Kayla Itsines BBG Day Three

It’s day three guys! As I mentioned in my previous post I’m restarting week one over again. I was initially going to do the regular week 1 but then I got the upgraded guide and it came with pre-training (thank God!). Come to find out a lot of the corners I was cutting in the regular guide (i.e Pushups on my knees instead of full pushup) were actually a part of the pre-training guide (which makes feel a lot better; because now I have something to help me work up to the actual guide). Hopefully after these 4 weeks of pre-training I will be able to re-do week one properly!

Today I did pre-training week one arms and abs. Normally I drag my boyfriend into my workouts but this time my best friend was in town so she decided to come with me. I also changed locations. I was doing it in my bedroom but I felt like those close quarters made it a little too difficult for me to complete my exercises. Especially with two people in the room. I found a local park and decided to work out there.

My best friend is actually the exact same build as me but a little smaller. We have the same shoe size, same height, same boob size (crazy right!) but she is about 2-3 sizes thinner than I am. We have similar weaknesses and the same strengths. She was able to help teach me proper form, and was overall a great motivator. Definitely will be working out with her again!

Anywho back to the actual exercises. The pre-training is different from the actual guide because it doesn’t require weights. These workouts are less resistance with less reps. It’s designed to help you build a solid foundation and strength so that when you get to week 1 (of the regular guide) you can actually do the full on exercises.  So far I’ve noticed quite a few differences between the workouts:

  1. With the regular guide, I took the full 7 minutes to do the routine, and I could only perform them once. However with the pre-training I was blazing through them with usually 2-3 minutes to spare (which I used to do repeats) and I was also able to do each circuit twice as instructed.
  2. I wasn’t nearly as thirsty as before. I drank water, but I wasn’t gasping for air like I was last time. I think the LISS routines I had this week really helped build my endurance.
  3. These exercises are the best time to learn proper form. You can blaze through 15 pushups but if your butt is arched in the air (as mine was) then it does nothing for you. Instead of trying to beat the clock, focus on making sure you are doing them correctly and take your time if you need too.
  4. Breathing matters. I was really struggling to hold the plank position (for 30 seconds) and I couldn’t figure out why until I realized I wasn’t breathing! It seems such a simple thing to do, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you forget to do it when your grunting through the exercises.

All in all, I feel stronger. I’m not sore (at least not yet anyway) and my body feels more solid. I’ll be more excited once I start seeing some changes!

Feel free to comment below! I would love to hear what little things you do to get through your routine!










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