good things come to those who wait

I never save for anything….. ever. That may seem dramatic, but it’s true. You want something but don’t have the money for it?? Use a credit card (I know I know….shamefull) but that’s my life.

Or was shall I say; My debt is starting to bite me in the butt…but that’s a dismal story for another day.

Today we celebrate my first big girl purchase. Usually my big ticket items have been either gifted to me or bought with financial aid money when I was in college ( i.e laptop and tech accessories I needed for school) I did not waste the government’s money. Just clarifying!

Anyways I’ve been wanting an iPad for a while now. First I wanted a MacBook Air but that bad boy was $1300. The price was expected, but I didn’t need a new computer( my toshiba works just fine). I was really just buying it for the iMovie feature. One of the things I want to do to help grow IN THE GREY  is start a YouTube channel! I think iMovie is great and a lot of my favorite YouTubers use that software so I figured I would try it. I have the original iPad( won it on the Ellen degeneres 12 days of giveaways) but it’s old and the updates don’t work for that one anymore so I decided time to invest In something new.

Ipad air 2, apple


Color: Gold- I got gold because let’s face it…. Silver is boring. Something about Gold to me reads luxury and if your gonna drop money on an apple product I want it to live up to its name.

Price: I paid $588 with tax. I was fully prepared to spend close to $700 but thank my lucky stars staples was having a sale! This just goes to prove good things happen to those who wait. I decided to get the 64GB because like I mentioned before I plan on using it for YouTube videos and such so I wanted to have a decent amount of storage. I didn’t get the 125GB because I do plan on buying the MacBook Air later on so I didn’t need all that storage. 64GB should last me just fine for the meantime.

Size: Some of you may be thinking why didn’t she get the mini!? I like the mini, but I plan on upgrading my phone to the iPhone 6 and that’s practically the same size. I also wanted something that was large enough so I could read blogs as well as edit my videos. This size is small enough for it to fit in my purse but also large enough to be multifunctional.

Accessories: I didn’t buy anything with this iPad. No apple care, no other fancy tech accessories. I do want a cute case( been eyeing this Kate spade case…oh and this one too!) and I’m looking to get a keyboard. I felt like the apple care was a waste of time because I’ve had 3 apple products for over 6 years and never have I ever needed to use apple care, so I’ll just be really careful with it!

So what’s next for my big purchase!? These Celine glasses. O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D

Ps: I wrote this post before I even got the Ipad because I was so gosh darn excited!. I’m freaking out over here!

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waist training, fitness,

I’ve been waist training since March and first things first. I LOVE it. There has been a lot of hype about it and there have been a ton of celebs endorsing a specific brand called Pre-Madonna and those babes go for $100 and up, but there are several other brands out there that work just as well. When I first started waist training because I wanted my waist to be SNATCHED for my 26th birthday. My sister needed to waist train for her bikini competition that she was doing and purchased a trainer in a size medium from Amazon, it was around $50. Lucky for me and not so lucky for her the trainer was too big so she passed it on to me. When I first tried to wear it it was hard to get on, but I eventually got it. The way the trainer is set up is one side has two rows of hooks and the other side has one row of clasps. I started off with the first row and sooner than I realized (about a week in) I was able to go down to the second rows of hooks. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but I was so stoked about it because I felt like I was making progress. My mom used to always tell my sisters and I that beauty is pain and I swear I live by that motto right now (Hi mom!)

I know it doesn’t sound like the best option of beauty but when you think about it, she’s right. All the waxing, plucking, working out, depriving, and whatnot we do to look good. The question of who you’re doing it for is more important. Okay, so anyway, back to what we were talking about. This trainer is uncomfortable at first, but eventually you get used to it. After about a month of wearing the size medium, I found that it was getting too comfortable. I was able to wear it for extended periods of time, greater than 9 hours, and I knew that I was ready to go down a size. Again, my sis passed me down her size small trainer and the adventure with that began. This thing was TIGHT.So tight that I caught a cramp in my wrist the first time I tried to put it one because I had to stretch it so much to wrap it around my stomach. I suggest performing some light exercises and wrist stretches before trying this for the first time(not even joking).

The good in this is that this thing works and I have lost some inches around my waist. The bad is that these things are uncomfortable and the process of how these decrease inches in your waist is questionable. When you waist train the trainer is squeezing the soft tissue in your body to form it and make it more hourglass. It also compresses your ribs so that you body starts to take that shape. Again, like mama said beauty is pain, but depending on your own standards you may not want to take it this far. The downright ugly is nothing. These things get a lot of hype and also get a lot of negative attention because of the methods, but I believe people should know what they are getting into when they start training, so if you’re not willing to sacrifice then don’t buy it.

