I am a stickler for organization and planning. It may be my type A personality, or just the fact that I had a very structured childhood, but nothing bothers me more than chaos; especially when it comes to the things that I love. I adore having a blog, but it’s been quite a struggle keeping up with all the things it demands. I have to work in order to pay for it( sound familiar anyone?), so my full-time job is my main priority. I have a blogging partner who also has a full-time job, so we have to find ways to collaborate that revolve around both our 9-5’s. Amanda and I also have big social lives, and I have a boyfriend, so you can image that it’s a hassle to be able to keep it all together! Organizing is literally the only way for me to to balance it all. Here are a few tips n tricks I use!

  1.        Write everything down: This may seem like an obvious one, but you will be amazed at how many people don’t. If you’re a pen and paper gal like me you understand how crucial this is. Sometimes the only thing I have on me is my phone, but for some reason I can’t process information unless I’ve physically written it down! I personally carry a composition book, and an agenda with me everywhere and for the weekends when I don’t want to carry a ton of stuff I use my Evernote app to tie me over!.
  2.        Clean everyday: Say whattt? Yes, I said it. You should be cleaning at least once or twice a day. For me its twice,: I clean my office everyday before I leave work, and I clean my room every night before I go to bed. Now I don’t mean clean as in sweep, vacuum and wipe down with bleach. You should just do little things like; take all the glasses out your room and put them in the kitchen, clean off your vanity so you have a fresh desk in the morning. Simple stuff like this will help increase your efficiency
  3.        Lay it out by use. This comes in handy for me when It comes to my makeup collection. Beauty bloggers, this tip is for you. I organize my train case and vanity by order of use. In my train case, I have my facial stuff on the left, and then the right has everything for my eyes and lips. I keep my brushes in the middle since I use those for my whole face. You can apply this same tactic for when you’re making a to-do list or mapping out your day. Write it out so that it flows.

Now back to you! I would love to hear what little things you do throughout your day to stay organized!

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Tarte, cosmetics, makeup, palette, review, beauty The day I met the Tartelette palette was the best day in my Sephora haul memory book. I am completely anti-shimmer. ( yes I saidddd it). So when someone announced that Tarte had released an all matte palette I was ecstatic. Pause for a sec

Can we please marvel at this packaging. Who doesn’t love purple and gold! Best. Combo. Ever

Moving On.  This palette is all matte as mentioned before and it comes with 12 cool tone purple shades. It does have some soft pinks/lilacs, but the majority of the palette is purple or deep purple. If you’re a smokey eye kinda girl then this is allllll you. Personally I don’t know what kind of eyeshadow style I like most but my favorite color is purple, my favorite color combo is purple/gold, my favorite eyeshadows are matte…soooo, needless to say, this palette belonged in my life.

Tarte, cosmetics, makeup, palette, review, beauty

Pigmentation: This palette takes the cake on pigment. There isn’t a single shade that doesn’t live up to the color in pan. How you swatch it in store is exactly how it will appear on your eye. Also for those of you who plan on buying this online, the colors are true to picture.

Blending: The colors that I have used thus far( mainly the ones on the colors on the right of the palette) blend great together. AS long as you have the right brush you shouldn’t have a problem!

Not perfect for people who prefer warm tones.  This palette is definitely cool toned, so if you’re someone who is more comfortable with warmer tones then this may be a challenge for you.

  • People who prefer warm tones.  This palette is definitely cool toned, so if you’re someone who is more comfortable with warmer tones then this may be a challenge for you.
  • Too faced chocolate bar owners: If you have the chocolate bar palettes you may already have a lot of these colors, so this palette may not be as versatile for you.

Perfect for someone like who me who loves cool toned makeup, Loves super pigmented eyeshadows, looking for a good beginners pallete.

Yay or Nay

This product is a total yay for me! My first eyeshadow palette was the urban decay naked 3, which was super pretty, but the rosy pink colors played out very fast. This tarte palette has way more variety and the colors are subtle enough and I don’t feel intimidated to try different looks.

What do you think of this product? Any other eyeshadow palette your currently loving?

Check out our Instagram for swatches and makeup looks with this palette!

