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BBG week 2. Lets go!

Ladies and Gents I have officially made it to week 2! In my previous post I mentioned that I had started the pre-training since the regular weeks were just a little too difficult for me to do.

Week 2 Arms and Abs

Today actually wasn’t that bad. I’m considering adding weights to the routine because I feel like my arms aren’t getting the workout that they should. I’m struggling with the pushups, but I found a new way to do them so that I could get the same amount of resistance. Instead of doing the pushups on the floor I did them on the wall. It’s hard to explain with words but you should look up a video to get the technique right. I’m noticing that I don’t really like the resistance training, At least not for my arms. I prefer to do weight living instead of repetition but I’m still making myself adjust. I really don’t want to give up on this!!

As always I tell you guys some changes that I’m noticing. Nothing physically yet but I do notice myself getting stronger. I’m blazing through the workouts, whereas with my legs and cardio I get tired easily.

Secondly I’m no longer sore. The days of me limping to work or struggling to put on my shirt are over! (at least for now).  Part of me wants to kick into the next gear and up the amp a little bit but I know that I have to take the progress as instructed. I’m sure once I hit week one again I will be wishing to be back at the pre-training.

Thirdly (which is my favorite part) is I finally have more energy! I don’t know if it was just the first week that had me feeling drowsy (maybe because my body was getting adjusted) but I am officially off of coffee. I may start drinking tea as a substitute just for a little pick me up midday; but other than that I’m sticking to water (currently drinking lemon and blueberries infused water). I’m really making an extra point to stay better hydrated, especially since cardio day is around the corner!

More of my craziness coming lataaaaa!

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