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Immmm backkkkk! Sorry, I’ve been gone for a minute. I just needed some time to completely shut off and disconnect from my life. My trip with Amanda was great, but I ended the week getting sick, so I haven’t been writing as much, but I’m excited to finally get a post up for you guys! If you’ve been following me on Instagram then you already have the deets on what went down this past week but for those of you just tuning in here is the scoop!

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First stop was vegas! Amanda and I booked a one-way ticket and decided to just roll with whatever came our way. For the first time ever I stayed at Planet Hollywood; which let me tell ya was the best decision everrrr. We had shopping, great food, and our fave..Fat Tuesday, right at our fingertips. It by far was the most convenient place we could have stayed since there were so many options accessible to us. We really didn’t spend a lot of money going anywhere else because we had everything downstairs. The first night we went to Surrender Nightclub In Encore. I went here for my 21st birthday years ago and I didn’t like it but Lil John is the current resident DJ now and he TORE IT UP! That place was JUMPIN (does anyone even say that anymore??). Anyways that night was amazing. We had a few free drinks, danced for a couple hours, hobbled over to McDonald’s (and when I say hobbled I mean literally, our feet were killen) and then took our tired butts home to knock out. Day one was a success!

Next day was probably my favorite day of all because we went to the celine store! If you’ve read my summer essentials post you know that I’ve been dreaming and wishing upon a star to finally get my hands on her gorgeous sunnies. I went into the store and headed straight to the sunglasses section. To my surprise, they only carried the current season in store so there weren’t as many options as I was expecting, but nonetheless I tried on a few pair. I was so excited I forgot to take a picture, but I decided on getting the Ultra Thin Preppy sunglasses. Since all my day glasses are square I thought it would be a nice switch up to get some that are round. Maybe I’ll treat myself to getting these on my birthday!

Death by Greyhound

Day three we rolled out of Vegas bright and early at 6 am to catch the greyhound to go to LA. I’ve never used the bus as transportation when going long distances, but greyhound is such a well known transportation service I thought I would be fine. WRONG. Greyhound is terrible! The bus itself wasn’t bad (minus the fact that Amanda and I initially got stuck in the back right next to the bathroom….gross), but the ride was extremely bumpy, our bus driver was rude, and the rest stops were deathly disgusting! I went to the bathroom and didn’t even want to inhale the air. My shoes were cleaner than the ground I was walking on. I’ll stop my ranting there but needless to say ya girl was strugglin! I took the hottest shower and scrubbed my skin raw trying to get the funk off me that day. Note to self, don’t ever take greyhound again.

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Who could be mad about greyhound when it’s taking you to the happiest place on earth! Amanda’s cousin was nice enough to let us stay with her and we spent the morning eating breakfast at IHOP (my faveee..even though I don’t even get breakfast. But whatever its still bomb). After we ate we headed over to downtown Disney so that we could buy our Monsters University hats! We weren’t sure where to get them in the actual park so we bought them ahead of time so we could wear them when we walked in. We walked in and went straight to Fantasyland. As a matter of fact, it was pretty much the only land we went to (it was too dang hot to walk anywhere else). While I prefer to go to Disney and shop for trinkets Amanda likes to go to actually ride the rides. Like the actual carassoul, teacups, and the flying dumbo ride. Homegirl was serious.  It turned out to be a really fun time and to my surprise I enjoyed the little kiddie rides, so much so that we rode the teacup ride twice! I also experienced space mountain for the first time. Normally I don’t play in the dark but Amanda convinced me that it wasn’t too scary so I gave it a try. Super fun!!

The lines were ridiculous and for me that was a no go. Disneyland is way better when you go during the off season and later in the day so that most of the families are gone already. By 7 pm the place is crowded because everyone is waiting to watch the parade but by the time it’s over the park is dang near empty. I wish we could have stayed longer but since we were on someone else’s time we had to shoot out before the fireworks (crying emoji).  The parade was the BEST PART. I love watching all the Disney characters come together. Elsa from frozen definitely stole the show. Maybe it was just me but I noticed that Cinderella didn’t even have her own float! They straight kicked her to the curb and said there is a new princess in town! You should have seen the girls screaming for elsa! For about 5 seconds, I really wanted a kid of my own, but by the time the parade was over that thought was long gone. Disney really brings out the kid in me!

Last Day

We ended the trip by renting a car and driving back to the bay. Normally they charge a drop off fee for when you’re renting a car and not returning it to its original location but for some random reason we didn’t get charged. We ended up saving $300 buckaroos and our car rental was only $23!! Granted our car was the size of my suitcase but it was cheap and good on gas so I wasn’t complaining. Speaking of gas Amanda and I made a little boo boo. Neither of us are used to driving economy cars so we had no idea how much gas we should put into it. We stuffed that car with so much gas that the tank started overflowing. I’m in the car eating my McDonalds and Amanda starts screaming that gas Is leaking everywhere. Both of us just thought that the gas pump was broken, it never dawned on us that the gas tank might actually be full! Oh well, you live and you learn!

All in all the trip was great. We were able to travel by plane, bus and car (you can guess which one was my favorite), we got to spend the day at the happiest place on earth and best of all Amanda and I got to really get to know one of another. We’ve been friends for a few years but we’ve never traveled together alone so it was a good opportunity to learn more about each other. This trip was definitely one for the books!

Until Next time…

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