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I’m so excited to come back to you guys with an updated post on my vanity! When we last chatted I was telling you how my vanity has been a work in progress. I started with my train case (aka…no vanity at all), and then later I built a DIY vanity mirror. For the past few months, that’s what I’ve been using but I’ve been wanting a bit of an upgrade. My vanity mirror is great, the lighting is perfect, but I had to stand to do my makeup, and I had no actual desk for my makeup storage. But now the day has arrived where I finally have my dream Pinterest-ish vanity desk.

You may recognize this standard Ikea Malm desk that every girl has in her room. It’s ideal for small spaces, and for us as bloggers can make a great backdrop. I personally chose this one for that specific reason; a backdrop to my flatlay. I liked the mirror finish on top and although I have to be careful when putting anything on it, it still makes a pretty background. I considered buying the Alex drawers as well but since my collection is not full blown I figured I was fine with the drawer that comes with the desk.

As you can see my makeup collection is fairly small but I still needed some compartments to help separate everything. The one on the left is from Ikea and I believe it was 8 dollars. I only bought one because I figured that would cover all my makeup, and for the most part it did but later on I realized I needed another one for my brushes. My current holder for my makeup brushes sat on top of my desk and dust used to get all over them. I always had to put a towel over them to keep them from getting dirty. I picked up the one on the right from home goods for $7 and it had just enough room for my brushes!

makeup vanity, vanity, ikea malm, makeup collection

My vanity mirror is a perfect size and the lights illuminate my face just enough on early mornings, but I needed something close up to help apply my more detailed makeup (lashes, eyeshadow, mascara etc). I have been dreaming of owning the simply human mirror so when I finally finished building the desk and putting it together I rushed to bed bath & beyond to purchase it. It was absolutely beautiful. Stainless steel, the light setting was perfect and was big but not in an overbearing way; howeverrrrr its 200 dollars. For $200 I should be able to look in a mirror and feel like Beyonce. This just wasn’t cutting it. The product itself was great, but overall it just wasn’t worth the money. If you have $200 lying around ready to drop on a pricey item then I would totally buy it. But if you want to spend your money on something that’s more practical, this isn’t it. The mirror automatically comes as a 5x magnification with no adjustable capabilities. If this mirror didn’t have magnification or even just a 3x magnification instead of 5, then I think it would be ideal for everybody. I actually would have kept it. But the 5x was just too much and I had to get way to close to the mirror to be able to even see correctly. Anywho I returned it and bought a different dual magnification mirror for $15. I saved myself the money and got something that I can easily travel with as well!. Plus the blue is a nice pop of color to all this white I have on my vanity.

Here’s a total of everything that I have and how much I spent. Hope this helps you build your own vanity!

Desk: $150 (Ikea)

Main mirror: $25 (HomeGoods)

Mini Mirror: $15 (Bed Bath & Beyond)

Lights: $40 (DIY Lowes)

Light switch: $22 (Lowes)

Compartments: $7-8 (Ikea & HomeGoods)

Acrylic cases: $25 (Container Store)

Acrylic lipstick holder $20 (Container Store)

Total: $315

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Some people obsess over skin care products, hair products, but my personal fave is lipstick products. I was born with great skin (thanks, mama) so lucky for me that’s never been a problem area, but as nice as it is its bone dry! My skin is dry, hair is dry, and my lips are no exception. To top it all off my favorite type of lipstick is matte, so I have to work extra hard to keep my lips looking moisturized and healthy, which we all know is difficult during the colder months.

Step One

I’m always on the hunt for a new lip moisturizer/exfoliant so I decided to try the Lush sugar lip exfoliant. I know some people believe it’s just plain sugar, and for all of that I could have done this at home but I’ve never tried lush brand before, the exfoliant was affordable so I wanted to give it a go. It works—ish. It definitely exfoliates but its very uncomfortable. Its’ like rubbing your skin with thinly milled rocks or something. I know that its sugar, and it should have some grit (otherwise, how could you get the dead skin off) but it’s so rough you have to use it gently. I’ve made myself bleed a few times by applying on dry lips so to help with the texture I take a quick swipe of Eos lip balm and then use the lush sugar scrub.

