My obsession with having long hair means I’ve tried just about every extension possible. My hair has been chemically relaxed for almost 10 years now. It’s extremely thick, dark brown( basically off black; color 1b) and it’s a little past my shoulders. Over the years I’ve experimented with several different hair extensions and decided to share a few tips and hair lango I have learned along the way. I’m African American so some of things will pertain to just my hair texture but most of these tips will be universal.


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Virgin Hair vs Yaki/Silky: Any hair that is Yaki texture means its been processed to resemble African American textured hair. Virgin means that the hair has not been chemically treated at all; no color change and no texture change. This is great for those who want to dye their extensions; But beware of hair that says Virgin Malaysian Remy Hair, Or Virgin Peruvian Hair Yaki Textured. Both the words remy and yaki mean that the hair has been processed; in which case it is no longer virgin!

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Teasing your hair: some people tease their hair to get it to look fuller and so that their clip in extensions can stay in place. But after a fresh perm this is a big No, NO. You need to wait until your hair has some new growth before you start clipping in your extensions; or if you’re really anxious wash your hair and blow dry it out so that the hair is a little thicker.

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Sleeping in extensions: Do not sleep in your clip ins at all. It will pull on your hair. Also don’t sleep in bobby pins or duck clips. Anything metal at all will only irritate your scalp and pull at your hair. You don’t want to look like Kim Kardashian with a whole bunch of bald spots on your head!

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Buying the right amount of clip ins: The longer your extensions the more hair you need. My hair is super thick /long and although I always buy clip ins that are 20inchs or longer I still need 2 ½ -3 packs of clip ins in order to have a full look.

Click here to see the clip ins I bought!

Why I love them: the wefts are thick but they are placed so that they are really thin and so are the clips. Meaning they are so thin that they are easy to hide behind your hair.

What I Don’t like: They are a natural color; which is more off a dark brown (a shade lighter than my hair). So I’m going to have to dye them.

Hope these tips help!

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Mac Lipstick, Lipstick, CosmeticsThe first lipstick I ever bought was rebel from Mac and I have been in love with Mac ever since. I’ve tried other brands; such as NYX or Revlon, But nothing seems to work as well as Mac. I’m not one to buy name brand things just because its name brand; I truly believe in quality. The reality is that Mac( although $15 for a lipstick is pricey) is just the way to go. So I’ve officially decided to start building my Mac lipstick collection. I do have a lip glass (which I love) and foundation (which is also great); but my true love for Mac is with their lip products so for now that’s what I’m going to stick with.

I have dark skin with a warm undertone. I would love to hear some recommendations! What’s your favorite mac lipstick? So far mine is REBEL! Total I have Rebel, Viva Glam 1, and Viva Glam 3

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I recently purchased all of the NYX soft matte lip creams( all 22 colors). See my intital review here. 

After playing around with them I have a few updates. Below are swatch pictures. I only did 6 because after a while all the colors start to look alike. There really isn’t a clear difference between the nudes or pinks.

  1. All of the lipsticks are nude, or pink/coral. There are really no purples, or reds or any dark colors. So if you like light lipsticks then this is totally for you!
  2. The lipstick is very opaque. It has high color pigmentation but it’s thin. Keep in mind this is a cream. It will not lay on thick like a normal wax lipstick would. So if you need a base lipstick that is moisturizing and creamy then this lipstick is perfect for you. These will not serve as a great lipstick alone; but they are good colors to build on.


ImageStockholm( looks just like Amsterdam)

Image Tokyo( Nude ish color, faded really easily)

ImageLondon: I wanted to show you all what I meant when I said the colors were opaque. It was so hard for me to get the color to even out properly. In this photo I applied this at least 5 times and still couldn’t get it right. And the creams are very messy. They spread all over your mouth making it really difficult to apply properly.

ImageAntwerp: Hard to achieve proper color distribution. You can see its pigmented on my bottom lip and mute on my top. My lips were not dry or cracked. The color was just not distributing properly. I also applied this 5 times and this was the best I got.

translyvaniaTransylvania: addded this one per request. Its alot darker and more manageable for my skin tone.

Overall I wouldn’t really recommend these for everyday lipsticks. I like my lipsticks to have easy application. At best the only thing I want to do to it is add lip liner or lip gloss. These lip creams require a lot of work in order for the color to be right. I also bought the full set and the colors are not diverse enough. For a set of 22 they should all look different. Most of the colors look the exact same and I had hardly gotten through the full set.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know! If you have any personal swatch requests I will be more than happy to sample them for you!

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Eos Lip Balm, Lip BalmI’ve been in search of a great lip balm. My lipsticks are usually matte( which can be very drying) so I try to always make sure I use a lip balm before so my lips don’t dry out. I used to be a carmex fanatic. I grew up using their products and always thought they were the best. But after using EOS I am truly at a loss for words. It is incredible! It lasts alllllllllll day; and my lips dont peel at all( like they did with carmex). It also works as a great base for my lipsticks and helps it to stay on. I apply it every morning and at night and its been fantastic. Definitely a new must have for my makeup bag!

FYI: Costco has them in bulk where you can buy all the flavors for like $15. So if your already a fan of EOS that’s a great place to buy them. Have one for your car, bag etc.


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NYX Soft Cream Lipstick

I have this tendency that when I buy things, I buy them in bulk. So of course when I went to go buy some lipsticks…I Didn’t just buy one, I bought the entire set! Which came in 22 colors. Now you’re probably wondering why did I buy all of them, why wouldn’t I just buy the ones I like? Well one reason is that I love lipsticks; some of them come straight out the package perfect and ready for your skin and others need some tweaking. I bought all of them so that if some of the lipsticks need to be darker or lighter, that I have a variety of options to make it perfect. Some lipsticks are made just so that they can serve as a base for other colors and some are made darker to serve as a cover for colors that may be too light.

I’ll be posting pictures as soon as I play around with them a little bit, but for now I will just go over the basics.

Pigmentation: The colors are very pigmented. They are matte so those lipsticks always have the maximum color however I do have to apply the lipstick on like 3 times before I can get it to its fullest color. I’ve heard though that lip primer, and sometimes concealer can help maximize color so I’m gonna try that too.

Texture: The lipsticks are called soft matte lip cream and they are DEFINETLY creamy! It literally feels like chapstick! So I love that the texture is true to label. For those of you who like mattes but hate the dryness of them you definitely won’t have that problem with these. Mattes naturally are dry but they aren’t extra dry.

Long Lasting: It lasts for quite a bit. It doesn’t run or smudge all over your lips but if you eat or drink it will come off. Like I said the color is light already so if you want it to stay to fullest cover then I would suggest re-applying after you eat or drink.

-Personally I sit at a desk all day at work, so I’m not really out and about much where my makeup has to be pristine. I would probably apply it after lunch but that’s it. Updates will be coming soon as I play around with them a little bit!

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