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So before we dive into this review I have a funny story to tell you. The day the Fenty beauty line launched I went to Sephora with my mom to pick out some things. As we pull up to the store I point to the Fenty Beauty poster in admiration. Somehow in my mother’s mind, Fenty translated as the slang version of fifty, so she thought the whole collection was 50% off.

I told her the day the day Sephora offers fifty percent off is the day I’ve died and gone to heaven. My joke has always been that if the world were ending the first place I would go is to Nordstrom and Sephora. But anywayssssss let’s get this review.

I’ll start by saying I am not a die-hard fan of Rihanna, I wouldn’t even call myself a fan at all. I had no idea she was releasing a makeup line until 2 weeks prior to launch, and I found out via twitter. I didn’t set an alarm to buy her product, or google all the details. When I went to the Sephora store, they had it, curiosity struck and I bought something.

I will say I sampled all of her products but I ultimately only bought the sponge and foundation (and later the stunna lip paint). We will start with the things I did like and then I will explain why I decided not to purchase anything else.

What I Did Like

When I purchased the foundation I was slightly skeptical because I heard it was for oily skin and since I’m dry I didn’t know how it was going to work.  I made sure to hydrate my face really well and let it set into my skin before applying.

The consistency is fairly watery (and yes I made sure to shake well), but I only had to use 2 pumps to cover my face. I applied it with the sponge which was very soft and didn’t absorb the product. I will say the sponge didn’t have as much bounce to it as the beauty blender, it felt more like the quality of my RT miracle sponge. I’m also a little nervous about cleaning it just because the texture is so soft.

The foundation dries very fast, so I had to blend quickly. After it dries it looks like pure skin. You don’t need to set with powder, bake or anything. The foundation is lightweight and natural! I did end up going back to Sephora for a slightly lighter shade because we are transitioning into the cooler months and I felt like it would match better. The foundation did oxidize so I would recommend getting one shade down.

fenty beauty, makeup, foundation, rihanna

The wear on this is AHMAZING, I was in 90-degree weather and it lasted all day. I moisturized the heck out of my face and thought that it would cause the product to break down or grease up on me but it did not. The Fenty beauty foundation is now one of my favorites in my entire collection!

Now on to why I didn’t buy anything else. The matchsticks (concealers and colors) felt very dry. They were tugging on the skin as I was swatching them. I know you could use them as eyeshadow, but the colors were a little to iridescent to me. The highlighters were very glittery and the majority of them I would not use for everyday wear. If you want drama then these highlighters (especially trophy wife) will be right up your alley, but for me, they were not my taste. The lip gloss was just that….a regular lip gloss. It didn’t scream  “I need this” so I didn’t buy it. The translucent powder and brushes just weren’t a necessity to me.

Even with the list of things I didn’t buy I think the Fenty beauty collection is well rounded and offers something for everybody. I am more than impressed with the foundation shade range and I can’t wait to see what she comes out next!

What do you think of the Fenty beauty collection?



Can you guys believe Christmas is next week! My favorite thing about the season has always been the Christmas cheer and all the dazzling lights. This year especially I have been particularly obsessed with the color red. My bathing suit I bought for my honeymoon was red, the latest handbag in my collection is red, my engagement photos were of us in….you guessed it. Red!

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One of the number one ways for me to incorporate this color into my makeup is by adding a red lip. The first red lipstick I ever bought was Mac Ruby Woo. I remember the day it came out and I was so torn between RiRi Woo or Ruby Woo. Its crazy to remember a time when Mac was the only store I shopped at!

While I love Mac lipsticks (especially their matte formula) it was hard trying to make them last all day. Which is when my interest in liquid lipsticks began. Colourpop liquid lipsticks are a fraction of the cost ($6) and have longer lasting power. My favorite true red liquid lipstick is in the shade Creeper.

