Kayla Itsines BBG Week 6

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Arms & Abs

Hey Hey Yall!! It feels so good to be working out again! I’ve been gone for two weeks, one week I was in vegas (get the scoop on that trip here) and the other week I was sick. I’m still recovering, but I felt good enough to hit the park for another workout. Next week I will be losing my BBG partner; she’s going back to Alabama for college and my boyfriends schedule may be changing as well. So it looks like I will be all alone hitting these workouts, but that’s okay because at least I have you guys right?!

Today I did arms and abs since its way easier for me than legs and cardio. I haven’t worked out in two weeks and today is Monday (which is filled with back to back meetings) so I didn’t want to over-exert myself with legs and cardio. Today was fine, but I could tell I was dehydrated. In Vegas, I barely drank any water and last week I was so sick I could hardly move. I really need to get back into the swing of things and start hydrating myself again. I could tell that I was very sluggish throughout my workout. BBG also requires LISS and one day of stretching which I’ve totally been slacking on. My weekends are so jam packed the last thing on my mind is throwing on my sweaty gym clothes to hit a walk. Which brings me to my next problem. I need some new workout clothes. Not new new, but just something different than what I have. A shirt and a new bra, some workout pants (the tight spandex kind, I’m currently using yoga pants) and some sneakers. If any of you have any suggestions on where I should buy my shoes please comment below!

Anywhoo back to the workout! I had to do commandos today and since I haven’t built the strength to do it I did plank again to help build my core. Anytime I don’t know how to do an exercise or I can’t do it I swap it out for something to help build my endurance so that I can eventually do the exercises later. Not everything you do with the BBG workout is going to be perfect, but sometimes you just have to try and power through any way you can.

Did I tell you guys I’m starting to see a change! My clothes fit better, I’m slimmer, give it about 3 more weeks and I’m sure I will be at a point where everyone else will be able to notice too. Which is good because I put myself on a no-buy until my birthday (September). Why does everything look so much better when you have no money to buy it!

Legs & Cardio

I missed two measly weeks of working out and my whole body is back to being sore. My stomach hurts anytime I eat one bite of junk food. I’m bloated (aka the polite way of saying gassy) and overall just feel yucky. I can tell my body isn’t properly hydrated and Its really showing in my workout. I tried to crank out legs and cardio and I left with a crink in my back and sore joints. BBG requires you spend a day dedicated to stretching and I’ve been neglecting that step, but in starting to see its value.

My burpees were harder than usual (I’m convinced that it will never get better) and I even had a hard time doing my squats…which never happens!

I won’t go into much detail on his day but as you can see it was pretty disappointing.. I definitely didn’t hit the workout the way that I wanted too. Note to everyone doing BBG, if you take a break it’s 10 times harder to get back into it. Don’t lose your groove!

On the flip side can you believe its been 6 weeks already! So excited for what’s to come! =)

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