Creating your Wedding Pinterest Board

If you’re a visual person like me then creating a wedding Pinterest board is an automatic must have.  I had a lot of concepts in my head but seeing it visually kept me inspired and organized. See below for some tips on how to create a Pinterest wedding board!

Just Start

Even if you don’t know the exact word to describe your wedding start pinning and eventually a theme will develop. Either a color pattern, a consistency in materials you like, etc. For example, I knew from the beginning that I wanted a lavender and ivory wedding. As I was pinning those things I noticed that all the pins I added to my board had rose gold accents. Eventually, I decided to incorporate rose gold in my overall wedding theme!

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Separate your boards

If you’ve been planning your wedding gradually then you know your wedding Pinterest board is probably a thousand pins long now. As you can see above mine is at a whopping 956 Pins. Once the ring is actually on your finger and the date is set things pick up really quickly and you won’t have time to find that one pin you liked a year ago. My suggestion is to break everything out. A wedding dress board, a flowers board, reception vs ceremony etc. You can make them as detailed as you want, just depends on your preference. I actually did not do this and now almost 2,000 pins later I wish I had. It would have taken me too much time to go back and separate everything out into its right board. I try my best to make mental notes, which brings me to my next point…

Comment on the photos you pin

This will come extremely handy later down the line (when your 1000 pins deep) and you can’t remember what specifically made you pin that photo. I used the comment option quite often for my wedding dresses board. I would see a dress that had the bustier I liked, or the train I wanted. I may not have liked the whole dress so I would use the comment section to notate which part I did like.

Add your friends

If you’ve picked your bridesmaids early like me (almost 3 weeks after my engagement) then make sure to add them to your Pinterest wedding board so that they can post pins that go along with your theme. Since every pinner has different recommendations they may see something that may not ever end up on your feed. My maid of honor is especially crafty so I plan on having her pin some DIY things she might be able to help me do. Or if you hate planning but one of your bridesmaids loves to plan you can have her get started with some ideas. It’s such an easy way to have everyone pitch in, especially for those that live far away.

There are a million things you can do with your Pinterest board, the options are really endless but these were just some things I personally did that made my process run a lot smoother.


 Hope they help!


Kierra Lee


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