Yays: I started the Kayla Itnes Bikini Body Guide. I feel absolutely amazing. Cant wait to show results soon.
Yikes: I haven’t been sleeping very well.Maybe my body is just getting adjusted to these new workouts I’m doing.


Yays: I’m finally back in gym after two months and I haven’t completely lost my touch. Did a 3 mile run on my first day back (Go me!)
Yikes: My laptop broke but I’ve decided not to buy a new one right away. I would rather spend the money on travel.

Currently on In The Grey

1. Fourth post of our working girl series! Some healthy tips for the girl on the go!
2. Amanda has some fun vacations coming up. Luckily Ill be tagging along for two of them( thanks friend)
3. Ive been trying to get in better shape, so I decided to try this Bikini Body Guide. Check out my initial thoughts here!

Links We Love

1. Love love love Kate Spade: I Was actually thinking about buying the iPad case version of this but I like it much better as a dress!
2. Never been a big fan of j.crew( I’m more a Madewell kinda girl), but apparently some fans are jumping ship. Uh oh!
3. Me and Amanda are both working towards living a healthier life and these little knacks are super helpful.

Kierra and Amanda


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  1. June 8, 2015 / 2:24 pm

    So glad you linked up! Good luck with the workouts!

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