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I’m back with another haul! Here are all the goodies I got for the month of May!

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: I’ve been eyeing this powder for a while now. I was using my Nars setting powder and although it did set my makeup I felt like the pressed version was just too hard to work with. The powder was really packed and whenever I looked at my brush I could never see any product on it. This time around I purchased a loose powder and with a brand I’ve never tried before. So far I love it! I used it the other day to help set my lipstick (mac flat out fabulous) and it worked like a charm. My lipstick lasted throughout the entire dinner!

Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (LUV): This brand is seriously the holy grail of all lipstains. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this product. Its only downfall is that the assortment isn’t the most “women of color” friendly. The colors are really bright, bold and hard to pull off without some sort of liner. As for the color I got it reminds me of the heroine shade I have with Mac. I like it because it really does last alllllll day. I know some people complain about how dry it is but I would rather have dry and stained than moisturized and gone in 3 hours. I need a lipstick that can withstand my morning coffee, lunch and little snacks in between and this baby right here does it all! I heard KVD is launching 16 new shades in July and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Sephora Cream Lipstain (African Violet #12): Everyone has been raving about these lip stains, so when Sephora finally had some back in stock I grabbed the first pretty color I could find. African violet is a light purple (reminds me of up the amp from Mac), and it looked super pretty swatched on my hand, but when I took it home it was a mess. The applicator applies way too much product and it spreads everywhere. I kept waiting for it to dry so that I could clean it up a little bit but at that point my face was already a purple mess. I think the colors are really pigmented but they require way too much work and I just don’t have the time to dedicate to cleaning up wild lipstick. I returned it the next day. =(

Real Techniques Bold Metals Contour Brush: As you may know from all my previous makeup brushes posts, I’m a true fan of real techniques. I think they are one of the best drugstore brands you can buy, and when they launched another collection I had my hands all over it. At first I was taken aback (and actually rather annoyed) that the prices were the same as some Mac brushes. One of the best things about RT is their price point; so when you change the price you mine as well be the same as a high-end brand. I sat on these brushes for a while, watched a couple of reviews, tested them out but nothing seemed to be really catching my eye. The packaging was amazing but I wasn’t looking to purchase something just for eye candy so I decided to pass. Then one day Ulta was having a sale and now the $28 brush I wanted was $19. Not a great deal but nonetheless cheaper than the 30 bucks it would have been. I reached for two but decided to get the flat contour brush instead. I LOVE IT! I have a similar one from Sonia Kashuk and its great but the bristles on the RT one are sooooo soft. As I’m typing this I’m actually thinking about getting a second one so I can use one to buff out my highlight and the other for my contour (perfect for cream contouring. Love using it with my ABH kit!) Overall it was totally worth the money, and when I have a little extra change I plan on going back and getting more from the collection!

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What new beauty buys did you purchase for the month of May!? Leave them below!






Ok so I think I made a mistake. Today was technically supposed to be my LISS day (low intensity) but instead I did another resistance training circuit( legs and cardio). I figured since yesterday was all about my arms and abs that it would be no big deal if I did a different circuit focused on something else. Wrong! My body was exhausted and I think overall mentally I just wasn’t prepared. I was extremely lightheaded, and had to stop a few times just to catch my breath. The legs portion was manageable; it was the cardio that killed me. My heart was definitely racing a lot more than it was the other day.

I was only able to complete the circuit once even though you’re supposed to do it twice. Part of me told myself that it was because I didn’t have ” enough time”, but in all actuality my body was just exhausted. And my head wasn’t in the game at all. I plan on restarting week one over again so that I can push myself to get through the circuits like I’m supposed too.

Overall my body feels great! Every-time I get in the shower I check to see if I have abs. ( let’s be honest…we all do it). My body feels tighter and leaner; whereas before I felt bloated and heavy all the time. I definitely am soar, my arms are tight and I’m sure tomorrow my legs will be aching too but I’m excited for the weekend to get a good walk in and to do some stretching on Sunday.

I will say that the cardio I did today made me very tired. Maybe it was dehydration or whatever but I didn’t feel nearly as energized as I did the day before. I slept on my ferry ride this morning and I’m sure if it wasn’t for the cup of coffee I had, I probably wouldn’t even have the energy to type this right now.

Welp folk’s week one of BBG  is done! Although I’m going to redo it I still feel somewhat accomplished. At least I tried.

A for effort right!???