Kayla Itsines BBG WK 2 PT 2

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Week 2 Legs and Cardio

Hey Guys! I’m done with week 2! I wrapped up this week with pre-training legs and cardio (I haven’t done the full body exercises) and I feel great. As I’ve mentioned before this workout is a lot harder than arms and abs. This workout requires endurance, and because your heart is racing you sweat like crazy.

Today’s workout was really mind over matter. My legs were buckling during the lunges, and I every time I did a knee up I felt like I was going to tip over. My body definitely wanted to give out but I powered through it.

This morning I drank 20 ounces of water during our workout, which is crazy good for me. I’m normally a slow drinker so to stay that hydrated within an hour is crazy. I worked harder on my breathing, and really tried to focus on my form. Since its week 2 I knew what was coming, so I was able to brace myself for it. I was actually considering ending my pre-training here and jump right into week 1 but I still don’t feel like I’m ready yet. I just got to a point where I can power through these exercises and do them under the 7 minutes. So I don’t want to push myself so hard that I can’t reach the goal. The pre-training is here for a reason and I want to stick to the plan.

New Developments

I was not nearly as out of breath as the first week! I’ve been doing a really good job at staying hydrated. My skin has started to clear up as well. I woke up this morning and was glowing! I can’t wait until I’ve been at this for a month and can really start to see some physically changes. I also need to start taking this more seriously. I’ve been doing my two a week, and my LISS but I really want to dedicate Monday-Friday to fitness. I’m not doing anything but work and although my schedule is more flexible on the weekends I don’t like having to force myself back into workout mode or squeeze in the workout with all my other activities. I want to dedicate 5 days of hitting it hard and take the other two off. Within the next 2 weeks I will be adjusting my workouts to Mon (arms and abs), Tues (LISS-power walking), Wed (legs and cardio), Thurs (LISS), Friday (full body). Don’t underestimate the power of LISS either. The power walking really helps. It stretches my body out and it helps me build my endurance. The more you get the heart rate up the more your body is used to working and operating that way. You literally have to train your body to tolerate this level of fitness so that it doesn’t give out on you.

Next week we introduce weights! Which I’m excited about! We are upping the game. By the end of June I will have finished my pre-Training and I will have two weeks to get my body right before my Vegas trip!.

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