Hey Guys! The other day I touched on my new fitness routine (see full post here) but I decided to do little updates throughout the week. Initially I was writing this post as a walkthrough of the routine but I decided I wanted to switch it up and share the emotional aspect of it and overall how it feels to me personally. I think that with any workout you’ll hear the same things, ” it burns, push through it, mind over matter…etc”. So I wanted to talk about something different. I want these posts to feel more like a conversation instead of ” today I did arms for 15 minutes and it hurt” type of thing.

Let’s just start with the physical part shall we? Physically my body is weak, but mentally I’m 100% focused. I thought I would be drowsy, maybe even nauseous but I’m not. I did a brisk walk in the morning before my routine and I think that totally helped my mindset. It’s hard working out at home because you literally wake up, roll out the bed and start working out. Your heart rate is low, the house is usually quiet and your bed is right there, taunting you to get back in it. That setting alone makes for a slow and possibly ineffective workout. I want to be able to power through my workout, not sleep on the floor in between pushups.

After my walk I wanted to guzzle water. It was only a 5 minute walk but I live on a hill and when I got back my body was tired. Maybe mentally I was psyching myself out because I knew I had a 30 minute workout coming up. I had a small glass of water (no ice) and proceeded to my workout. I got all my equipment lined up, and started the music.

In my head I’m thinking “I got this” but when I dropped to the floor to do the first set of pushups I was dying! That burn was like no other. I used to think chicks don’t do pushups, that’s a guy thing. But when my boyfriend (I dragged him into this as well), was grunting through the routine I knew this was going to be hard! The reps aren’t even the tough part. 15 pushups? no biggie. 15 squats..it aint no thang. What’s killer is doing it all under 7 minutes. I mean your heart is racingggggg. I wanted to take a break but I knew the clock was ticking so at best I could stop for 4 seconds, 7 tops. I think the high intensity even made me forget the pain. I was so busy watching the clock that when I had moved on to the next exercise the burning sensations quickly shifted from whatever I was just complaining about to the new exercise I was doing.

When I had finished the workout my knees were weak. I was wobbling in the shower. I know I know..you think I’m being dramatic but this is real life ya’ll!  By the time I got out the shower my stomach was rumbling. Initially my plan was to workout, shower, get dressed and grab some toast on my way out the door; but my body said nu uh boo. You need to feed me right now. I couldn’t even think straight I was so hungry. I threw on some sweats and made myself a quick bowl of cereal (honey bunches of oats). I felt much better after that so I started getting dressed. I really should take my own advice and pack my bag and iron my clothes the night before because I was scrambling in the morning. Scrambling because I can’t miss the bus, while wobbling around the house because I’m sore. I looked like an idiot.

Thankfully I made it out the door without dropping anything or forgetting something. I felt super energized and ready to start the day. I did have a small cup of coffee so maybe that helped but overall I do feel more energized than normal.

Anywho that’s all for now! If you like these ramblings let a sistah know and I’ll be sure to do these more often.

kierra again



Yays: I started the Kayla Itnes Bikini Body Guide. I feel absolutely amazing. Cant wait to show results soon.
Yikes: I haven’t been sleeping very well.Maybe my body is just getting adjusted to these new workouts I’m doing.


Yays: I’m finally back in gym after two months and I haven’t completely lost my touch. Did a 3 mile run on my first day back (Go me!)
Yikes: My laptop broke but I’ve decided not to buy a new one right away. I would rather spend the money on travel.

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2. Amanda has some fun vacations coming up. Luckily Ill be tagging along for two of them( thanks friend)
3. Ive been trying to get in better shape, so I decided to try this Bikini Body Guide. Check out my initial thoughts here!

Links We Love

1. Love love love Kate Spade: I Was actually thinking about buying the iPad case version of this but I like it much better as a dress!
2. Never been a big fan of j.crew( I’m more a Madewell kinda girl), but apparently some fans are jumping ship. Uh oh!
3. Me and Amanda are both working towards living a healthier life and these little knacks are super helpful.

Kierra and Amanda


You guys…I have a confession.

Ive gained some serious weight.

I mean the kind of weight with rolls in your back- clothes don’t fit anymore- hate every picture you take..kind of weight.

