Decorating My Vanity Pt 2

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I’m so excited to come back to you guys with an updated post on my vanity! When we last chatted I was telling you how my vanity has been a work in progress. I started with my train case (aka…no vanity at all), and then later I built a DIY vanity mirror. For the past few months, that’s what I’ve been using but I’ve been wanting a bit of an upgrade. My vanity mirror is great, the lighting is perfect, but I had to stand to do my makeup, and I had no actual desk for my makeup storage. But now the day has arrived where I finally have my dream Pinterest-ish vanity desk.

You may recognize this standard Ikea Malm desk that every girl has in her room. It’s ideal for small spaces, and for us as bloggers can make a great backdrop. I personally chose this one for that specific reason; a backdrop to my flatlay. I liked the mirror finish on top and although I have to be careful when putting anything on it, it still makes a pretty background. I considered buying the Alex drawers as well but since my collection is not full blown I figured I was fine with the drawer that comes with the desk.

As you can see my makeup collection is fairly small but I still needed some compartments to help separate everything. The one on the left is from Ikea and I believe it was 8 dollars. I only bought one because I figured that would cover all my makeup, and for the most part it did but later on I realized I needed another one for my brushes. My current holder for my makeup brushes sat on top of my desk and dust used to get all over them. I always had to put a towel over them to keep them from getting dirty. I picked up the one on the right from home goods for $7 and it had just enough room for my brushes!

makeup vanity, vanity, ikea malm, makeup collection

My vanity mirror is a perfect size and the lights illuminate my face just enough on early mornings, but I needed something close up to help apply my more detailed makeup (lashes, eyeshadow, mascara etc). I have been dreaming of owning the simply human mirror so when I finally finished building the desk and putting it together I rushed to bed bath & beyond to purchase it. It was absolutely beautiful. Stainless steel, the light setting was perfect and was big but not in an overbearing way; howeverrrrr its 200 dollars. For $200 I should be able to look in a mirror and feel like Beyonce. This just wasn’t cutting it. The product itself was great, but overall it just wasn’t worth the money. If you have $200 lying around ready to drop on a pricey item then I would totally buy it. But if you want to spend your money on something that’s more practical, this isn’t it. The mirror automatically comes as a 5x magnification with no adjustable capabilities. If this mirror didn’t have magnification or even just a 3x magnification instead of 5, then I think it would be ideal for everybody. I actually would have kept it. But the 5x was just too much and I had to get way to close to the mirror to be able to even see correctly. Anywho I returned it and bought a different dual magnification mirror for $15. I saved myself the money and got something that I can easily travel with as well!. Plus the blue is a nice pop of color to all this white I have on my vanity.

Here’s a total of everything that I have and how much I spent. Hope this helps you build your own vanity!

Desk: $150 (Ikea)

Main mirror: $25 (HomeGoods)

Mini Mirror: $15 (Bed Bath & Beyond)

Lights: $40 (DIY Lowes)

Light switch: $22 (Lowes)

Compartments: $7-8 (Ikea & HomeGoods)

Acrylic cases: $25 (Container Store)

Acrylic lipstick holder $20 (Container Store)

Total: $315

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  1. March 1, 2016 / 6:22 pm

    I have been meaning to create a small space in my home so I can have a work space and vanity table but unfortunately my husband took the one extra room as his office because he works from home. I love how you created vanity table, it’s so lovely and for such a budget friendly cost too!

    ps: I am in love with your blog! The way you write, your pictures are perfection!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Kierra
      March 1, 2016 / 6:36 pm

      Yes super budget friendly. And a lot of things don’t even need to be purchased if you have them lying around the house. I just had to build mine from scratch.
      Your so sweet! Thank you so much for reading!

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