Step Two

After I have exfoliated my lips I use the Bite lip mask to moisturize. This lip mask is ahmazinggggggg. I once tried the bite lip exfoliant and was not a fan (shockingly for the polar opposite reason of why I don’t like the lush scrub). I found that the bite lip scrub wasn’t rough enough and wasn’t as exfoliating as I needed it to be. Now I use it in concordance with my lush scrub and its the perfect combo for days when my lips need an extra oomph.

Step Three

The bite lip mask has extremely thick consistency (almost like vaseline but thicker) so a little goes a long way. It doesn’t have much of a scent (I got the original flavor, but it comes in strawberry and coconut). It’s a mask so it’s not really meant to be worn underneath other lipsticks because the texture is too thick. I personally use it at night before I go to bed so it has a full 8 hours to moisturize but on days, I forget I use it first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth. I also use the mask for my no makeup days, so my lips get as much moisture as possible.
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concealer post 2

When I first started doing my makeup I had no interest in using concealer. I didn’t have any big bags under my eyes or bad acne scars on my face that needed concealing, so It was a step I skipped. However recently I switched from wearing glasses to contacts and that has completely changed my routine! I’m starting to realize my glasses hid a lot of little imperfections in my face that now I use concealer to hide. I know it may sound ridiculous to have a concealer collection, but they all serve a different purpose!


Maybelline fit me in Cafe: This was my first concealer I ever bought and it is my tried and true! It has the best consistency, and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I use this to conceal when I’ve had a rough nights sleep or in my most recent instance scaring around the bridges of my nose from my longtime wear of glasses. If you wanted to use this as a highlight you could buy it in a lighter shade.

Nars Radiant Creamy concealer in Caramel: I bought this concealer based on its raving reviews on youtube but to be honest it’s probably my least favorite in my collection. I have really dry skin and the consistency of this concealer is exactly that, dry and pasty. If you have oily skin this might be a great match for you but me personally I don’t like the texture. It sat in my drawer for the longest time being unused until recently I started using it as a part of my eyebrow routine. Since the color is so light and yellow base I also use it to reverse contour on days I want a sculpted look.


Urban Decay Naked in Dark Neutral: The newest baby to my collection and it’s definitely one of my favorites. I sampled this before I purchased it (since I was so disappointed in my Nars concealer I didn’t want to risk wasting more money). It is exactly what my skin needs, easy to blend and has a lot of moisture! It’s a little more watery than most concealers but I personally like that. I have freckles right under my eyes and on days I want a natural look I like to use this concealer since I can blend it out to be really sheer. The shade that I bought is great to be worn by itself but when I want more highlight I blend it with my Nars.

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Warm Coral: This isn’t your typical concealer, but it did come in my ABH contour kit. I use this deep orange shade to help cover my dark spots. I have these scars on the bridge of my nose, that won’t go away no matter how much foundation I apply. I apply this concealer first, blend it out with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and then apply any of the concealers I have listed above. You can see its a little beat up because I use it alot!

What are some of your favorite concealers?

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Ten years ago I was a junior in high school prepping for the biggest game of the year; powderpuff football game against the seniors. We all juniors do, and it wasn’t a fair game, as all juniors say, but nonetheless I was extremely excited. I was a part of the starting team and I was really excited to have such an important role but there was one minor hiccup; my glasses. I’m blind without glasses and football requires too much contact to wear them so I had to find another option.

In comes my first experience with contacts….

