Kayla Itsines BBG Day Four

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It’s dayyyyyy four! I made it! Week one is almost over. I have an optional Saturday full body workout; which I’m going to do because next weekend I will be gone. Going to Tahoe with Amanda!

Today was legs & cardio..a.k.a Hell day. There is something so embarrassing about not being able to actually walk after an exercise. It’s like you suddenly revert back to being 1 years old and you just learned how to take your first steps. Thank God I do my workouts at the park because I don’t think I could power through it at a gym. These workouts require a lot and half the time I spend it calling on Jesus to help me make it through. Working out in the open sun definitely makes for a more comfortable environment.

This workout is normally my least favorite because I don’t like doing cardio. I know that’s the best way to burn calories but it’s hard enough doing 40 squats andddd doing it short of breath. I will say this time was a little different than the last…..

Squats and Lunges weren’t as hard. I must be building strength in my thighs because normally squats & lunges are very difficult for me to get through. This time I went a little slower and made sure I had the right form.

Mind over matter. There were plenty of times where my body wanted to give out but I literally told myself to keep going. Your mind is what gives out before your body does. Trust me.

My Breathing.I touched on this in my last post but breathing is so crucial. The mountain climbers were so hard to do (especially since I was still sore from arms & abs) but when I was taking deep breathes my muscles would relax. Made the workout sooo much easier.

This time I took the full seven minutes. Those knee ups were the death of me. I kept yelling ” why is this bench so high!??” I swear it felt like I was climbing up Mt. Everest. My balance was a little wobbly and I’m sure I didn’t do all of them perfectly but I definitely tried!

Next week is week 2 of pre-training! It’s the same as the first week, so I’m excited to see if I notice any changes!

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  1. Marie (@GdLknOutBLOG)
    June 6, 2015 / 10:43 am

    I need to do more. Like, really. I need help….

    • 09kierra@gmail.com
      June 6, 2015 / 11:11 am

      Yeah girl I feel you! It’s hard but you gotta start somewhere! Get a buddy to do it with you. It makes all the difference!

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