Kayla Itsines BBG WK 3

Arms and Abs

I finally started the regular week of training!! I know in my previous post I said that I was going to continue doing the pre-training but this week I really wanted to push myself so I decided to just go for it! Take a leap of faith I said,..you can do it I said.

Well, I did do it but it was definitely a push. I still can’t do full on pushups, but I’m realizing that my chest was something I’ve never worked out before. In all these years, I’ve never done any chest exercises. Back yes but nothing to actually focus on that particular area; which explains why it’s my weakest point. Something I’m just going to have to keep working on.

I took progress pictures the other day and although I’m not ready to post them yet I can tell a difference. My back rolls are starting to roll away and my stomach isn’t talking to me anymore. So in my book those are major improvements! My butt has also lifted! I never thought I had a booty, but now I’m started to fill out my jeans in ways I never did before. I stood in the mirror and shocked myself!

Now that I’m done with the pre-training I can definitely say it was necessary. The workouts are roughly the same intensity as week 1 and week 2 of the regular workout, but the pre-training really helps build your foundation. You’re not as weak and mentally you’re better prepared. Even if you have a basic level of fitness I would still recommend not diving into the regular weeks until you’ve done pre-training. Especially for my yoga and marathon runners. Yes, you may excel in the cardio exercises but resistance training is very different than doing a downward dog. Yoga, spinning classes, jogging those help tone and shed weight but Kayla’s BBG guide is all about the lifting. It would be best to do pre-training to see if you even like this style of exercising.

When I initially started BBG I couldn’t get through one circuit of regular week 1 and now I can not only get through them but do it twice and sometimes under 7 minutes. Even though I’m not seeing the biggest physical changes I can tell my body is stronger and I feel encouraged to keep going!

Legs and Cardio

I have one word for you today: Burpees! I curse the person who even made up this exercise! Who thinks of something like that!!?? Anyways those are hell for me. Thank God this week I only had to do 10 but need to try harder because I did them haphazardly. It’s the only exercise in the circuit that exercises your legs, core and requires endurance. It was so hard to do!. This week we also introduced weights! I actually enjoy using weights. For me, I feel like I’m doing a real workout instead of just using my body weight for resistance. The weights really came in handy when I was doing the lunges. It makes you get deep in your lunges and it actually helped me stay balanced. I had to use weights for the knee ups and those were hardddddddd. I was carrying 16 pounds with me and trying to step up which was really difficult.

These squats are really starting to pay off. My jeans fit better and my butt has lifted. I feel great about how that’s turning out, but I still have a lot of weights to drop around my waist and back. I’m actually starting to get discouraged because I haven’t noticed any major changes in my body yet. At least not the ones I want. I’m considering taking my diet more seriously. I don’t want to be a crazy calorie counter, but I definitely want to manage my intake more. I’ve made a commitment to only drink water during the week and do start incorporating smoothies instead of coffee into my daily routine. I would like to reserve Sundays for meal prep so that I can minimize all the things I need to do in the mornings. Since technically I’m only in week one of BBG I know I’m not supposed to see crazy results. I spent the last two weeks building my foundation and preparing for these workouts. Physically I feel strong but emotionally I’m frustrated. I wanted to see more results right now and I just don’t.

I promise that I will stick it out though. I got Vegas on my mind and I want to look right!
Ps: I decided to go blonde also! If you can’t change your body change your hair right? Follow us on Instagram to see pictures!

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