Every year at least once a year this happens to me. I drop the ball and let myself go. I get a little food happy as I like to call it and I “forget” that the junk I’m eating is empty calories turning into fat. Normally I get away with it. My 5’8 height and natural lean body can hide a lot of little imperfections, but when it does start to show….it really shows! Instantly the madness hits; I start scouring the town for gyms, researching all these get fit quick routines (usually on Pinterest and Instagram..which are terrible for you btw but more on that in a minute).

It always starts with some vacation I need to go too. I don’t like to workout ” just because” I need motivation! So far I’ve done the get right for my college graduation routine, the spring break ready routine, the Mexico vacation routine…you catch my drift? This time my motivation is Las Vegas with Amanda in 6 weeks. I have just 6 weeks for me to get it right and get it tight!

As we all know by now I never do anything without research and carefully planning but this particular fitness guide I’m doing just happened to fall in my lap.

Pause for a second…

Let me go back to why the Instagram and Pinterest workout routines are not good for you. Many of those routines (not all but majority) are the same workout built over a span of 30 days. For example the squat challenge is 10 squats on Monday and then you work your way up to say maybe 100 by the end of the month. The problem with this is that you are exercising the same muscles everyday instead of letting them rest. You are straining yourself and not in a good way. You’ll notice most people who workout at the gym have a leg day, an arms and back day etc. They divide different parts of their body up throughout the week to give the other parts a day of rest; hence the reason why those squat, ab, leg challenges are not always the healthiest. You can still do them just in moderation.

Ok now back to the story…

Amanda and I were at a comedy show this past weekend, and she wanted to take a few pictures. I was dressed cute (can’t let these people catch you slippen) but inside I just felt gross. I started crying…..in the comdedy show! Who does that?!!!

Anyways this lady sitting next to us hears me balling about how fat I am and she leans over and starts to tell me about the Kayla Itsines routine. She said normally it’s $70 bucks but a friend gave it to her and she could email it to me….FO FREE!


I read the pdf…all 120 pages (that’s dedication if you ask me) and the workout is exactly what I was looking for. I don’t know about you but I need regimented workouts. When you leave me to my own devices I make stuff up and then I start to cut corners. I had tried the Jillian Michaels routine years ago and it worked so I was excited to try something again with a new trainer.

I will be doing all of exercises at my house, and although some of these require equipment I plan on swapping them out with stuff around the house. The workout guide is for 12 weeks; 3 days a week for 28 minutes. I will be doing weekly updates on twitter so be sure to check us out there. Depending on my progress I will be posting pictures hopefully bi-weekly. If not definitely every 3 weeks.

I was hesitant in even sharing this with you all because I knew if I put it on the blog that it was really real! Putting it on here holds me accountable!

Love you all! Let the 12 week countdown begin!

Day One| Day Two| Day Three| Day Four|

Week Two Pt 1|Week Two Pt 2|Week Three| Week Four|

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Fourth part of our working girl series! Catch up on our previous posts here!

Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Foods

I know that I’ve said this before, but I will say it again that my transportation situation is currently bus and BART( well was..I got a new car yall! Details coming soon.) When I was using public transportation I had to get up pretty early because if I missed the 7:13 AM bus I knew I would be at least an hour late to work..aka screwed. I also work in an area that only has 2 cafes that are within walking distance and both are pretty pricey. I actually just paid for a week’s worth of coffee in advance and it was around $13.00, which is just way too much. I’m currently debating on whether or not I need to wean myself off caffeine because that’s over $50 a month on coffee! Or as Kierra would say ” That’s 3 MAC lipsticks!”

In an attempt to save money I’ve been packing my own breakfast. These are my current favorites for a girl on the go!