Another liquid lipstick favorite is Outlaw by Kat Von D. This color drys down a little darker but the stain on it will last you all day and it doesn’t bleed. This is the most expensive red lipstick I own but considering the formulation of Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, I say its well worth the price.

red lipstick, kat von D, outlaw, Mac, ruby woo, colourpop creeper, fenty beauty, stunna lip paint

red lipstick, kat von D, outlaw, Mac, ruby woo, colourpop creeper, fenty beauty, stunna lip paint

The newest edition of my collection is the stunna lip paint. This is actually the first lip “paint” I own, so I was super excited to try it. Fenty beauty has really blown everybody’s mind and has the beauty industry buzzing so I definitely wanted to see what the hype was about. I always wonder if the words like “paint,” “stain,” “tint” ever actually make a difference in the pigmentation. From what I hear about this it is not transfer proof, but the color is beautiful on deep/dark skin tones.

What are some of your favorite Red Lipsticks?


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I know I start these skincare posts the same way all the time but I am new to buying real skincare. I’ve always been…(here it comes) a soap and water kind of girl and I don’t usually invest in skincare. Which at this point is almost a false statement considering how much I bought in this post, but nonetheless I’m still new to all of this. I got lucky while shopping during the Sephora VIB sale because I had a clerk that was African American with dry sensitive skin just like myself to help assist me. She recommended the belif cleanser and a moisturizing mask.
Belif mask, skincare, belif, belif cleanser, makeup
These two items are specifically geared towards brightness and uneven skin tone. Other skincare companies tend to be too harsh on my skin tone, so I was happy to find a product that had more natural ingredients. One of the things that had me hooked was how much product you got at such an affordable price. This is the first full-size cleanser that I’ve bought that was under $30. The price is an affordable enough skincare system that I could financially maintain so that’s always a plus!
Belif mask, skincare, belif, belif cleanser, makeup
Normally it’s advised that people with dry skin should not buy foaming products because it strips your skin which is why I purchased the Kate Somerville Goat Cleanser. The belif cleanser does a small foam to it but it feels so smooth. I use this cleanser every morning with my foreo luna (I have not used it to remove my makeup). I like to apply the Hydro Bomb moisturizer after I have finished cleansing my face. Water gel moisturizers are my favorite because they feel so cool and refreshing. The mask is the same consistency of the moisturizer but I only use it once a week. I love it because you can sleep in it; nothing is worse than getting in bed with a mask on and then having to get up to remove it. I prefer to use the mask on the weekends when I know I won’t be wearing any makeup, so my skin looks fresh & healthy.
I’ve been using this for about a month now and I absolutely love it. Let me know below if you have any skincare items from Belif!
Kierra Lee

Sephora VIB Sale, Huda Beauty, Becca cosmetics, Guerlain bronzer, smashbox, Bobbi Brown foundation, makeup, haul

Every year I look forward to the month of November because this is when I go crazy at Sephora. I save all year and put together a longggg wishlist so that I’m prepared for when the sale launches. This year I did things a little different. Some things I bought from my wishlist and other things I bought on a whim simply because I was trying to step out of my shell and try new things!!

Foundations + Primers

Nars foundation, smashbox foundation, Laura Mercier foundation, Bobbie Brown, Huda beauty, Too Faced hangover spray, smashbox hydrating foundation

Foundations and primers are probably my favorite type of makeup to buy. Of course, I always have to rotate them out based on the time of year and use them enough before they expire. Last VIB sale I bought a lot of matte foundations so this time everything was about hydration and luminosity. My skin is especially dry during the winter time so I wanted to have hydrating sprays, primers, and foundations to give me a healthy glow.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick (Warm Almond)
Smashbox Foundation Stick (4.2 Neutral Brown)
Smashbox Hydrating Foundation (Color 4)
Nars Velvet Matte Foundation Stick (Cadiz)
Laura Mercie Candleglow Soft Foundation (Pecan)
Huda Beauty Faux Filter (Cinnamon)
Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Too Faced Hangover Setting Spray
Cover FX Illuminating Setting Spray (returned)


Smashbox liquid lipstick, Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick

