Kayla Itsines BBG Day Two

Ok so I think I made a mistake. Today was technically supposed to be my LISS day (low intensity) but instead I did another resistance training circuit( legs and cardio). I figured since yesterday was all about my arms and abs that it would be no big deal if I did a different circuit focused on something else. Wrong! My body was exhausted and I think overall mentally I just wasn’t prepared. I was extremely lightheaded, and had to stop a few times just to catch my breath. The legs portion was manageable; it was the cardio that killed me. My heart was definitely racing a lot more than it was the other day.

I was only able to complete the circuit once even though you’re supposed to do it twice. Part of me told myself that it was because I didn’t have ” enough time”, but in all actuality my body was just exhausted. And my head wasn’t in the game at all. I plan on restarting week one over again so that I can push myself to get through the circuits like I’m supposed too.

Overall my body feels great! Every-time I get in the shower I check to see if I have abs. ( let’s be honest…we all do it). My body feels tighter and leaner; whereas before I felt bloated and heavy all the time. I definitely am soar, my arms are tight and I’m sure tomorrow my legs will be aching too but I’m excited for the weekend to get a good walk in and to do some stretching on Sunday.

I will say that the cardio I did today made me very tired. Maybe it was dehydration or whatever but I didn’t feel nearly as energized as I did the day before. I slept on my ferry ride this morning and I’m sure if it wasn’t for the cup of coffee I had, I probably wouldn’t even have the energy to type this right now.

Welp folk’s week one of BBG  is done! Although I’m going to redo it I still feel somewhat accomplished. At least I tried.

A for effort right!???





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