Whats in my Purse: Kierra Edition

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Anyone who commutes to work will feel me when I say ” I live out of my purse”. Half my life is carried with me in my backpack. My favorite lipstick that I can’t live without, my handy dandy notebook that has my entire world written in it, all my snacks for the day so I’m not dying come lunchtime. My purse is my right-hand man and I never leave the house without the following things.

Agenda: If you’ve been a longtime follower of our blog you know how much I have raved about the Lily Pulitzer agendas. I’ve been using this one since college and I keep replenishing it every year. I mainly use it to keep track of blog related stuff but I also have my financial goals in there and I track my daily spending (currently saving to buy an Ipad!).

Snacks: You guys….snacks are so crucial to my life. There is nothing worse than having an hour and a half commute in the morning and not having anything to eat. Sometimes I don’t have time to make breakfast as I’m sure Amanda has told you I don’t even like breakfast. I live by my snacks and I usually have popcorn( trader joes), juice( usually orange juice/cranberry juice), and some type of candy( we all know I love my sweets).

iPhone Accessories: Headphones and a charger are mandatory at all times. Yesterday I was riding the ferry home…..Yup, I take a boat to work everyday!..and there was a bunch of drunk giants fans that had just left the game making a ton of ruckus. When you’ve had a long day of work that’s the last thing you want to listen too, so I make sure to keep my headphones on deck!

free people, backpackBackpack: Now I know we are supposed to be talking about what’s IN my purse but I just want to highlight my bag. In college, I was a die-hard tote fan. I wore my Micheal kors tote out! But when I started taking public transportation to work I decided to switch to something more secure. Don’t get me wrong, my MK tote was super durable,but it was also open. And when you take public transportation the last thing you want is people seeing all yo biznesss ( that’s how you get JACKED). So I wised up and bought a plain leather backpack (something durable but not flashy and overly expensive) from free people.

Makeup bag: I really should call this my ” in case something happens bag” because I have a lot more stuff in it that just makeup. On the day today I carry
  • Hand sanitizer: public transportation is DIRT TAY
  • Tissues: because God decided to curse me with allergies
  • A lipstick: currently been carrying rebel and styled and sepia with me everywhereeeee
  • EOS Lip Balm: I work in Sf and that cold on your lips in the morning…..ain’t-no-joke.
  • Mirror: Amanda took back her hello kitty mirror(tear) so I had to buy my own. I got one at Sephora for 5 Bucks!

And that’s it! I know you are probably wondering..dang that ain’t even that much stuff..but when you are a commuter minimalism is your best friend. I try to stick to the basics and leave the fluff/junk that most girls carry in their purse at home!

What kinds of things do you carry with you on your day to day?
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