Hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. See our plans for this weekend here!


Yay: My best friend is flying into town this weekend and she will be here for 2 whole months! I could scream from excitement!

Yikes: Remember how I was telling you my oil light in my car came on? Well evidently that wasn’t the only thing wrong with it. Looks like I’m going to be in the market for a new car soon. Nervous but excited!


Yay: I finally bought a new car!! Don’t worry I’ll be posting pics of my new whip soon!

Yikes: My car buying experience was absolutely terrible. I mean tears and all. I’m so thankful its over!

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We are midway through our working girl series! Part three is right here!

I recently broke out because I was using dirty makeup brushes ( I know..yuck) so I finally cleaned them! Check out how I did it with just soap and olive oil

Me and Amanda are both in the market for new cars so we decided we would share some tips and tricks on ways to shop for a new car!

We participating in a link up this week! One of our favorite posts to date.

Links we love

As we mentioned in last weeks post we are always trying to find new and interesting ways to grow our blog. These tips were super helpful!

Mac is releasing a new Matte Lip Collection! We are both dye hard matte lovers so super excited to try this collection

Reorganizing your vanity? These acrylic makeup drawers are super affordable. I recently picked up a few of these myself!

Kierra has been on the hunt for a new liquid eye pen. Excited to see if any of these can beat the stila eyeliner.

Oldie but Goodie

That award moment when a guy asks you for your number and you get caught lying to him about it. #awk!

Waist training has taken over! So far Amanda is loving her progress

Summer is right around the corner! Make sure your keeping your skin nice and healthy by using some of these products.

Just in case you missed it K+A The Mixer Vol II


K + A


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