My Get Fit Quick Journey

You guys…I have a confession.

Ive gained some serious weight.

I mean the kind of weight with rolls in your back- clothes don’t fit anymore- hate every picture you take..kind of weight.

Every year at least once a year this happens to me. I drop the ball and let myself go. I get a little food happy as I like to call it and I “forget” that the junk I’m eating is empty calories turning into fat. Normally I get away with it. My 5’8 height and natural lean body can hide a lot of little imperfections, but when it does start to show….it really shows! Instantly the madness hits; I start scouring the town for gyms, researching all these get fit quick routines (usually on Pinterest and Instagram..which are terrible for you btw but more on that in a minute).

It always starts with some vacation I need to go too. I don’t like to workout ” just because” I need motivation! So far I’ve done the get right for my college graduation routine, the spring break ready routine, the Mexico vacation routine…you catch my drift? This time my motivation is Las Vegas with Amanda in 6 weeks. I have just 6 weeks for me to get it right and get it tight!

As we all know by now I never do anything without research and carefully planning but this particular fitness guide I’m doing just happened to fall in my lap.

Pause for a second…

Let me go back to why the Instagram and Pinterest workout routines are not good for you. Many of those routines (not all but majority) are the same workout built over a span of 30 days. For example the squat challenge is 10 squats on Monday and then you work your way up to say maybe 100 by the end of the month. The problem with this is that you are exercising the same muscles everyday instead of letting them rest. You are straining yourself and not in a good way. You’ll notice most people who workout at the gym have a leg day, an arms and back day etc. They divide different parts of their body up throughout the week to give the other parts a day of rest; hence the reason why those squat, ab, leg challenges are not always the healthiest. You can still do them just in moderation.

Ok now back to the story…

Amanda and I were at a comedy show this past weekend, and she wanted to take a few pictures. I was dressed cute (can’t let these people catch you slippen) but inside I just felt gross. I started crying… the comdedy show! Who does that?!!!

Anyways this lady sitting next to us hears me balling about how fat I am and she leans over and starts to tell me about the Kayla Itsines routine. She said normally it’s $70 bucks but a friend gave it to her and she could email it to me….FO FREE!


I read the pdf…all 120 pages (that’s dedication if you ask me) and the workout is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know about you but I need regimented workouts. When you leave me to my own devices I make stuff up and then I start to cut corners. I had tried the Jillian Michaels routine years ago and it worked so I was excited to try something again with a new trainer.

I will be doing all of exercises at my house, and although some of these require equipment I plan on swapping them out with stuff around the house. The workout guide is for 12 weeks; 3 days a week for 28 minutes. I will be doing weekly updates on twitter so be sure to check us out there. Depending on my progress I will be posting pictures hopefully bi-weekly. If not definitely every 3 weeks.

I was hesitant in even sharing this with you all because I knew if I put it on the blog that it was really real! Putting it on here holds me accountable!

Love you all! Let the 12 week countdown begin!

Day One| Day Two| Day Three| Day Four|

Week Two Pt 1|Week Two Pt 2|Week Three| Week Four|

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