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I am quite the perfectionist. I’m very careful with what I choose to invest my time and energy into, but once I’ve chosen something I dive full force, and it’s been no different when it comes to this blog. I started this as a creative outlet because college was starting to weigh on me. I studied fashion and it took all the fun out of shopping. I see clothes and retail stores totally different than I did before; shopping is now more of a chore than it is enjoyable. So I thought starting a blog would be a great way to get back into why I loved fashion in the first place, for its innovation and creativity. But of course, because everything I do is always so serious, blogging became a chore too. My blog is like having a part-time job on top of my full-time gig. It’s fun but at the same time tiring and not always the most rewarding (raise your hand when you’ve written a post for 4 hours and it barely gets any views). If I’ll be honest with myself and all of you, I went wrong when I tried to make my blog like everybody else’s. The moment I started to imitate the big blogs (hello damsel in dior) is the moment I lost my own sense of identiy and creative flare. Im always reading “how to” do something instead of brainstorming on what works for me, and I’m constantly analyzing all the little details from my favorite bloggers trying to find ways to incorporate similar things into my blog. I spend more time trying to figure out how to do “it right” than I do instead of just doing it. Over the years I have finally figured out what works for me and it started with…

Knowing what I wanted in the first place

After all my extensive research and trial and errors of my own, I have finally figured out the look and vibe that I’m going for. Let me tell ya, folks, if you end up going back to the same thing you started with in the beginning, the chances are that’s what you actually like. For me, it was my blog design. When I first started I wanted a clean and minimal design (much like I have now), but I quickly got bored with it and switched to something colorful. It would last for a few months but in the end I always went back to black and white. After two years of the back and forth I finally realized black and white is my thing! I’m gonna stick with the contemporary vibe and sell it! You don’t have to limit yourself to one thing (if you like switching a million times then go for it) but if you are trying to imitate a blog you think you want yours to look like, chances are it won’t work out for you.

Finding my voice

I’m not funny. I can make people laugh, but I know hilarious would not be the adjective people would use to describe me. However, I really like to add some type of umph or sass to my posts the same I would if I were in person, but it’s a lot harder trying to convey it on paper. Sass can sound like rude, a joke can easily be missed, and sometimes you have punctuation nazis that get irritated at the sight of misspelled words like “ain’t, gonna,”. It took me time to figure out my creative flare and how to come across authentic in my posts.

Allowing myself to be flexible 

This one was a hard one for me to learn. Understanding what it meant to be regimented but open-minded at the same time was a difficult concept for me to understand. I wanted to be productive but I also didn’t want this to be a thing I had to do. You see so many successful bloggers and you think, gosh if I just did this, this and thisss then I would be perfect, but that list is never ending and the truth is doing what someone else did is not going to get you as far as you think it is. I had to really let go, and allow myself the opportunity to explore new things and to embrace the trial and errors. The biggest room for flexibility is on my content. I initially started the blog to be more fashion geared, I knew nothing about beauty, and I certainly had no intention on talking about fitness. This blog has really turned into more lifestyle (which I used to think meant people just had an online diary and wrote about nothing productive), but now I’m realizing that my favorite blogs to read are those that are more personal and/or beauty related. I love to learn something new and since fashion is so woven into my life it’s always exciting to see beauty posts; because it’s a world I know nothing about.

All of these things have helped me establish my identity not only as an individual but also how I blog and the blogger I aspire to be. By letting myself focus on these things instead of the fluff that is so easy to get caught up in, I’ve been able to grow and explore things I would never have seen before!

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