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I am a sucker for luxury handbags. Some girls are obsessed with shoes, others jewelry, but I’m a designer handbag girl all the way. I’ve graduated from juicy couture daydreamer bag, to Michael Kors & Coach, and now on to Chloe, Celine & LV. I actually have to limit myself on how many handbags I can buy a year, otherwise my obsession can get out of control. I’m soon going to be a wifey and my husband to be does not support my luxury handbag habit ( tear). I have to be selective about which ones actually make it from wish list to wardrobe!. Here’s a few I’ve had my eyes on!

Chloe Marcie Crossbody $795

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This little handbag popped into my life roughly 2 years ago, around the same time I became obsessed with my Celine sunglasses. I love the boho vibe of it and the fact that it comes in 3 different sizes. I’m very minimal when it comes to shopping so the small size would suffice for me. I’ve had my eye on the beige and gray, but I’ve also seen a burgundy color pop up during fall that looks gorgeous!

Chloe Paraty $1,990

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I just can’t get enough of this bag. I normally don’t like hobos but I think this has the perfect amount of slouch. The detailing is so unique to anything I’ve ever seen and the size of it would make for an easy work or travel bag. I don’t carry a lot with me as mentioned above but on days when I do have to pack a lot, a bag this size is perfect. I’m digging the navy color!

Chloe Drew $1,850

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This one is fairly new to the list mainly because I felt like the Chloe Marcie would satisfy my crossbody needs. However, this has such a luxury feel that it would be amazing for a dinner date or night on the town. The hardware was utterly eye catching and would be a great spice up to my casual collection.

Givenchy Antigona $2,435

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Oh my gosh where do I even start with this handbag!  It’s been out for years and I’ve never given it the time of day. The price tag is hefty (starting at a whopping $2300) but it screams luxury to me. It comes in pebbled or smooth leather and I love the smooth version in a black. I can’t quite figure out what I would use it for since I feel like it’s too fancy for an everyday bag, but it would definitely be a fun “pick me up purchase” for days when I want to feel plush.

Do I sound like a crazy bag lady yet? 

Dooney & Burke Florentine $398

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This is an oldie but goodie. When I was working in college my coworker had this bag and I fell in love with the velvet interior. On my scale of luxury Dooney & Burke doesn’t do it for me, but this bag has a special place in my heart. It’s affordable -in comparison to everything listed above- and the leather exterior makes it durable enough to use for work everyday. It also comes with a long strap so I can use it in my favorite way….as a crossbody. Extremely helpful during cold windy winters in SF when you want something that’s hands-free!

Whelp this post could go on for days but I figured I would end it here. Stay tuned to see which one of these gorgeous bags comes home with me!

Do you have any of the above? Which one is your favorite?


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  1. September 17, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    I’m definitely a handbag girl too! The Chloe Drew bag is my ultimate wish-list bag!! Great post!

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