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I remember the first time I saw a pair of Celine glasses. It was while reading a blog post and the blogger was wearing a pair of Mary Celine Sunglasses. The boldness of it was just captivating. I loved how thick the glass frame looked and how overall it seemed like a luxurious item. I then made it my mission to research all different style frames and where I could buy I pair. Over the years I played with different frames, scouted for good deals, and when the moment felt right I finally decided to make the purchase. It’s almost like I had to date the product before I finally committed to taking it home for forever.

I bought my pair of Celine sunglasses on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills at the Celine store. I had shopped the frames at different Nordstroms and other retailers but I noticed during my first visit to Celine in Las Vegas that the options in the retail store were different than what was offered in the actual Celine store. Apparently, other retail stores carry the old seasons of Celine sunglasses and in order to get the current season of frames you have to go to an actual Celine store; which in my case the closest was either Las Vegas or Beverly Hills.

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I tried on about 5 different pairs and narrowed it down to 2. I either had the option to buy the Catherine’s with tortoise on top and black on the bottom or the other way around. It was a unanimous vote in the store (voted by my brother, friend, salesperson, and cousin…I had a whole audience), that the tortoise on top was the better fit. I checked myself in the mirror about 10 times and decided to purchase!

The gentleman went to the back of the store and brought me a fresh pair, with a bag, a cleaning cloth, a case and a registration card. On the card, I had to fill out all my information including my address, height, ethnicity etc. It’s essentially a safeguard in case anyone comes in claiming that those glasses are there’s, they can look to see who the glasses are actually registered too. The cloth was standard but the case was a little flimsy. The salesperson actually said, ” I suggest you get a different case because these are not sturdy enough”. He once experienced a customer who came in because he left the glasses in the case and the case melted on the glasses. You would think for $400 pair of sunglasses they would give you a decent case but luckily for me, I grew up wearing glasses so I have a ton of spare cases lying around.

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From the moment I put them on I got compliments, they look so luxe and classy and they compliment my face so well. It may be hard for some of you to validate a purchase as such but when something makes you feel good it’s not too hard to convince yourself to buy it. I will definitely be going back to purchase a second pair!

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