Let me start off by saying I never read DIY posts. I’m lazy and I want instant gratification, so I usually don’t spend the time to go around buying a whole bunch of little pieces to create something. However

Long sigh

My wallet disagrees with this lazy mentality of mine and has forced my hand to try some things I normally would just buy outright. One of these being the Hollywood vanity. In my old apartment I had a vanity, I never thought I would need to buy one but when I moved to the new place didn’t have one. I’ve been using my makeup train case in a shared bathroom space, but I wanted lighting specifically for makeup purposes. I shopped around, but it seemed like all the vanity’s I saw were roughly $200-$300.


So I decided..DIY it is! I will preface this and say I in no way tried to recreate the infamous Hollywood vanity. My goal was to create a space where I had good lighting to apply my makeup. I combined different DIY’S I found on the internet to create the perfect vanity for what I was looking for.

First things first! The Materials! I went to home depot and picked up the following things



1. Two Extension Cords: I picked up the cheapest extension cord I could find. If you are limited on how many plugs you have in your room then you might want to pay attention to length, and the longer ones are more expensive.

2. Daylight Light Bulbs: I used regular house lights instead of the trendy globe lights that are typically on vanity’s. The globe lights were more expensive and I figured it would be easier to use regular lights so that I could interchange them with other things throughout the house. Make sure to get daylight! 60watt

3. Two Bathroom Fixtures: Typically people have 3 lights all around their vanity, one at the top and one at the side, but I just felt like that was overkill, so I decided to go with two.

4. Mirror: I already had a mirror so I didn’t need to buy one but do keep in mind to get one that is big enough for your needs.

Additional Feature

You can buy a wireless light switch for your convenience so that you don’t have to keep plugging them in, but I skipped buying it because it was $20 and I was already over budget with everything else that I had.

I already had scissors and a mirror at home so I didn’t need to buy those.

Finished Result


I taped the chords to the side so that they stay out of the way. You will notice that my desk is not in front of my mirror and I did that on purpose. The reason why is because I use this mirror as a full body mirror and I also like to walk right up to my mirror and apply my makeup. It’s difficult for me to see when I have to lean over my desk. This eliminates me having to purchase a magnifying mirror for close-ups.

Brightness: I found that the 60 watt was bright enough; especially since I have 6 of them however if you need more brightness you can easily add a higher wattage bulb.

Total Cost:$40! Now keep in mind that I already had the mirror which is usually the most expensive item. If you have a bigger budget than me I would suggest investing in the light switch.

I had a tight budget so I used a lot of what I already had lying around the house. I forgot to take pictures of the step by step process, but I do have a link to the video tutorial that I did. I followed this tutorial exactly step by step. Its really detailed and straight forward but if you have any questions let me know!

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