Product Review: ABH Contour Kit

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I have this new motto and it goes a little something like this….

” When you’ve had your eye on something for longer than a week…the laws of shopping require you to buy it”

Now I totally made that up but it sounded pretty good didn’t it? I tell myself this theory is true just about every time I buy something and the ABH contour kit is no exception.

Oh- FYI I’m the queen of justifying my purchases. That thing called “buyer’s remorse” is a myth as far as I’m concerned.

I will admit that I have a shopping addiction where I talk myself into buying things that are really ” wants” but I tell myself they are “needs” HOWEVER..I am not an impulse buyer. I do research hunny. I fully investigate products before they are purchased; I read reviews (written and videos) I also swatch things in store and take home samples to try first. I’m probably the most thorough and efficient shopping addict you’ll ever meet.

Just sayin

Anyways back to the real reason why I’m telling you all of this which is that the ABH contour kit has been on my wish list for a while. I’ve been putting it off because I couldn’t find it in stores anywhereeee despite the fact that Macys is supposed to have it in store I still had to purchase mine online at ABH. I could have purchased it at Macys but surprisingly the shipping was cheaper at ABH than at Macy’s and I got it in two days! (this item is not sold at Sephora/Ulta)

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Version: Cream Contour Kit

Shade: Deep

Pigmentation: This product is super pigmented and you barely need to apply it to your brush in order to get enough product. This will probably last me a really long time. I will say that the lighter shades in the deep palette don’t work for my skin tone. The pink corrector is almost too pink to really do anything and the lighter shade is slightly off as well. The deeper “contouring” shades are what really sells this palette. In the picture, it looks like they are all the same but the undertones in them are different.

Blending: These shades blend nicely but depending on the shade they will disappear altogether. The highlighting shades when blending are hard to see, but the contouring shades buff out great. I use a beauty blender for the highlight and my RT buffing brush for the contour.

Not Perfect For

  • Someone who has oily skin: This cream is fairly drying to be classified as a cream. It basically has no moisture in it however as you wear it( especially  in the sun) it does start to get a little oily. I have dry skin so I can make it work but if your skin is naturally oily then you may want to stick to the powder version
  • Someone who is looking for moisture: This cream is very dry and hard to apply! It does not glide on the face as most creams normally do. the only reason why I’m able to pull this off is because its summer time and my skin are more moisturized than normal. But during winter this will be hard to use.

ps: I heard you can add a drop of oil to the shade you want to use so that it will apply and blend easier. =)

Perfect For

  • Someone who wants a harsh contour: I love a beat contoured face! These colors are so rich and pigmented that they really do accentuate your features. I especially love this for days when I have my hair up and want a defined face.
  • Someone who wants good contour shades: As I said before this palette does nothing for highlighting, but I prefer to use my concealers for that anyways. The only contouring shade I have is mac blunt so I was looking for a palette that had some good deep tones. I’ve heard great things about the KVD shade and light palette, but it seems more ” light than shade” so I decided to stick with ABH.


Overall  I would recommend this product to someone else. It works for what it is I wanted it for, but I realize it may not be everybody’s idea of the perfect pallette. A lot of the issues I have are with application and that’s mainly because I don’t have the right brushes, but honestly other than that I have no complaints. It’s a palette that will take some work to tailor it to your needs but all in all I love it!

What contour palettes have you been loving lately?

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