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I have officially been working out for over a year now; consistently in the gym chugging away at my weight loss and overall trying to live s  healthier lifestyle. Despite the fact that I’m losing inches and weight it’s still hard for me to make investments in fitness. I have gradually made purchases to help enhance my workout routine, the last of which was long overdue..wireless headphones.

Ladies, we all know the struggle of having to stuff your phone between your boobs while doing deadlifts or certain exercises that require the use of both your hands. My iPhone 6s is too large to fit into a pocket and is inconvenient to hold while I’m workout out. In the past I have opted to not listen to music simply because the cord wouldnt reach or get entangled.

I’ve been browsing for months trying to find a quality pair of wireless headphones specifically designed for fitness. I looked at jay bird, beats, and sennheiser, but nothing stood out. I’ve always been a fan of Bose so when I heard they finally tossed their hat into the fitness wireless game I quickly jumped on board.


It comes in a nice box case that’s pretty standard for any high-end wireless headphones. I actually had the people at Best Buy open the entire case in front of me because they didn’t have them on display and I wasn’t going to drop a whopping $180 on headphones I had never listed too. The headphones come with a charger: which they only give you a USB not an actual plug, a case with a clip, and three interchangeable earbuds: a great addition for people who have small earbuds and need something besides ” one size fits all”.

Bose headphones, wireless headphones, Bluetooth headphones, fitness, Bose,


These headphones come with three different earbuds with a hook to hang on to your inner lope. For security reasons I prefer To have an over the ear option but when I tried these on in store I wiggled they didn’t budge. It also has a small clip along the back of the wire so you can clip it onto your shirt while working out. I don’t use it but if you’re a runner, bike rider etc then it might be helpful. Along the wire is a remote button where you can pause, skip, and answer a phone call as well as adjust the volume. I do use this often but I will say it’s a little stiff. It’s not as easy to use as my apple headphones.

First Impressions

For starters let me say that I am no sound guru. I bought these headphones for the simple fact that they were wireless and from a company I genuinely like. I didn’t want black so I like the fact that I could chose different colors. Overall the sound quality is amazing but again this is just coming from an everyday customer. I know some people can say they can tell the difference between plug-in headphones and wireless, that the sound quality is comprised but I can’t tell anything.

The charge lasts for as long as the product claims too, although it took me a while to figure out how to actually turn it off. You can set it to automatically turn off via your phone after a certain time. Great for someone like me who’s usually exhausted after a workout and doesn’t remember to turn them off. The rubber earbuds are comfortable, but after testing them out I switched out the standard size for the small.  You also can download the Bose connect app, where you connect it to your devices and it tells you the battery percentage. When you turn the headphones on it tells you the battery percentage and what device it’s connected too.

Are they worth it?

Now down to the big questions: are they worth the investment? If you are someone heavily involved in fitness and are looking to make your workout more convenient then I would say yes. You could go with a more affordable brand but I think buying quality it is worth the payoff especially if you’re a consistent gym goer. If you want to use the headphones for everyday use I would suggest buying a different Bluetooth headphone. The battery life is not sufficient enough for all day so as of now I’m solely using them for the gym!

Have you had your eye on any new headphones lately?

-Kierra Lee



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