Morning Routine for the Working Girl

Welcome to our first post in our working girl series! Today I’ll be talking about my morning routine and how I prepare for the day. Before we get into it I wanted to give you a full rundown of my morning schedule!

  • 6:00 am: Ok Kierra you have 30 more minutes of sleep
  • 6:15: Mentally planning my outfit for the day. I’m currently transitioning to a more minimalist wardrobe so now the “what should I wear today” process never takes longer than 5 mins.
  • 6:30: Get up, make the bed and clean. I like to organize my room before I start throwing my clothes and makeup everywhere. This little organization tip definitely helps me start my day right!
  • 6:45: Makeup time! I’m a beauty beginner so I start with my makeup first because it takes me the longest. Thank God for my train case because otherwise my collection would be a hot mess!
  • 7:15: Starting my Hair: When I have time I throw in these clip ins or when I’m in a rush I do a quick top knot!
  • 7:30: Wrap up: I usually turn on my Keurig, brush my teeth, and then pack my purse for the day to make sure I have everything I need!
  • 8:10: On the bus on my way to the ferry! Usually on Instagram interacting with other bloggers!
  • 9:15: I arrive in San Francisco and head to work!

So now that you have the full rundown of my morning routine lets dive into some tips and tricks on how I juggle it all!

How to start your day right

As you can see I have a million alarms and for some people that may drive them crazy; but I promise I have a reason for my madness. I hate that feeling of being rushed. Since I commute I don’t have the option to just run home whenever I’ve forgotten something. I have to catch the bus and the ferry and those things don’t wait for you just because you forgot to grab your lunch! Some things I do to maximize my mornings.

Ways to take advantage of your morning commute

Now the obvious answer to this would be to blog while your commuting but some of us don’t have computers, or simply don’t have WiFi/phone service. I take a boat to work so my cell phone reception is shaky and I definitely don’t have wi-fi so I rely on good ole pen and Paper.

  1. Plan for twitter: This includes the Twitter chats for the day( I set a reminder in my phone), and what tweets I need to schedule in Hootsuite so when I get cell reception again I can just type them up and hit auto schedule!
  2. Make my to do list: typically this has to do with my blogging to-do lists for the day but it involves other things as well. I organize my agenda and map out my plans for the month using my Lilly Pulitzer planner.
  3. If I have reception I read other blogs: It’s hard for me to type full on posts on my iPhone’s small screen so I like to clear out my bloglovin feed (especially my beauty bloggers; love reading the latest must haves!)

Makeup tips for rushed mornings

As perfectly organized as my mornings may seem there are definitely days when I don’t get up on time(cough cough: Mondays). The fashion major in part of me makes it easy to choose an outfit. I can pick my outfit in my sleep-literally, but makeup is a whole other beast and whenever I try something new I ALWAYS end up late. False lashes and contouring are the death of me!

  1. Start with whatever you want to cover/highlight first. I actually have really good skin so foundation is not always a must for me. I like to start with highlighting my eyes. Since I wear glasses, my face can look flat without some type of mascara or eyeliner. When I’m in a rush that’s the first thing I do. Second, of course, is a lipstick…duhhh
  2. Swap the contouring for bronzer: I love my ABH contour kit, but that product requires more work than I necessarily have time for. Throw some bronzer on and your set! Currently using Sonia kashuk in Goddess =)
  3. Swap the brushes for beauty blender: No disrespect to my RT brushes…yall are the bomb..but my beauty blender is my absolute go to when I’m busy. It’s multi-functional and It NEVER fails me. Whatever you’re “always gots my back” makeup brush is then that’s the one you use and only that one. We don’t have time to fix streaky makeup.
  4. Don’t try something new!: Like I mentioned before that false lashes are the death of me, but for you it may be something else. As wasteful as it may seem you should try and apply your makeup the day before so you can practice. Obviously don’t sleep in it but I suggest swatching your new lip color or testing out lashes the night before so in the morning you aren’t wasting your time with a look you don’t like.

These are all my little tips and tricks for the AM! I’ve wanted to do a post like this for a while because everything that I’ve read has been how people wake up, drink a cup of coffee, read the paper and just have this nice smooth relaxing morning; but I felt like that just isn’t practical for me. When I wake up in the morning I got thangs to do! So if this post resonates with you and you want to see more then be sure to stay tuned for next weeks new tips on Fitness!

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