I’ve added a few pics for your reference! The top photo is when I first started- wearing the size medium and the one below is me in the size small. Kim K. watch out!

Kim Kardashian Waist Training, Working out, Fitness

For more tips and tricks on how I stay fit check out this post!

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Hey Ya’ll! Here it is the second part of our Working Girl series. We wanted to talk about different ways that we sneak in workouts here and through a busy day, and tools we use to keep track of our fitness goals.

I absolutely LOVE to workoutThe first thing I thought about when my car got hit back in March was the fact that I wasn’t going to have a way to get to the gym anymore and the thing I’m looking forward to most when I do get some new wheels is going back to the gym. (I know I sound crazy, go ahead and say it.)  Fitness has become something that helps me decompress and unwind from my day, it’s something that males me feel balanced and calm. Me being able to go to the gym has really become apart of my identity. The gist of this post is how to handle your business and lead a busy life while still being able to get some exercise in. There’s a lot more back story that explains why I love fitness so much, but I’ll save that info for another post on another day!

So here it is…

3 easy ways to workout on a daily basis:

Tip #1. Get Creative: The trick to this is remembering that a workout doesn’t always have to be getting up and going to the gym. There are a million different ways to get exercise in without even leaving your house or desk. My sister had a fitness competition that she was in last week and I was occupied the ENTIRE weekend helping her prep so I didn’t have time to go to the gym. I really wanted to get a workout in so around 6:30 AM while I was up doing her hair for her competition I did calf raises and standing leg kickbacks while holding the curling wand….literally. These two exercises can be done almost anywhere because that are very isolated movements. Some suggestions would be: Calf raises, kickbacks, standing abdominals, Tricep dips, and squats. Sometimes I’ll do calf raises while standing and talking to someone (no joke, gotta get it in where I can fit it in). 

 Tip #2. Turn your home into a gym: When I first started exercising a couple years ago me and Jillian Michaels became best friends. She didn’t know it at the time, but she was the homie. She saw me sweat, work my ass off, and almost give in multiple times, but she was right there to tell me to keep going! I started using her home tapes and lemme just tell you they work! I used to do them in the entry way of my parents house, but I would put my workout clothes on like I was going to the gym. If you’re going to do a home workout you have to take it seriously and look the part; so ladies and gents get out of your pajamas, brush your teeth like your actually going to leave the house and prepare to take your workout seriously. For those of you that don’t want to spend money on tapes or weights, there are several ways to use what you have around you as equipment. Turn the edge of your bed into a space for you to do tricep dips, turn the step on your porch as a ledge for calf raises, or use a chair as a guide to do squats. All you these exercises can be done without all of that, but if you have it, use it! (in my Jillian Michaels voice.)

Tip #3 Reduce your calorie intake for the day. I know this might sound funny, but if you regularly reduce your calorie intake 3 days out of the week and don’t binge on the days you’re not reducing you will lose some weight. It takes a negative balance of 3,500 calories to lose one pound and dieting and exercising in conjunction will allow you to reach that balance more quickly than just dieting alone. If you diet consistently you will eventually reach that negative balance. My suggestion would be cut out alcohol if you plan on cycling your diet. On the days that you want to decrease your calorie intake, you can have minimal amounts of things like sugar and carbs . Overall alcohol is just an easy way to drink your calories for the day. (Yes, I know easier said than done but sacrifices have to be made.)

Apps to help track your weight loss and fitness:

The most popular app that I know of that helps track exercise and weight loss is My Fitness Pal. I actually used this app about a year ago when I wanted to lose 15lbs. I only ended up losing 5 (not the apps fault, I blame my love of food) but it was super helpful in breaking down the amount of calories I ate including the nutrition. If you’re someone that counts your macros this app is great for you; because it breaks down the percentages of carbs, fat, and protein that you’re taking in. If you’ve had a bad day and decide to eat everything in sight it also tells you how much weight you might gain if you continue to eat like that (very crafty, scare tactics.) Another really popular tool is a FitBit. I’ve heard really great things about this and I also saw a news report that listed some not so great things about this (specifically it causing some discoloration around your wrist, but if you don’t mind having a black wrist maybe you can try it). I’m not the best judge because I have never used one myself, but if you’re interested in a high-tech pedometer then this might be the product for you.

Tips and tricks to sneak in a workout during a busy day

 Use your lunch break wisely: If you normally sit and chat with your coworkers at lunchtime or spend your precious 30 minutes-1 hour on the phone cupcakin with your boo thang that is time that could be used to walk. That’s right I said it, WALK!. Berkeley, where I work, is great for that. There are a ton of little café’s and eateries within walking distance, around 15- 20 minutes to get there, so a lot of times I will call ahead and order my food to go and then walk to pick it up. When I bring my lunch to work I use my break to walk and then I come back to my desk to eat. If this is something you have been wanting to try, set a goal for yourself to start 1-2 times a week and then you can always work your way up or down from there.