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mac, lipstick, makeup, beauty,

I’ve had my fair share of lipstick uh-oh’s. That embarrassing moment when your lipstick is spread all over your face and no-one tells you, or when your lips are peeling and they look dry no matter what you do to fix it.  Some people don’t leave without their brows on fleek, but I never leave the house without a lippie. If my lipstick is off my whole day goes wrong. My favorite- as you may know by now- are Mac lipsticks and I tend to gravitate towards the matte consistency; which is the driest lipstick out there. I’ve tried a few tricks to not just moisturize my lips but rather exfoliate them so that my lipsticks apply smoothly. If you start with a correct base then the less you will need to touch up throughout the day.

1.Warm Towel: This is actually my favorite method for exfoliating my lips. I don’t just use any plain towel, I make sure to use one that has some sort of design, because the grooves do a better job of rubbing off dry skin. If you decide to change your lipstick, you can remove it with a makeup wipe but be sure to go back over it again with the towel. The ingredients in the wipe will cause your lips to peel later on.

2.Lip Scrub: Thus far I’ve tried the bite brand and the lip scrub by Fresh. Both of them are decent but nothing amazing. I have dry skin and I wear dry lipsticks so I really need a strong exfoliate and these didn’t do the trick for me; however I do know that these two brands are popular. I suggest sampling them at Sephora first. I heard the LUSH lip scrub is a great option as well( looking forward to trying it too).

3.Toothbrush: You can use this with a lip scrub, sugar or without anything at all. I like to first apply my EOS lip balm, and then use my toothbrush to scrape off the excess. Usually, dead skin comes off easier after your lips are moisturized. The only con with this is that it makes my lips and entire mouth red. I have to be careful with how hard I scrub and I have to always do this step first so that the swelling goes down by the time I’m done with the rest of my makeup.

Some people use concealer, however, I personally would advise against it. Yes, it helps smoothen out your lips but it also adds an extra layer onto your lipstick; which is what causes it to peel later on. If you over moisturize or over apply to many layers your lipstick will crumble. If you really want to apply concealer or lip balm I would suggest doing it at night so that your lips have time to soak it in.

Check out how to perfectly line your lips here!

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train case three

In my old apartment, I had an amazing vanity. It had a beautiful long granite counter top, with a sink on one end and a big open space on the other. It was perfect because my boyfriend could be brushing his teeth and I could be on the other side doing my makeup. When we made the move to the bay area we gave up our lovely apartment, and I’ve been without a vanity ever since. The house we are in now doesn’t have a lot of counter space, so I have no place to store my makeup. I created a vanity in my room but since the lighting was bad, I had to come up with another option. My mother bought me a makeup train case and I absolutely love it. Instead of me having to go back and forth to the bedroom I can now put all my makeup in the train case and carry it into the bathroom. I’m hoping to shoot a video to show you everything that I have in it but for now here is a quick run-through.

train case four

Items Included: A lock, adjustable tabs, and a arm strap.

Durability: The train case itself is very sturdy. Initially my mom ordered one from overstock.com and it looked great online but when we got it the case looked like plastic instead of aluminum, and the inside was made from a flimsy cardboard. It just wasn’t worth the 50 bucks she paid for it so we returned it and I decided to get a Sephora train case. Now I will say that this was double the price $120, but the quality is so much better. It’s really sturdy and the trays are this hard plastic that are extremely durable. I definitely think this is a product that should be bought in person, so you can feel the quality of it.

train case


  • Very stable: The shelves aren’t wobbly and It opens and closes very easily
  • Easy to Clean: One of my powders broke in the box and I took a makeup remover wipe and it cleaned right up.
  •  Not very heavy: It looks like a solid case, and it is but its very lightweight.


  • It won’t fit everything. If you have a small makeup collection then this is great for you. But if you have a growing collection such as myself then you will have to pick and choose which items will go in here.
  • Second shelve: I like the second shelve but its hard to reach products since it doesn’t pull out all the way. Its not the most accessible
  • Adjustable compartments: The case comes with tabs so that you can adjust the size of the compartments but they are hard to pull out and put back in. The two bottom tabs are really hard to adjust.

The color that I have is limited edition but if you would like to purchase a the case in a different color click here!

Let me know if you have any questions!
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