Kayla Itsines BBG Day One

Hey Guys! The other day I touched on my new fitness routine (see full post here) but I decided to do little updates throughout the week. Initially I was writing this post as a walkthrough of the routine but I decided I wanted to switch it up and share the emotional aspect of it and overall how it feels to me personally. I think that with any workout you’ll hear the same things, ” it burns, push through it, mind over matter…etc”. So I wanted to talk about something different. I want these posts to feel more like a conversation instead of ” today I did arms for 15 minutes and it hurt” type of thing.

Let’s just start with the physical part shall we? Physically my body is weak, but mentally I’m 100% focused. I thought I would be drowsy, maybe even nauseous but I’m not. I did a brisk walk in the morning before my routine and I think that totally helped my mindset. It’s hard working out at home because you literally wake up, roll out the bed and start working out. Your heart rate is low, the house is usually quiet and your bed is right there, taunting you to get back in it. That setting alone makes for a slow and possibly ineffective workout. I want to be able to power through my workout, not sleep on the floor in between pushups.

After my walk I wanted to guzzle water. It was only a 5 minute walk but I live on a hill and when I got back my body was tired. Maybe mentally I was psyching myself out because I knew I had a 30 minute workout coming up. I had a small glass of water (no ice) and proceeded to my workout. I got all my equipment lined up, and started the music.

In my head I’m thinking “I got this” but when I dropped to the floor to do the first set of pushups I was dying! That burn was like no other. I used to think chicks don’t do pushups, that’s a guy thing. But when my boyfriend (I dragged him into this as well), was grunting through the routine I knew this was going to be hard! The reps aren’t even the tough part. 15 pushups? no biggie. 15 squats..it aint no thang. What’s killer is doing it all under 7 minutes. I mean your heart is racingggggg. I wanted to take a break but I knew the clock was ticking so at best I could stop for 4 seconds, 7 tops. I think the high intensity even made me forget the pain. I was so busy watching the clock that when I had moved on to the next exercise the burning sensations quickly shifted from whatever I was just complaining about to the new exercise I was doing.

When I had finished the workout my knees were weak. I was wobbling in the shower. I know I know..you think I’m being dramatic but this is real life ya’ll!  By the time I got out the shower my stomach was rumbling. Initially my plan was to workout, shower, get dressed and grab some toast on my way out the door; but my body said nu uh boo. You need to feed me right now. I couldn’t even think straight I was so hungry. I threw on some sweats and made myself a quick bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats). I felt much better after that so I started getting dressed. I really should take my own advice and pack my bag and iron my clothes the night before because I was scrambling in the morning. Scrambling because I can’t miss the bus, while wobbling around the house because I’m sore. I looked like an idiot.

Thankfully I made it out the door without dropping anything or forgetting something. I felt super energized and ready to start the day. I did have a small cup of coffee so maybe that helped but overall I do feel more energized than normal.

Anywho that’s all for now! If you like these ramblings let a sistah know and I’ll be sure to do these more often.

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