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Hey Guys! We are super excited to share this post with you because this was our first blogger event ever! Last night we attended a Birchbox event held at Gap hosted by the lovely Julia from Gal meets Glam. I called her lovely because that’s really what she is. She was by far the highlight of the event. When we walked in Amanda and I were both anticipating something more organized and neither of us realized that It was going to be held at the Gap store.  But aside from us having to heckle people for a glass of champagne (they were gone so fast me and Amanda had to share a glass), the event was really fun!

Julia was definitely the star of the show. I was pretty nervous to go meet her but Amanda has no problem talking to anyone so I followed her lead. She is absolutely stunning! Who knew she could look that gorgeous in her pictures and in person!!. My mind was racing with a ton of blogger questions to ask her but surprisingly the conversation flowed really well. She was very personable and was open to sharing any tips and tricks she had.

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We asked her several questions like how did you get your start, when did you start seeing results etc,, but the biggest thing that stuck out to us the most was that she had been doing this for 4 years. In the blogger community your always reading posts talking about ” 5 ways to double your following in  a year”, or tips and tricks to turn your blog into a business”, but rarely do you ever see anyone say. “how I made my blog a business in 4 years”. 4 years is too long of a time for people. They want to see quick and fast results; if me and Amanda don’t get any likes on a photo within 5 minutes we’re annoyed and want to take it down. Julia taught us that blogging isn’t about instant gratification; it’s about consistency and overall growing and building a brand. If your confident in what you have, and your willing to stick it out (even if only 5 people are reading it) then eventually you will grow.

I asked her if she had a staff and was shocked when she said it was just her and her husband running the blog. You see these big blogs and you think they MUST have somebody helping them and then to hear that they are both self taught entrepreneurs, just made us feel so inspired. It’s not all glitz and glamour, you don’t have assistants doing things for you. You’re grinding just as hard as the rest of the world, maybe even a little harder since you are actually your brand.

Amanda and I both walked away feeling extremely encouraged and inspired. Our blog has consistently grown over the past 4 months and it made us appreciate our slow but steady progress. When we left the event our minds were spiraling with ideas and ways to keep pushing ourselves but we know that the number rule of setting goals is to make sure you can actually reach them. Neither of us wants to set the standards too high they aren’t attainable, but you can be sure that you will see some new and interesting stuff from the girls of In the Grey!

Until next time!

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Week 2 Legs and Cardio

Hey Guys! I’m done with week 2! I wrapped up this week with pre-training legs and cardio (I haven’t done the full body exercises) and I feel great. As I’ve mentioned before this workout is a lot harder than arms and abs. This workout requires endurance, and because your heart is racing you sweat like crazy.

Today’s workout was really mind over matter. My legs were buckling during the lunges, and I every time I did a knee up I felt like I was going to tip over. My body definitely wanted to give out but I powered through it.

This morning I drank 20 ounces of water during our workout, which is crazy good for me. I’m normally a slow drinker so to stay that hydrated within an hour is crazy. I worked harder on my breathing, and really tried to focus on my form. Since its week 2 I knew what was coming, so I was able to brace myself for it. I was actually considering ending my pre-training here and jump right into week 1 but I still don’t feel like I’m ready yet. I just got to a point where I can power through these exercises and do them under the 7 minutes. So I don’t want to push myself so hard that I can’t reach the goal. The pre-training is here for a reason and I want to stick to the plan.

New Developments

I was not nearly as out of breath as the first week! I’ve been doing a really good job at staying hydrated. My skin has started to clear up as well. I woke up this morning and was glowing! I can’t wait until I’ve been at this for a month and can really start to see some physically changes. I also need to start taking this more seriously. I’ve been doing my two a week, and my LISS but I really want to dedicate Monday-Friday to fitness. I’m not doing anything but work and although my schedule is more flexible on the weekends I don’t like having to force myself back into workout mode or squeeze in the workout with all my other activities. I want to dedicate 5 days of hitting it hard and take the other two off. Within the next 2 weeks I will be adjusting my workouts to Mon (arms and abs), Tues (LISS-power walking), Wed (legs and cardio), Thurs (LISS), Friday (full body). Don’t underestimate the power of LISS either. The power walking really helps. It stretches my body out and it helps me build my endurance. The more you get the heart rate up the more your body is used to working and operating that way. You literally have to train your body to tolerate this level of fitness so that it doesn’t give out on you.

