Luxury Haul | Louis Vuitton, Gucci & Celine

Hey, guys! I’m back with a Luxury Haul of some items that have been on my wishlist for FOREVER! I love collecting handbags, and my recent trip to Europe was a perfect time to pick up some duty-free goodies!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull  GM

Louis Vuitton, LV, handbag, Neverfull GM, Monogram

Nothing says multifunctional, timeless, and quality better than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I have been obsessive over this bag for the past year. It would catch my eye anytime I saw someone with it, and anytime I could get my hands on it I did, just to make sure that when the time came to buy I had no regrets!
Louis Vuitton, LV, handbag, Neverfull GM, Monogram
Initially, I wanted the GM Damier Ebene but when I saw it up close it felt very masculine. The Monogram had the exterior that I wanted but I wasn’t all that impressed with the interior. I wanted the ballerina interior of the Damier Ebene with the exterior of the Monogram, but that wasn’t an option; so I opted for the Monogram with the brown interior.
** It was offered in a hot pink interior & although it was a fun color I felt like it wasn’t as timeless as the brown.
Louis Vuitton, LV, handbag, Neverfull GM,
The drawstrings on the side are used to cinch the bag inwards giving it a totally different shape. Im amazed this style isnt more popular becuase its one of my favorite ways to wear it. I rarely ever fill this to the brim so having the sides pinched in is the best way to keep the bag from getting in the way.
I primarily use this for work, but it also served as a great carry-on or a weekender bag. It comes with a de-teachable wristlet that I use separately when I’m running errands or out on a date. I’ll have a what’s in my purse post coming soon!.

Gucci Soho Crossbody

Gucci soho bag, red bag, red soho, Gucci purse, crossbody bag, messenger bag,

Gucci soho bag, red bag, red soho, Gucci purse, crossbody bag, messenger bag,
This bag sort of crept in towards the end of 2016. I had my heart set on the Chloe Marcie crossbody but when I read reviews that it wasn’t the most secure to travel with I began looking for alternative options. I commute to work every day and I travel often so security was important to me; especially when the items inside and the bag itself are very expensive.
Gucci soho bag, red bag, red soho, Gucci purse, crossbody bag, messenger bag,
What drew me to the Gucci Soho bag was the zipper and the many colors that it came in. I didn’t know anyone that had it so unlike the LV Neverfull, the first time I saw the Soho was in store when I was buying it. I chose the red color because of how bold and sexy it felt. Its statement bag, that could easily be dressed up or down. It looks great with an all black outfit for date night or a striped t-shirt dress and converse.

Celine Shadow Glasses

Ever since I bought my first pair of Celine glasses i knew I wanted to go back and buy the shadow glasses. My other Celine’s are a classic black and brown tortoise.I wanted my second purchase to be a fun seasonal color. I felt like the burgundy was unique enough without being too loud to where I couldn’t wear it every day if I wanted to.
They are super comfortable and I get compliments on them all the time. I prefer to wear them with my hair down just because the round bottom can bring out the roundness in my face, but other than that they go with anything!
 What’s been on your wishlist lately?
-Kierra Lee

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