Product Review: Mac Matte Lip Collection

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Mac has done it again! As we all know by now matte lipsticks are my favorite formulation, so when Mac released a new all matte collection I was ecstatic. Last year I rushed to pick up a few but thankfully this time everything was permanent so I decided to take my time and get colors that I knew I didn’t already have in my collection.

I was debating on how I wanted to write this post because I want it to be thorough, but I also don’t want to sell a hype that isn’t there. There isn’t anything ultra-spectacular about these colors, but they are really pretty for summer. I’ll be honest…my Mac lipstick collection(all 20 of them) have been neglected a little bit. I’ve been obsessing over these new liquid lipsticks that have been coming out left and right. I love the Kat Von D formula and I can’t wait to try the new colourpop ultra matte lipsticks!

Anywayssss I  haven’t been using my Mac lipsticks as often as I used to but some of these colors are perfect for a night out on the town or when you are just running errands and want a pop of color on!

Swatches + Comparisons


in order of left to right

Whirl: This color is like a nude pink, but it’s hard to describe. It’s definitely warm-toned, but the color on my lips is not the most pigmented. It’s one of those lipsticks that I always keep on me because it’s easy and goes with everything.

Steady Going: Bright cool toned pink. Normally don’t do colors like these but my Miley Cyrus and Flat Out Fabulous lipsticks are the only pinks I have. I thought this would look great paired with nightmoth or magenta liner from Mac.

Men Love Mystery: a gorgoussss light purple. It’s the perfect shade for deeper skin tones. Reminds me of Up The Amp.

Antique Velvet: A rich deep brown. It reminds me of living legend from the last matte collection but living legend is more burgundy based.

D for Danger: a burgundy red color. It reminds me of diva and sin.

Tropic Tonic: The prettiest orange everrrr. Normally oranges show up either ashy or wayyy too bright on my skin and this color is like the perfect mix. It’s best used with chestnut or cork liner depending on what you’re going for.

So far my favorite colors are Antique Velvet and Men Love Mystery. I feel like these are the most practical and realistic for me. and are colors that I would wear all the time.

What lipsticks have you been loving for summer?

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