I struggled so hard my mom had to put them in for me. I had to lay on the bed and have her drop them in my eye. Needless to say, I was scared and I’ve never wanted to try contacts again, until recently. All, this time, I have been telling myself that I hated contacts when in fact I haven’t tried contacts in ten years. So this go around I thought what the heck, give it another go andddd I absolutely love them!!! I’ve been wanting some versatility with my look for quite some time and contacts give me all the options that glasses never could. Some of my favorite things are

Playing with makeup: Eyeshadow was never my forte mainly because I didn’t see the benefit in applying eyeshadow only for my glasses to completely cover it up. Contacts have opened the door for me to play in makeup in ways I’ve never been able too.

Sunglasses on the go: When you wear prescription glasses your sunglasses typically have to be prescription too. I’ve always envied people who can walk into a target and buy a pair of sunglasses on the go without having to give a second thought to the fact that they arent prescription.

Bangs, Bangs and more Bangs: I love a good bang. I rarely wear my hair parted down the middle so I’m usually in a side bang or a front bang. My side bangs had to be a certain length and curled the right way so that they didn’t cover my lenses. The China bangs are my favorite during winter because they offer some type of warmth to my forehead in the blistering cold. I even like the option to wear hats. Normally fedoras or baseball caps couldn’t sit too low because they clashed with my glasses.

All in all my experience with contacts has been great. I do wake up 10-15 minutes earlier than my normal scheduled time so that I can make sure I put them in. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in first grade so my eyes are extremely sensative and are definitely not used to being touched every day. I use a magnification mirror (5x) so that I can see right into my pupil when I apply them, but I’ve also taught myself how to apply them using a regular mirror (for days that im traveling). My suggestion is to find a routine that works best for you and then stick with it. Your eyes will eventually become adjusted to your routine and it will be natural for them to open easily and for the contacts to sit right. It almost works like muscle memory.

If your thinking about getting contacts and have some questions let me know!

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Conditions apply.

I’ve been on a no-buy for about 2 months (you can read all about that here) and I’ve grown this never ending list of things I’ve been dying to get. Youtube and Instagram have kept me busy with reading reviews and swatches to see which products to get and I’ve narrowed it down to my top 4!

First up is the Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks: You’ve probably seen this on my blog plenty of times before, me raving about the color LUV, but unfortunately it’s the only one I’ve picked up. I’ve been wanting to get Lolita for the longest, but it’s out of stock every time I go into Sephora. Not to mention that there were 16 new shades released that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. I love my mac lipsticks, but I hate having to be conscious to reapply it. I think the KVD lipsticks are great for everyday wear because they last all day which make them perfect for a hectic day at work!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar: I have a weird fascination with eyeshadow palettes. I have absolutely no clue how to use them (I force myself to learn because I really really want to be good at it), and I currently have 2 that I rarely use. I have the naked 3 a beautiful palette with pinks and rose gold shimmer colors, and then my latest purchase was the tartlette and it’s an all matte cool toned palette filled with pretty purples. The hardest part about having these palettes is that they aren’t the most universal. I don’t always want to wear pink or purple. I love a good nude palette and the chocolate bar is so versatile. Plus there are a ton of tutorials with looks on what to use and that really helps someone who is a beginner like me!

Highlighters: I say highlighters because I seriously want all of them. I’ve heard great things about the hourglass highlighters, but I can’t work up the nerve to spend $60 on the palette so I’m considering buying the smaller version to start. I also want to try the new champagne pop by the infamous Jaclyn hill as well as Opal from the Becca line. I wasn’t a fan of their topaz highlighter (pressed) but I do like the liquid version and would like to try the poured (cream version). If you have any comment below! I know fall is around the corner, but I like to glow all year long!.

Foundation: I’m torn between the new Makeup Forever HD Foundation and the Cover FX drops. If you don’t know by now I prefer light coverage so the drops seem like an amazing option for me; however the reviews on the HD foundation and how well it reflects in pictures is a tempting alternative. Who knows, I might just be feeling fancy and buy both!

What are some things that are currently on your beauty wishlist!

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