with everything.

Steady Going: Bright cool toned pink. Normally don’t do colors like these but my Miley Cyrus and Flat Out Fabulous lipsticks are the only pinks I have. I thought this would look great paired with nightmoth or magenta liner from Mac.

Men Love Mystery: a gorgoussss light purple. It’s the perfect shade for deeper skin tones. Reminds me of Up The Amp.

Antique Velvet: A rich deep brown. It reminds me of living legend from the last matte collection but living legend is more burgundy based.

D for Danger: a burgundy red color. It reminds me of diva and sin.

Tropic Tonic: The prettiest orange everrrr. Normally oranges show up either ashy or wayyy too bright on my skin and this color is like the perfect mix. It’s best used with chestnut or cork liner depending on what you’re going for.

So far my favorite colors are Antique Velvet and Men Love Mystery. I feel like these are the most practical and realistic for me. and are colors that I would wear all the time.

What lipsticks have you been loving for summer?

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picture three

Ever since I made the decision to build my own vanity I have truly grown to understand the saying “work in progress”. I tend to have this problem where I want to buy everything in bulk and finish a project all at one time. If I’m redoing my room I will save for months so that when I go into the store I can buy everything I need at once. Now sometimes this works, because your room is redecorated in one day and you don’t have to worry about everything being in shambles. Then other times it can work against you because you don’t give yourself the opportunity to shop around for sales or some unique items that may only be available certain times of the year. For example, I noticed a lot of fun and cute prints come out around spring and summer because people are looking to add bright and colorful pieces to their house.

This time I decided to take my time with my vanity. Mainly because I didn’t know what I wanted (my mind changes with the days), and two because financially I have really learned to grasp the power of waiting. If you’ve read this post you will know how much waiting can get you a better bang for your buck!

Sephora, Train Case, Naked 3, Mac, Tartelette, Becca, Nars, Urban Decay, Real Techniques, Luminous Foundation

The first thing I bought a while back (before I even had an idea to do a vanity) was my makeup train case. My collection was growing and my makeup bags were overflowing with product. I didn’t have a vanity in my room so I used my train case to go back and forth to the bathroom. It worked for some time but then I started to realize I needed better lighting. The yellow lights in the bathroom just weren’t cutting it any more.

I started shopping around for a pre-made vanity mirror but they ranged from $150-$300 depending on the size and that was just way too much money. I browsed around on YouTube and I stumbled along this really affordable DIY vanity mirror. I made some revisions but for $40 bucks this thing works like a charm!

So now I had the proper lighting and my train case for organization, but something was still missing. My train case held my makeup, but my lipsticks were quickly growing and my brushes weren’t the most accessible. Sooooo back to the drawing board I went. It’s amazing how quickly you can outgrow something. I mean at this point I’ve already spent $200 bucks on a vanity and I don’t even have everything I really need yet!

Anyway, I started shopping on YouTube (it’s literally my favorite place to go to for reviews and new products), and I noticed a lot of people had the acrylic Muki drawers. Personally I can’t validate spending $150 on some plastic, so I shopped around for a cheaper option and discovered The Container Store. MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER. I don’t know how I managed to live my life without this store. Although it’s a little bit expensive, they have so many organizational options it’s worth it; plus catch them on a sale or shop clearance and you can get a really good deal. I spent about 30 minutes in the store (in the same section mind you) until I finally decided to take home these two items….

picture two

I knew I definitely needed something for my lipsticks; I was just too tired of having to flip each one over in order to read which color it was. I also needed a few drawers to help separate my ever growing collection of lip liners, concealer, and blush. Never thought I would be a concealer hoarder but I literally have about 6 of the same concealers in my collection. Shamelessly I find a way to use them alllll.

I got my acrylic drawers for roughly $25 total, but I still needed something for my brushes. They had some at the container store but it either wasn’t big enough or simply too expensive. My mother and I hit up Crate & Barrel, Target, and a few local boutiques but couldn’t find anything that matched my needs. I had heard about a store called home goods (per YouTube..again) so I headed there to see if I could find anything.

This store is AMAZING. It’s the perfect mix between Target and Ross; The prices are like Ross and the assortment is like Target, but 10 times better. I was so excited I almost forgot what I was there to get. I could have walked out that store buying something from each section. I decided to go home with these two items and since one of them was only 4 bucks I got another one for my hair products.

My vanity isn’t nearly complete; I still want an Ikea Malm desk, a chair from home goods and this simply human mirror, BUT for now I’m really happy. Like I said….work in progress. =)

If you have any great stores I should check out feel free to leave them below!

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