Fitness Goals of 2016

One of the hardest things about trying to lose weight is the lack of instant gratification. I mean sure you feel great for going to the gym, breaking a good sweat and eating healthy but the actual pounds take a while to drop off. I’ve officially and I say officially as in “consistently” been working out since May 2015. That’s when I first started BBG. I thought it would be a short term thing, I work out for 3 months, lose my target weight and stop working out. My bounce back is fast but this time, around it took me a lot longer than expected to lose the weight. I always here people say fitness is a lifestyle change but I just wasn’t ready to commit until I explored all other options first. I’ll take you down a trip of memory lane for a minute so you can understand why I came to the decision I did today!

I started out doing BBG from May 2015-August. You can read all about my progress here, I documented it thoroughly. It was an amazing workout plan with a great sense of community, but I missed the gym and pumping iron so after 4 months I got tired of the resistance training that I was doing with BBG.

New things

In September, I got a new job and could afford a gym membership so I made the switch. I wanted to push myself to be out of my comfort zone so I decided to start taking classes; Zumba, body pump, spin, and yoga.  It really helped boost my confidence, make friends and learn different styles of working out. Zumba was great for cardio, Yoga for rehabilitation, Body Pump for exactly as the name sounds-pumping iron. I loved classes, and still do but they weren’t helping me tone the way that I wanted too. The classes didn’t work with my work schedule (lifestyle adjustment right?) and so sometimes I was able to go and other days I couldn’t. You add the holidays season on top of rainy weather and my gym routine quickly withered away. I was gaining the weight back and loosing all my muscle definition that I had with BBG.


Fast Forwardddd

Now fast forward to present day and I can say with certainty that I’m not where I want to be. I have made immense progress, I mean after 8 months of working out how could you not? But with the new year being here I’ve had some time to reflect on both the pros and cons of my workout routine and also include the other big factor; eating healthy.

I said all of this to say that I wanted to share with you my new goals in hopes that we can both be encouraging to one another the way we were when I was doing BBG. Those posts have brought me a lot of traffic and engagement and I figured why not bring it back and document my second go at it!

My new routine will be as follows:

Monday: Abs + Back. I start my week with this because it’s the part of my body I struggle with the most. I want to alwasy start my week of strong in case other things come up that prevent me from going to the gym

Tuesday: Legs +. I always pair leg day with something but sometimes I switch between arms and chest.

Thursday-Same as Monday

Friday: Same as Tuesday

Saturday: Misccellanous. Sometimes I’ll take body pump, other days Zumba, and as the weather gets better I will probably start hiking.

I wanted to find ways to incorporate BBG into my routine again, but the fact of the matter is I get a lot of gratification from actually lifting weights and working on the machines. For some reason it’s so hard for me to get in the groove during resistance training.

As always I will be updating you all with my progress! Thanks for all your support!




  1. May 9, 2016 / 8:52 pm

    Making and finding time to go to a gym is hard! I’ve tried and can only do it for a few weeks before I quit. I’ve been working out at home or running or walking or riding my bike out doors and I’ve been loving it. Good luck with your goals!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  2. August 5, 2016 / 3:10 am

    I totally agree with how frustrating it can be waiting to see results but your dedication is really inspiring. Looking forward to the next update.

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