  • Smashbox Liquid Lipstick (Disorderly & True Grit) I love my colourpop lippies and for the past year, those are the only lipsticks I’ve worn. I wanted to try something new and I saw amazing reviews on Smashbox liquid lipsticks and these colors are perfect for fall!
  • Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick (Sanctuary & Plath) I’m a huge fan of KVD liquid lipsticks and she was actually the first brand that I bought liquid lipsticks from. She came out with new shades months ago and I never picked any up so I decided to grab some easy wearable colors to add to my makeup collection.


becca blush, Guerlain Bronzer, Bobbie Brown Blush

  • Guerlain Bronzer #7:  I’d probably say out of all the makeup products I have tried to find, bronzers are the most difficult to find. Makeup companies simply don’t make bronzers for deeper skin tones, so I often have to bronze with a deeper foundation. Another unfortunate thing is most deeper foundations lean on the red undertone so even as a bronzer it’s not as cool toned as I would want it to be. I swatched this in stores and it seemed deep enough, neutrally undertoned and buildable. SO we will see how it performs!
  • Bobbie Brown Blush (Sand Pink) + Becca Blush (Hycinth & Songbird) You guys…..I havent bought blush in probably 2 years. I don’t know if its just me but I feel like all blushes look the same. I swatched this in store and it was super pigmented plus my Bobbi Brown and Becca highlighters are perfectly milled so I have high hopes for these blushes!.
  • Smashbox Perfecting Powder (Medium/Dark): All the powder foundations I have either don’t have enough coverage or make my face look dry. I wanted to buy bare minerals but alllll of their powder foundations were very red so the clerk recommended Smashbox instead.


Huda beauty eyeshadow palette, Sasha eyelashes

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette: the oh so raved about Huda palette! I’m not a big eyeshadow girl (although I have 5 palettes) but I have been trying to use my palettes more. This is definitely a YouTube made me buy it purchase but I’m hoping it lives up to its hype! I also picked up some of her lashes in the style Sasha.


Kat Von D was one of the first brands I ever truly coveted at Sephora. I’ve been a long time follower of Kat since her tattoo reality show and she was an inspiration to the tattoos I got when I was in college.

Kat Von D, KVD, liquid lipstick, Everlasting Lipstick, Makeup

I first discovered her makeup brand via youtube when her liquid lipsticks were all the rave. One of the reasons I had stopped buying Mac lipsticks is because they weren’t long lasting enough. Over the years I bought a total of 10 colors but a lot of my colourpop colors were dupes for KVD so I ended up returning a few. The colors I loved enough to keep were Sanctuary (brown mauve) Lolita (pinky mauve), Luv (deep purple), Excorcism (burgundy) Echo (blue), Plath (burnt orange), Outlaw (red).

This is still one of my favorite formulas and if I would recommend anyone to the brand this is the first place I would tell them to start!

Kat Von D, KVD, Shade & Light, Eyeshadow Palette, Morphe Brush, Makeup Kat Von D, KVD, Shade & Light, Eyeshadow Palette, Morphe Brush, MakeupMy next purchase from KVD was with her shade and light eyeshadow palette. I bought this item on a total whim simply because I hadn’t heard very many people talk about it. If I’m being honest, out of all my palettes, it’s not my favorite but it is a great neutral palette. The quad layout makes it really easy for beginners because it explains what should be the base, outer crease etc. I don’t have to think up an eyeshadow look it’s already laid out for me.

Kat Von D, KVD, Lock it Tattoe, Foundation, Makeup

Concealer and foundation are by far my favorite makeup items to buy! I can never have enough in my collection. The lock it foundation is probably the thickest full coverage foundation that I own. It does read on the lighter side (it doesn’t oxidize) so I have to stick to wearing this in winter or make sure to really bronze. This foundation feels like you are wearing something so if you don’t like that feeling then I would pass for a lighter consistency. The concealer, on the other hand, is much more lightweight but packs the same amount of coverage. My only con is that they don’t have enough shade variety for my skin tone, so the color isn’t what I want it to be.

One of her items that didnt make the cut a was the KVD tattoo liner. Ultimately I returned it because it didn’t dry down quick enough and smudged too easily. I’m somebody that is always on the go and I don’t have time to wait until my eyeliner dries. For now, I’m sticking to my Stila!

What are some of your favorite items from Kat Von D!?