  1. Cheerios Protein: These are delicious and with the added bonus of protein I don’t feel bad about not having some type of meat with my breakfast to help build muscle.
  2. Nature’s Path Oatmeal: You can buy this in bulk from Costco or Whole Foods. I like it because it’s organic and from a nutritional standpoint natural is always better. These probably have about the same amount of calories and sugar that Quaker Oatmeal has, but at least this is unprocessed.
  3. Egg-land’s best pre-cooked hard boiled eggs: I know these probably don’t look that appealing, and honestly it took me a minute to get used to the idea, but for someone that could never get the hang of boiling and peeling eggs these are a lifesaver.
  4. Kashi waffles: Waffles are obviously delicious but these are pretty healthy, made with whole grains  AND are low in calories.
  5. Naked Smoothie: I’m not really a smoothie drinker and I don’t really like these because they have a lot of sugar (even though it’s natural) and a lot of carbohydrates, but if I’m not really hungry or am in a huge hurry where I don’t even have time to put something in a bag I will grab these.

Alternatives to coffee and energy drinks

I don’t know about you guys but I LOVE coffee. The weird thing is that it does absolutely nothing for me. I know most people drink it to feel energized or awake but I personally just love the taste. As we all may know coffee isn’t the best thing to drink especially if you drink multiple cups so I wanted to give you the scoop on some great alternatives!

One of my favorite alternatives to coffee is…… you guessed it, TEA. I’m not a diehard tea fan but I do like herbal tea. It doesn’t replace the coffee taste (lets be real) but if I’m in the mood for a hot beverage and I’ve already had a cup of coffee I will drink tea. Yerba Mate tea from Trader Joes is an amazing tea with a ton of other benefits. In fact I think it’s probably my favorite tea to drink. If your curious about what it does read here. Yerba Mate root also comes in pill form so if you are looking for something to give you extra energy that would probably be a great thing to try.

Now if you just can’t live without coffee here is some of my all-time favorite low calorie coffee drinks. Starbucks grande SKINNY caramel macchiato with an extra pump of sugar free vanilla is my go too! You can get it hot or iced but either way its amazing. Second, a grande coffee frappacino with two pumps of toffee nut syrup. To die for and less than 200 calories. If it isn’t obvious do not make requests like extra whip cream or skinny with extra caramel (trust me, I’ve seen it and I do talk about you people.) Lastly, I have added Emergen-C to my bottles of water as a flavored water substitute. It adds flavor to boring old water while also boosting your immune system. 1,000 mg of Vitamin-C to be exact!

What to eat for the last meal of the day

This is actually a very loose subject because depending on what your goals are there are a multitude of things you could eat. If you’re trying to make gains then you will probably eat some ratio of carbs/protein within your meals. If you’re trying to lose weight you might not eat anything at night if you pigged out for lunch (like right now I just ate a half a bag of peanut M&M’s so it’s looking like I might have a salad for dinner)

Nevermind… tonight’s the warriors game so I’ll probably have drinks and fatty bar food (always gotta be honest with you guys)

Anyway, you get my point. I can’t really tell you what to eat for your last meal, but I will suggest, if it is within your budget, hiring someone to make you a meal plan. They are reasonably priced between $50-100 and will customize something according to your goals and needs. Make sure to hire someone TRAINED, not just Joe Schmoe from down the street who claims to be a personal trainer. Lately I’ve been using something I like to call a reverse pyramid.  Not sure if that’s an actual term, if it is shout out to ever coined it cause I’m not trying to steal. I like to eat my largest meal for breakfast, a mid size meal for lunch, and my smallest meal at dinner. If you asked me how many times I actually accomplished eating like this it would probably be about 3 out of the 7 days in a week (ayeee sometimes a girl gets hungry), but I consistently workout (and when I say consistently I mean 5-6 days a week) so it all balances out. Moral of this story is follow your gut instinct and if your gut is telling you to eat everything in sight, pay someone else to be your gut and follow it.

Our last working girl series post will be up next Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your memorial day weekend!

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Hope you all have an amazing Memorial Day weekend. See our plans for this weekend here!


Yay: My best friend is flying into town this weekend and she will be here for 2 whole months! I could scream from excitement!

Yikes: Remember how I was telling you my oil light in my car came on? Well evidently that wasn’t the only thing wrong with it. Looks like I’m going to be in the market for a new car soon. Nervous but excited!


Yay: I finally bought a new car!! Don’t worry I’ll be posting pics of my new whip soon!

Yikes: My car buying experience was absolutely terrible. I mean tears and all. I’m so thankful its over!

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