Back with another mixer post! If you missed our little intro check it out here!


Yay: After a month of diligently saving I finally bought my Ipad Air 2! 

Yikes: My oil light in my car came on, apparently I was due for an oil change 8 MONTHS AGO. Almost blew my engine!


Yay: My best friend is in town!

Yikes: She’s only staying for two weeks =(

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Did a full review on the waist training trend! See our results here!

Second part of our working girl series! Fitness routine.

Big girl purchase and major investment for our blog. New fun things coming soon!

Links we love

We’ve been trying to step up our photography on IN THE GREY and these little tips are super helpful!

Normally not a fan of bronzers; but they are a great alternative to contouring. I’ve been using them every day in my morning routine!

 These water infused drinks look amazing. Such an easy way to stay healthy!

Living in California we are at risk for earthquakes just like the one that hit Nepal. Normally we don’t talk politics on here but we felt this was too compelling not to share. Prayers for Nepal.

Oldie but Goodie

When you wear glasses the rules of makeup apply differently. Check my tips and tricks here!

Product review of my beautiful makeup train case from Sephora. My holy grail makeup container!

As bloggers we love being able to inspire other people. This experience in Mac was absolutely amazing.


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