Next week we introduce weights! Which I’m excited about! We are upping the game. By the end of June I will have finished my pre-Training and I will have two weeks to get my body right before my Vegas trip!.

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I’m the type of person that sees everything in her closet as an essential. Ever since I crossed over to a minimalist way of dressing, there really isn’t much that I have now that isn’t necessary. I got rid of all the junk and have really honed in my style, but every now and then I like to buy at least one or two seasonal items throughout the year. If it’s Winter I usually pick up a moto jacket and a trench, for Spring I pick up a few cardigans etc. Summer is when it’s the worst for me because I feel like all the cute girlie stuff comes out in this season (like this new Lilly agenda I just bought…IN LOVE). The sun is out, my mood is great and I want to shop! Here are some of the things I can’t live without for the summer months….

Maxi Dress: Everybody needs one of these in your life. My favorite part about a maxi is that it’s quick, easy and it covers my legs for days I don’t have time to shave (or just flat out don’t feel like it). Summer is supposed to be effortless and a good maxi is the definition of that. I like to buy mine in spring when they come out with all the pretty pastel colors, and then I pick up a few brighter colors in summer. I always make sure to snag a black and one with stripes so that I can wear them later in the year. Lulus is my favorite place to shop for maxi’s!

Runner-up is distressed boyfriend jeans

PicMonkey Collage

Sunglasses: I know you can’t tell in the picture (some serious mean muggin going on) but I absolutely love these sunglasses! I haven’t told you guys this yet, but I have a slight obsession with Celine sunglasses. Since I wear glasses everyday I’m always looking for brands that take it to the next level and can show me something I haven’t seen yet, and Celine always delivers!. Her frames are the perfect mix of edgy and classy with an added hint of retro. You can always find a pair of glasses to match your mood. Sunglasses are a great way for me to give my normal glasses a rest and do something different to switch up my look.

Runner-up is A straw hat or a floral headband

Sandals: This is my favoriteeeeeeee part of summer!! I am a sandal feen. Don’t let there be a pair of sandals I like AND in my size…I guarantee you I’m walking out the store with one in every color. I don’t think anyone can ever have enough sandals! My new comfortable favorites are these Birkenstocks, and my nude ones I got from Aldo years ago. Normally I buy bright colored sandals, but since I’m on this minimalist journey I’ve been gravitating to more neutral colors like nude, cognac and black. Every now and then I switch it up with gold or some type of metallic shoe just to have some fun with it!

Runner-up is perforated sneakers like these

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Crossbody: There is nothing worse than sweating on your gorgeous LV leather bag. Not cute boo…not cute. Summer is when a crossbody/messanger bag is mandatory. I normally don’t like these because they tend to cover up my whole outfit (and all the hard work that went into putting it together), but during the hotter months they are crucial. I’m a handbag fanatic and most of my stuff is high-quality leather. Not only are the majority of them heavy but they are also large. I’m all for a tote but when you’re shopping or headed to the beach you want to keep things as simple as possible. Leave the heavy-duty bags in your closet for the winter time and have a little carefree fun with a bright crossbody bag. My favorite is the one above that I picked up from Francesca’s. I think the multicolors make it perfect for summertime and the cork material is super durable!

Runner Up is a wristlet or a tote bag made of canvas instead of leather. Kate spade has some super cute ones!

Well that’s about it for my summer essentials. I’m pretty easy going during summer since I prefer to shop during the colder months (gawd knows I love my jackets. Those come second to sandals). There is just something about layering clothes just makes my heart swoon. Anyway be sure to leave below what your summer essentials are! I would love to hear them!

