Bad Hair Day Saviours

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Top Knot

A bun is any girl’s best friend when she wakes up in the morning with a mop head. If I’m in a rush I will throw my hair up in a top knot, but if I have time to really style it sometimes I will use a sock bun to help tame my hair. Believe it or not it’s more work to use those because I have to cover the sock and put bobby pins in place. Plus slick down my hair to make it all look nice and neat. Top knots are way messier and casual.


I am a huge fan of protective styling! For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s when you braid your hair to protect it from breakage. You can wear actually braids (I’m currently thinking of getting these) or wear braids under a wig/weave (I made this one all my myself!). I prefer to wear wigs because they last longer and the maintenance is easier but sometimes it’s hard to blend them with your natural hair. I usually will rock them with a thick headband to help cover up any little imperfections

Clip In’s

I did not use to be a fan of clip ins at all. I thought they were the most time-consuming hairstyle ever and I could never find the right texture to match my hair. I recently discovered a new brand and ever since then I have worn these clip ins everydayyyyyyyy. Literally everyday. No tangling, no shedding and they feel weightless. I know some of you may be thinking ” there is nothing quick about styling 8 clip ins into your hair”, but if you find quality hair extensions with the appropriate amount of density you won’t need to apply 8. I have a pack of 7, and on average I only use 3-4 a day. The only downside is when I want to curl them I have to curl my hair too, but other than that they are perfect. Such a quick and easy way for me to dress up during the week!

Side Twist

Don’t have time to do your bangs? Don’t know how to braid? Then meet the side twist. I don’t know how to cornrow and my bangs are currently two short from having this hairstyle so I twist my bangs back when I don’t have time to style them. In the clip ins, photo above you’ll see I have two on each side. I was going out dancing that night and I wanted to keep my hair out my face; worked like a charm!

What are some of your quick and easy ways to style your hair?

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