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Ever since I made the decision to build my own vanity I have truly grown to understand the saying “work in progress”. I tend to have this problem where I want to buy everything in bulk and finish a project all at one time. If I’m redoing my room I will save for months so that when I go into the store I can buy everything I need at once. Now sometimes this works, because your room is redecorated in one day and you don’t have to worry about everything being in shambles. Then other times it can work against you because you don’t give yourself the opportunity to shop around for sales or some unique items that may only be available certain times of the year. For example, I noticed a lot of fun and cute prints come out around spring and summer because people are looking to add bright and colorful pieces to their house.

This time I decided to take my time with my vanity. Mainly because I didn’t know what I wanted (my mind changes with the days), and two because financially I have really learned to grasp the power of waiting. If you’ve read this post you will know how much waiting can get you a better bang for your buck!

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The first thing I bought a while back (before I even had an idea to do a vanity) was my makeup train case. My collection was growing and my makeup bags were overflowing with product. I didn’t have a vanity in my room so I used my train case to go back and forth to the bathroom. It worked for some time but then I started to realize I needed better lighting. The yellow lights in the bathroom just weren’t cutting it any more.

I started shopping around for a pre-made vanity mirror but they ranged from $150-$300 depending on the size and that was just way too much money. I browsed around on YouTube and I stumbled along this really affordable DIY vanity mirror. I made some revisions but for $40 bucks this thing works like a charm!

So now I had the proper lighting and my train case for organization, but something was still missing. My train case held my makeup, but my lipsticks were quickly growing and my brushes weren’t the most accessible. Sooooo back to the drawing board I went. It’s amazing how quickly you can outgrow something. I mean at this point I’ve already spent $200 bucks on a vanity and I don’t even have everything I really need yet!

Anyway, I started shopping on YouTube (it’s literally my favorite place to go to for reviews and new products), and I noticed a lot of people had the acrylic Muki drawers. Personally I can’t validate spending $150 on some plastic, so I shopped around for a cheaper option and discovered The Container Store. MY FAVORITE PLACE EVER. I don’t know how I managed to live my life without this store. Although it’s a little bit expensive, they have so many organizational options it’s worth it; plus catch them on a sale or shop clearance and you can get a really good deal. I spent about 30 minutes in the store (in the same section mind you) until I finally decided to take home these two items….

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I knew I definitely needed something for my lipsticks; I was just too tired of having to flip each one over in order to read which color it was. I also needed a few drawers to help separate my ever growing collection of lip liners, concealer, and blush. Never thought I would be a concealer hoarder but I literally have about 6 of the same concealers in my collection. Shamelessly I find a way to use them alllll.

I got my acrylic drawers for roughly $25 total, but I still needed something for my brushes. They had some at the container store but it either wasn’t big enough or simply too expensive. My mother and I hit up Crate & Barrel, Target, and a few local boutiques but couldn’t find anything that matched my needs. I had heard about a store called home goods (per YouTube..again) so I headed there to see if I could find anything.

This store is AMAZING. It’s the perfect mix between Target and Ross; The prices are like Ross and the assortment is like Target, but 10 times better. I was so excited I almost forgot what I was there to get. I could have walked out that store buying something from each section. I decided to go home with these two items and since one of them was only 4 bucks I got another one for my hair products.

My vanity isn’t nearly complete; I still want an Ikea Malm desk, a chair from home goods and this simply human mirror, BUT for now I’m really happy. Like I said….work in progress. =)

If you have any great stores I should check out feel free to leave them below!

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  1. August 4, 2015 / 6:27 am

    Great ideas for storage! I have the Malm and it is great! Though my collection is so large that I kinda wish I had gotten the table top with alex drawers:) Thanks for linking up for the Let’s Be Friends Blog hop! This post was chosen as this week’s winner post to be featured in the hop!

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