 Don’t forget that the little things count: Sometimes I don’t have time to do any of those things above and mentally I psych myself out thinking that I haven’t gotten any exercise today. Remembering things like parking really far away from the entrance to the grocery store because I had to go shopping after work and forcing myself to walk the extra distance or spending 2 hours laughing with my coworkers at an after work happy hour (yes, laughing burns calories. The happy hour drinks do not) makes me feel better. Life is about balance and I’ve been at a point where I became obsessed with working out and counting every little calorie that I ate and let me tell you it’s not fun, nor is it a place I want to go back too. I make a huge effort to not get crazed if I skip a gym day because I live by the motto that life is for living.

Ps: Check out the other post from our series: Morning routine for the working girl.

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Hey Guys! We are back with ANOTHER SERIES! I know right..aren’t you all lucky. We’re currently running the working girl series which will be the month of May but we wanted to do something that was more consistent. Our blogging schedule is currently Sunday-Wednesday and you can always look forward to new fresh content from us on those days but we didn’t want to leave you hangin for 4 days so we collaborated and came up with ” THE MIXER“!

The mixer will be a post combining some of our favorite things of the week including:

Yikes and Yays (similar to peaks and pits): Something great that happened (YAY) and something that’s not so great (YIKES).

Currently on In the Grey: Roundup of our popular posts that week, so you have it all in one spot!

Links we love: This one speaks for itself but basically links and/or things we found inspiring this week!

Here goes our first Post! Hope you enjoy!


Yikes: I tried the Sephora lip creams and they were a hot mess! So dissapointed!

Yay: Finally got me a pair of Birkenstocks! I went a little trendy and got snakeskin thong sandals in cognac. Loving them!


Yikes: Someone asking me for a dollar and then when I said no they asked me for my number. SWERVE! #getyolife

Yays: My sister was in town this weekend so I didn’t have to take the bus home for 3 days in a row! 

Currently on IN THE GREY: 

Did I mention that I got a contour kit! O-B-S-S-E-S-S-E-D

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primers, makeup, benefit porefessional. cover fx, smashbox illuminating, battle of the primers

This weekend I was at Sephora(shocker) and I went in to pick up one thing and walked out with another. Sound familiar? Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for a primer because my skin is really dry and my makeup has started to crease and flake off. I went to Sephora and got samples of the following products:

Benefit Porefesional: this was the first primer I tried. All the beauty gurus I follow absolutely love this primer so I bought the $10 sample size from Ulta. The texture of it feels like paste. It doesn’t go on my skin very smoothly but It did help minimize my pores and it helped my makeup, last longer. However, it did nothing for dryness. Later I realized that my youtube gurus all have oily skin which is why they loved the porefessional because it managed their oil. It ended up working against me since I already have dry skin and needed something more hydrating. Which brings me to my next product…..

Cover FX Illuminating Primer: Since I was unhappy with the Benefit Porefesional I went back to Sephora to sample other primers. I walked in and explained to the lady that I needed something for my dry skin and she suggested the illuminating primer by cover fx. I haven’t really heard much about this brand before; other than their latest color drops( which I’m dying to try). I used this primer the other day and it’s AMAZING! It’s thick and creamy and it applies like lotion. It made my skin GLOW! I would actually wear this by itself or with the cover fx custom drops. It would work great as a tinted moisturizer and it helped my makeup last all day!

Smashbox Hydrating Primer: When I went to the Smashbox counter I was overwhelmed by how many options they have! I initially walked in knowing I wanted to sample their primers because they get such good reviews. The hydrating primer is good, but it’s not as illuminating as the Cover FX. It does lock in your foundation color, but my face felt a little tight around my mouth which is where I’m the driest. It’s almost like it takes all the moisture in your face and then sinks into your skin so that your makeup doesn’t budge. This will be great for winter but for the spring summer months where you want a dewy glow then I would suggest the Cover FX. Other than that there is nothing wrong with this product. Just not what I’m looking for for right now.

Benefit Porefesional Best for People with oily skin or oily in the t-zone. Best for applying in designated areas instead of all over the face

Cover FX Illuminating Primer Best for People who want to use this by itself or as an alternative to lotion. Great for illuminating any matte foundations; especially powders!

Smashbox Hydrating Primer Best for People who wants a ton of different options and wants it for specific needs. Great for locking in your foundation. Best used during winter.

What kind of primers do you use!?

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