Candle Haul

One of my favorite things about black Friday is the bath and body works sale. Every year I look forward to going in and getting great deals on the soaps, smell goods and my favorite of all candles. Normally their candles are $33 for the large candles so when they have a sale you rack up as much as possibly can. Only this time, I went in, fully prepared to spend whatever amount, and had the most disappointing experience ever! I have never smelled such undesirable scents. Candle after candle smelled terrible! I scoured the whole store looking for something that was worth the deal and none of them smelled good. It’s so disappointing when you go in looking to buy, ready to buy, and there is nothing worth actually buying!

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I continued my search and stumbled upon Anthropologie, which I’ve always admired for its amazing home decor. I’m just going to take a second and let the fashion major side of me come out for a little bit  and say that I was so impressed with how well the store was merchandised I wanted to buy something just for its effortless and shoppable decor. I went straight to the candle section because after a long day of shopping I still hadn’t found any candles. Every single candle smelled like heaven in a can. My boyfriend and I smelled so many we couldn’t even choose which ones we wanted to buy. Do we buy the pomegranate scent? the bigger version or the smaller version? The one with the purple print or the orange print? I mean the options were endlesssssss! I decided on buying four, and my favorite one I bought in the bigger version (burning it now as we speak)

candles, smell, scent, anthropologie, holidays

To top it all off when I got to the register they gave you a holiday popper and inside were gumdrops!. Such an adorable festive addition. As a first time shopper at Anthropologie, it really made my experience memorable and I will definitely shop there again!

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