Ps: I’m currently on a “no buy” until I lose some of this winter weight! Check out my workout journey here!

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I’m back with show haul! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done a fashion haul( ya girl has been broke), but I was finally able to pick up a some new shoes. You may already know this, but I’m currently transitioning to a minimalist wardrobe (as mentioned in this post) and I have really cut back on my clothes spending. Instead of buying 40 things from forever 21 I’ve been buying maybe one or two from Madewell. I’m at the age where I want easy, transitional and durable clothing; not these quick fads that last today and gone tomorrow. One of the areas I’ve needed to step my game up in is shoes. Between the two of us Amanda is definitely the shoe fanatic (she stays complaining about my lack of heels) but shoe shopping for me is far more difficult than the average person because…..

I wear a size 11. Not a ” squeeze into a 10, but more comfortable in an 11″ either. I’m a straight size 11. No matter the brand or type of shoe.

I normally buy my shoes at Aldo, Steve madden, Nordstrom, DSW and Sole Society and on occasion Zappos. Currently my entire shoe collection is from Target, but since I’m trying to do quality vs quantity I decided to start browsing for some affordable but durable shoes. My one rule is this…

I can’t buy it unless it’s on sale. 

It may sound ridiculous to shop like that; especially if you’re a shoe hoarder like Amanda, but for me it was relatively easy and it worked! I got so many great shoes for cheaperrrr, all because I would wait for the sale. The perfect example is these Steve madden shoes…

Steve madden, Sneakers, Summer Shoes, The perfect shoes for summer, Perforated sneakers, Pointy Shoes

Initially $78, Saw them on sale for $45 (on Tuesday) but decided to wait until payday on Friday, Steve madden was having an additional 25% off on Friday so I got them for $25 bucks each.

The power of waiting my friends, the power of waiting! I initially just bought the white but it was such an awesome deal I went back and got another pair in black.

Steve madden, Sneakers, Summer Shoes, The perfect shoes for summer, Perforated sneakers, Pointy Shoes, shoes, flats

As for the shoes themselves they are very comfortable and edgy. I like that they aren’t the traditional round toe van looking sneakers and I absolutely love that they are perforated. Perfect for spring and summer!

Next up were these Birkenstocks. Let me tell you a little story about these. I hate Birkenstocks. I mean when that trend came back I just thought it was so tacky. Being that I have a size 11 foot I felt like Birkenstocks accentuated that and to top it off were chunky and ugly. I would see (and still do) girls wearing a beautiful maxi dress and then throw on some clunker Birkenstocks with it. Girl who let you out the house looking like that!??

I’m all for the trend now (sort off), but I think it needs to be worn properly. If you’re going for a grunge look, Birk is your friend. You want a slouchy boyfriend swag for the day..call Birk. You want to wear a pretty pastel sundress…leave Birk at home!

It aint for everybody; I’m just saying…

Aldo shoes, Aldo sandles, Birkenstocks, Thong Birkenstocks, Cognac Sandals, Sandals for summer, summer shoes,

I decided to go with a cognac color (because let’s face it..black is so cliché). I love the little thong in the middle and I also like the snakeskin detail. I think this is a fun twist to the classic Birkenstocks and are overall more flattering on your feet.

Now this is totally random but it was too good not to mention. I recently got a new multifunctional Iphone case. With me being a commuter it can get chaotic managing your commuter card, id, credit card etc. So I finally found one that could serve as an iPhone case and a wallet. This one from Madewell was on sale for $15(originally $25, score!) and it has been such a time saver. I no longer have to scour my bag for my wallet; I have my essentials with me at all times right on my phone. I will say the case is a little bulky, so when I do finally make it home sometimes I take it off; but overall totally worth it. Even when I’m going to the movies or just out for a quick bite with friends I don’t need a purse or a clutch. I just bring my phone! Perfect way to minimize your daily load (see how I’m incorporating minimalism into my lifestyle..I’m loving the new me!).

Well that’s all for this little haul. Leave your favorite shoes for summer below and be sure to check out my beauty haul here!

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