Kayla Itsines BBG Week 7

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Arms & Abs

Completed: 2 weeks of Pre-Training, 5 weeks of BBG 1.0

Today was the first time ever where I can honestly say I missed the gym. The resistance training is good, but it’s starting to get a little played out. Week 5 is when things start to really kick into gear and I don’t want to sound like I’m whining, but these exercises are kind of ridiculous.

Okayy..maybe I’m whining just a little bit

Let’s be real…these exercises do get the job done but I would much rather lift weights than hoist myself up into an awkward position to get the exercises done. The positions are starting to get more complicated and harder for me to comprehend. Not quite sure what it was about this week but I’m definitely missing the gym!

5 days laterrr….

Hi!  You’ll probably noticed things have slowed down these past couple of weeks. I’ve been in a lull when it comes to working out. I’m currently in a transitional phase with my career (read all about that here) and I tend to struggle with disorder in my life. Emotionally I’ve had a lot going on and its affected my attitude towards working out. My workout partner also left to go back to college so now I’ve been accountable for myself (which is sooo hard). I do much better when I have a workout partner

As far as the workouts themselves, I have switched things around a little bit. Instead of going on to week 6 of the regular training I decided to stay on repeat for week 5 until I can do it completely. I took a sneak peak and looked at the weeks ahead of me and they get increasingly more difficult. Stuff that I’m not going to be able to weasel my way past. Normally I’m able to adjust the exercises to something more manageable but these workouts are starting to become too intense to be able to do that. So I decided to challenge myself. I’m going to do the arms/abs circuit and mix it with the legs/cardio routine; essentially creating a full body workout. I always do better on the full body workouts so I though creating my own would be a great way to push myself. When I can fully complete the routine (twice per Kayla’s instruction) is when I will move on to week 6 per the normal training.

As I mentioned above I’ve been missing the gym and have tired out with BBG, so I’m glad I’m switching it up a little bit and really making the workout my own.

In what ways have you made BBG your own? Any tips and tricks you have leave them below!

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