Nighttime Routine for the Working Girl

Hey guys! Welcome to the 3rd part of our working girl series! For those of you just tuning in: this series is all about ways that we balance our everyday lives, working full time and managing the blog. Lets get started!

Last minute things to wrap up for the blog

Most people when they get off of work, go home eat dinner and then sleep. But for those of us who run a blog; we know this isn’t always practical.

Analytics: I always check my stats every night just to see if anything different I did that day worked. Most people analyze their stats weekly or even monthly and I do those things as well but I also think its important to check on it daily. Now don’t get crazy with it or too “numbers happy” where you start to obsess over it, but sometimes by end of day there may be some minor tweaks you can start using. I’m always trying to maximize the last little hours in the day to wrap up or catch up on all the things I may have missed. That comment I forgot to reply to at lunch, or submitting the posts for a blog link up etc. If my stats are low I usually will do some tweeting or Instagram promotion to drive any last minute traffic to the site. Especially since we have an audience in the UK and the US, people are usually browsing our site all through the day.

Commenting on other blogs: I try and clear my bloglovin feed every night; otherwise I end up with 500 posts at the end of the week.  Most of the people I follow are usually blog tips/tricks or more lifestyle related. I try and read a few tips a day and if I can implement them that week I will. Since I have a blogging partner (hi Amanda!); it’s easy for us to tackle certain things that could use our immediate attention.

Managing after work social life

I currently work in SF but I live in the suburbs so my social life during the week is slow (by choice! I’m usually exhausted after work!). I commute; so by the time I get home I can hardly think straight; but I make an effort to do things that aren’t work or blog related. For example today I’m going to the local farmers market with my boyfriend. Not only does this get me out the house, but it helps break my routine and can potentially be something I blog about. Same with grabbing drinks with a co-worker. You could talk about the restaurant or bar you went too; take a few pictures and do a review! Even though you won’t actually be blogging at the event; you can still use your after work social activities as inspiration and/or blog topics.

How to prepare for the next work day

Clean your space: In my morning routine I mentioned that I like to clean every morning; and the same usually goes for when I get home. No one likes to wake up to a mess. At least I don’t. I may not do a ton of clean up; but I do just enough to where you can find everything in the morning. I try and pick up any last minute clothes that I have strewn all over the place because I was rushing that morning( typical me). Most people take a shower, lay out their clothes, do some skin care routine and then head to bed. That’s not the case for me…at all. I’m always thinking about what it is I need to do for the next day. Typically I write out all the things I need to work on tomorrow for the blog. There are so many blogging scheduling tools out there but often times there is still a lot of stuff that needs to be done day off, all of which I suggest writing down.

Pack your bag: I have the same things in my bag everyday but for those of you who change out certain things or are still in school then this tip is for you! Trust me you will be better off doing it at night instead of waiting until the morning. That’s how you end up forgetting things.

Minimize your morning: This is a big one! If you need to get gas, or need creamer for your morning coffee. Do it the night before! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve literally puttered to work because I was too lazy to stop off at the gas station after work, and too rushed to do it in the morning. If you commute to work; make sure you have put your id, commuter card, and whatever else you need back in your wallet( I usually take mine out during the day, walked off and left it in a pair of jeans!). If your favorite jacket is in the dryer; go get it and put it back in your closet. All of these little things make you better prepared for the next day.

If you missed part one and part two of our series be sure to read up on them here!

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  1. May 18, 2015 / 8:06 am

    I do have a strict morning and night routine. Minimizing morning routine really works.

    Jessica |

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