The Perfect Shoes For Summer

I’m back with show haul! I know it’s been a minute since I’ve done a fashion haul( ya girl has been broke), but I was finally able to pick up a some new shoes. You may already know this, but I’m currently transitioning to a minimalist wardrobe (as mentioned in this post) and I have really cut back on my clothes spending. Instead of buying 40 things from forever 21 I’ve been buying maybe one or two from Madewell. I’m at the age where I want easy, transitional and durable clothing; not these quick fads that last today and gone tomorrow. One of the areas I’ve needed to step my game up in is shoes. Between the two of us Amanda is definitely the shoe fanatic (she stays complaining about my lack of heels) but shoe shopping for me is far more difficult than the average person because…..

I wear a size 11. Not a ” squeeze into a 10, but more comfortable in an 11″ either. I’m a straight size 11. No matter the brand or type of shoe.

I normally buy my shoes at Aldo, Steve madden, Nordstrom, DSW and Sole Society and on occasion Zappos. Currently my entire shoe collection is from Target, but since I’m trying to do quality vs quantity I decided to start browsing for some affordable but durable shoes. My one rule is this…

I can’t buy it unless it’s on sale. 

It may sound ridiculous to shop like that; especially if you’re a shoe hoarder like Amanda, but for me it was relatively easy and it worked! I got so many great shoes for cheaperrrr, all because I would wait for the sale. The perfect example is these Steve madden shoes…

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Initially $78, Saw them on sale for $45 (on Tuesday) but decided to wait until payday on Friday, Steve madden was having an additional 25% off on Friday so I got them for $25 bucks each.

The power of waiting my friends, the power of waiting! I initially just bought the white but it was such an awesome deal I went back and got another pair in black.

Steve madden, Sneakers, Summer Shoes, The perfect shoes for summer, Perforated sneakers, Pointy Shoes, shoes, flats

As for the shoes themselves they are very comfortable and edgy. I like that they aren’t the traditional round toe van looking sneakers and I absolutely love that they are perforated. Perfect for spring and summer!

Next up were these Birkenstocks. Let me tell you a little story about these. I hate Birkenstocks. I mean when that trend came back I just thought it was so tacky. Being that I have a size 11 foot I felt like Birkenstocks accentuated that and to top it off were chunky and ugly. I would see (and still do) girls wearing a beautiful maxi dress and then throw on some clunker Birkenstocks with it. Girl who let you out the house looking like that!??

I’m all for the trend now (sort off), but I think it needs to be worn properly. If you’re going for a grunge look, Birk is your friend. You want a slouchy boyfriend swag for the Birk. You want to wear a pretty pastel sundress…leave Birk at home!

It aint for everybody; I’m just saying…

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I decided to go with a cognac color (because let’s face is so cliché). I love the little thong in the middle and I also like the snakeskin detail. I think this is a fun twist to the classic Birkenstocks and are overall more flattering on your feet.

Now this is totally random but it was too good not to mention. I recently got a new multifunctional Iphone case. With me being a commuter it can get chaotic managing your commuter card, id, credit card etc. So I finally found one that could serve as an iPhone case and a wallet. This one from Madewell was on sale for $15(originally $25, score!) and it has been such a time saver. I no longer have to scour my bag for my wallet; I have my essentials with me at all times right on my phone. I will say the case is a little bulky, so when I do finally make it home sometimes I take it off; but overall totally worth it. Even when I’m going to the movies or just out for a quick bite with friends I don’t need a purse or a clutch. I just bring my phone! Perfect way to minimize your daily load (see how I’m incorporating minimalism into my lifestyle..I’m loving the new me!).

Well that’s all for this little haul. Leave your favorite shoes for summer below and be sure to check out my beauty haul here!

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  1. Megan || Oh Hey! Blog
    June 14, 2015 / 5:23 pm

    I am at exactly the same point with buying less, but spending a bit more. More expensive pieces seem to be in my wardrobe a lot longer and I love having a piece for years (reminds me that the price tag was worth it). Love you sandal choice, cognac colour for the win!

    Megan ||

    • Kierra + Amanda
      June 15, 2015 / 5:54 pm

      Ahh so glad someone else is adopting the more minimalist route too! I just feel like it makes life so much more easier. My closet is way less cluttered!

  2. goldandheartsblog
    June 14, 2015 / 9:04 pm

    I love the cognac sandals! They are so cute!

  3. June 16, 2015 / 12:52 pm

    Those perforated leather flats are cute as hell. I just dipped by toe (no put intended) into the Birk trend as well. Got some white ones from Target that I think are cute for summer and aren’t too expensive since hello Target knockoffs.

    • Kierra + Amanda
      June 17, 2015 / 6:07 pm

      They are my favoriteee!! So comfortable too! Best 25 bucks I’ve spent!

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