Bay Area Activities for 4th of July

I was born and raised in the Bay Area; a quaint little suburb called Marin County. As a kid I explored but venturing the city as a child vs an adult is totally different. There are so many amazing memories I have as well as new and interesting things I’ve discovered as I’ve gotten older. If you’re going to be in the Bay Area for 4th of July weekend (or if you just live here and want to staycation) here are some fun things you can do!

Wine Country

Sonoma County

The locals like to call this area wine country because just about every good winery in the bay is located here. My personal favorite is V-sattui. It’s a winery but on Saturdays they have BBQ! People bring their kids, dogs and set up a picnic on the winery grounds. After your done eating, you can grab some fresh gelato or head into the actual winery to do some tastings. It’s a really casual and easy going vibe. This is the first place my boyfriend and I ever went wine tasting, and we chose it for its relaxed feel. Neither one of us wanted to be bother with pomp and circumstance or having to hold the glass a certain way so you looked like you knew what the heck you were doing. I highly recommend it for a family day time event, or if you’re just looking for some tasty BBQ it’s definitely worth the visit!

marin county

Marin County

My beautiful hometown. I can go on and on about the endless things you can do here but since its 4th of July weekend I’ll stick to the main event; the county fair. Every year we have a fair that comes into town for the entire 4th of July weekend. They have rides, food (love my kettle corn) and they play fireworks for 4th of July. This is a really big occasion for locals because fireworks are illegal in Marin County; everyone crowds the event to watch the fireworks so be sure to get tickets and a seat early! If you’re looking to stay clear of the crowds I would suggest going during the day time on the 3rd or the 5th. Night time is usually filled with high school kids and majority for the time people have already been drinking all day, so it’s not the most kid-friendly, but if you stay by the lake where the fireworks show is you should be fine!


San Francisco

It should be illegal to come to SF and NOT hit up at least one good restaurant. There are so many options in the city that it’s hard to narrow down which ones to go to first but OFF THE GRID is a great opportunity to get a taste of everything. Food trucks and other local business come out from 11-2pm at fort mason which is a beautiful location in itself. I’ve never been to the food trucks in SF but they have the exact same event in Marin (larkspur) so if you don’t want to make the commute to the city this would be a good option!

Whelp that about wraps up my list. Of course, there are plenty of other things to do but I tried to keep this list kid/family friendly since most people enjoy the holiday as a group. If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them below!

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