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Ever since I started working, ya know a legitimate big girl job, I’ve been more conscious of my purchases. Gone are the days of raiding Forever 21, spending my school financial aid money on things not “college” related, or recklessly racking up debt on my credit card. I’ve had to be more thoughtful about what I want and even more so on why I need/want it. Normally a post like this would be more of a weekly haul but since I’m taking a shot at this whole adulting thing I’ve limited my purchases to a few key items.

Canon 50MM 1.8 lens: I’ve had my eye on this for a long time. The dreamy bokeh background is perfection for the type of photos I want to take. For some reason I thought this was going to cost me an arm and a leg and I feared that it wouldn’t work with my old Canon t3, but after doing more research I found out it was extremely affordable. I used to struggle with being creative when it came to my photography but it’s amazing how new equipment can inspire you. I’m so excited that I have this new addition and I can’t wait to elevate my content for you all!

Hunter Rain Boots: I’ve been stalling on purchasing these for a while. Rain, snow, or anything aside from pure heat hasn’t been on my radar since I’ve been living in L.A for the past five years. Now that I’m back in SF I’ve had to think of my wardrobe differently and invest in more weather appropriate items. I read quite a few reviews on these before purchasing and I can say they were all fairly accurate. The shoes are heavy, durable, and run big. I wear a size 11 so for me nothing really “runs big” but because I have such narrow feet they do feel a little loose. I don’t foresee me having to wade through water, but it’s nice to know I have the option. I ordered the short hunter boots but the bigger the shoe size the taller the height so mine are slightly shorter than the taller version they offer. I ordered them from 6pm for $115 (40 bucks cheaper than reg price) but the color options were slim, especially in my size. The color is not as vibrant as I wanted it to be but since these are rain boots and I’m only wearing them a few times a year I figured for the price; color was something that could be compromised.

Thermos Mug: Another cold weather favorite of mine. In my tips for healthy skin I mentioned that I drink warm lemon-honey water and this is what I put it in. It keeps my drink warm for hoursssss, and for a slow drinker like myself, this is perfect. I haven’t used it for cold drinks, but I’m sure it will do just the same. It also doesn’t sweat, so a coaster isn’t needed which makes it great for the office or anywhere on the go. I got one with a handle which was a must, considering I constantly have to tote it around for all my meetings. The lid has 2 open and close options so that it can be used by those who are either left or right handed. It was $24 which is kind of pricey for a mug considering you can find them anywhere but thermos has lived up to its name with this one!

Morphe Subscription: This is my 4th month of the Morphe subscription box and so far it has been good. I don’t say great because it defiently has its room for approvements. The brushes they send each month seem a little redundant, and so far it’s been a lot of eye brushes which in my opinion you really only need 5. All of the brushes they have sent are from thier basic Morphe line, despite them having 5 other lines that are available. Since I’m new to Morphe all together I really don’t have much to compare them too but the quality for the price is the one thing that has been great. This month I got 3 face brushes, 2 of which are the same just different sizes (again with the redundancy). For some reason I have a soft spot to white hair brushes, they seem more luxurious to me. I plan on using that one as a blush brush, and depending on its density possible a bronzer brush. The M501 is the oh so raved about highlighting brush from Jaclyn hill. I’ve been using my fan brushes to highlight but it would be nice to have something more compact and concentrated.

Do yo have any of the above products?

Kierra Lee


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