My First Big Girl Purchase!

good things come to those who wait

I never save for anything….. ever. That may seem dramatic, but it’s true. You want something but don’t have the money for it?? Use a credit card (I know I know….shamefull) but that’s my life.

Or was shall I say; My debt is starting to bite me in the butt…but that’s a dismal story for another day.

Today we celebrate my first big girl purchase. Usually my big ticket items have been either gifted to me or bought with financial aid money when I was in college ( i.e laptop and tech accessories I needed for school) I did not waste the government’s money. Just clarifying!

Anyways I’ve been wanting an iPad for a while now. First I wanted a MacBook Air but that bad boy was $1300. The price was expected, but I didn’t need a new computer( my toshiba works just fine). I was really just buying it for the iMovie feature. One of the things I want to do to help grow IN THE GREY  is start a YouTube channel! I think iMovie is great and a lot of my favorite YouTubers use that software so I figured I would try it. I have the original iPad( won it on the Ellen degeneres 12 days of giveaways) but it’s old and the updates don’t work for that one anymore so I decided time to invest In something new.

Ipad air 2, apple


Color: Gold- I got gold because let’s face it…. Silver is boring. Something about Gold to me reads luxury and if your gonna drop money on an apple product I want it to live up to its name.

Price: I paid $588 with tax. I was fully prepared to spend close to $700 but thank my lucky stars staples was having a sale! This just goes to prove good things happen to those who wait. I decided to get the 64GB because like I mentioned before I plan on using it for YouTube videos and such so I wanted to have a decent amount of storage. I didn’t get the 125GB because I do plan on buying the MacBook Air later on so I didn’t need all that storage. 64GB should last me just fine for the meantime.

Size: Some of you may be thinking why didn’t she get the mini!? I like the mini, but I plan on upgrading my phone to the iPhone 6 and that’s practically the same size. I also wanted something that was large enough so I could read blogs as well as edit my videos. This size is small enough for it to fit in my purse but also large enough to be multifunctional.

Accessories: I didn’t buy anything with this iPad. No apple care, no other fancy tech accessories. I do want a cute case( been eyeing this Kate spade case…oh and this one too!) and I’m looking to get a keyboard. I felt like the apple care was a waste of time because I’ve had 3 apple products for over 6 years and never have I ever needed to use apple care, so I’ll just be really careful with it!

So what’s next for my big purchase!? These Celine glasses. O-B-S-S-E-S-E-D

Ps: I wrote this post before I even got the Ipad because I was so gosh darn excited!. I’m freaking out over here!

kierra again



  1. Ella
    May 12, 2015 / 11:27 am

    Oh this is so cool, I don’t have one myself but if I had the money, I definitely would buy one! I can totally understand your excitement 🙂


      May 12, 2015 / 11:34 am

      Thank you! It was a lot of hard work but totally worth it! Feels so much better that I saved for it! =)

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